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  1. The Old Git


    I went on the 22nd June. It was depressing in the middle of summer
  2. The Old Git


    Went around the wildlife park this year for the first time in ages. What a bloody depressing place it was. No wonder the poor little fella wanted to escape. Do we really need it for the amusement of some people?
  3. They backed this clown and Willers so I’m not holding my breath. No idea what Hooper and Karran were thinking.
  4. I wouldn’t advise searching twitter for Bob Love 😂
  5. It’s the “funny nickname” for the amenity site at St Johns.
  6. He’s already on twitter reassuring folks ETA yes, he did say folks
  7. Sorry, meant me wondering - out loud. May be going to Aura, but it will be before the scheme starts.
  8. Wondering if you can buy one for yourself. £50 worth for £40
  9. I normally take filing in things like this seriously. If the answers I give aren't going to be accurate then I'd rather not bother.
  10. Didn't seem much point in "lying" on the form, otherwise what's the point?
  11. I had a letter about it. Filled in a few pages but then gave up as the answers didn't fit my situation. A bit too much steering?
  12. I've been there quite a few times and it was normally just an adjudicator and lawyers seemed to be discouraged to keep costs down. At least that was what I was told, even when a lawyer appeared instead of the defendant. But he was just there as a friend and not as a lawyer. Apparently.
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