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  1. Yeah, I understand what the crown is Barry. It’s not the U.K. though. This explains it very well Wibble away
  2. It’s the Crown actually. She also just happens to own the U.K.
  3. The Old Git

    Beer Tent

    Is Rob from HR now working in The British?
  4. The Old Git

    Beer Tent

    They could have gone to a new site, rather than pushing out Bushys
  5. It's not to have your own business name domain for email and it looks more "professional"
  6. And you’re lucky if your car is still there.
  7. Its a handy way to get from the Terminus Tavern to Wine Down (or similar) Although if there's three of you it's cheaper to get a taxi And that's saying something.
  8. Honestly doubt there will be any Americans on it. Or kids. It’s an adult only sailing, whatever that means. Last time I was on the same boat there was valet parking for mobility scooters at meal times. There wasn’t really, although sometimes a crew member would come along and arrange them a bit nearer outside the restaurant.
  9. Not in the slightest. Don’t understand how anyone thought it could be ready by then, considering the rate the new track is being laid. They’d have to tarmac around the tracks as well before they could run a passenger service.
  10. I did an astronomy course over the winter and it touched on intelligent life on other planets and the Drake equation. Looking at photos like this, I can’t help wondering if there’s “people” on planets there looking at their upcoming destruction. i wonder what it looks like today?
  11. That’s the deposit. Around the world, about four months. Thats why I want decent cruise insurance that definitely covers IOM residents. Also finding some (most?) policies don’t cover a trip of that length.
  12. Booked direct with Fred Olsen. Was told I’d be phoned by their recommended insurer, which was the the first one in my opening post. When in queried it with FO they said it wasn’t a company they’d recommended. When I spoke to their recommended insurer they can’t yet offer cover that far ahead and suggested I phone back in August. Will already have paid about £15k towards it by then.
  13. I might give them a call, but looking at the policy wording is also says "This insurance is available only to residents of the United Kingdom who purchase their cover before they travel." I'm probably being fussy, but I don't like buying insurance that leaves a huge whole for them to wriggle out of
  14. Does anyone have any experience and good results with obtaining worldwide cruise insurance that covers Manx residents? One UK insurance company was happy to provide cover for me, living on the Isle of Man, and when I read the policy only covers UK residents and charged insurance tax. When I pushed them on this they eventually said they couldn't cover me. It was proper cruise cover though, including things like missed ports / boats, confinement to cabin, etc. Other policies I've looked at don't provide specific cruise cover and / or don't cover IOM residents. Kestrel's cruise insurance doesn't really seem have any cruise specific cover over what ordinary travel insurance has, and on the first page says Cover is only available to residents of the United Kingdom, Channel islands or BFPO and they must be registered with a General Practitioner
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