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  1. He wasn’t jailed for buying petrol. It’s not illegal to buy petrol. Or food.
  2. The first search hit I get is Australia. Six months. Shall I continue and show you’re just making things up?
  3. Some stretch to claim thats breaking the quarantine restrictions
  4. I see you’re still saying people get jailed for buying petrol or food rather that jailed for breaking quarantine restrictions. There isn’t a list of when you can or can’t break the restrictions.
  5. So give them one go at possibly infecting people, maybe causing another lockdown and causing other businesses to go bust? Do you think the Guernsey chef will pay the £7,000 fines in the other link you posted?
  6. I asked you about the edits and if they were spelling / typo related.
  7. Hey! I thought I asked you nicely.
  8. He was also on probation for stealing eye cream and age-defying cream. Worried about his looks?
  9. Is there some sort of sliding scale for breaches of quarantine? Does the potential virus know and abide by them? If he won’t keep himself out of circulation then maybe he needs to have it enforced on him? He was also on probation for theft of food and cosmetics.
  10. Why are you always trying to come up with excuses for people who obviously don’t give a duck about the regulations Edit - and that’s another bloody autocorrect
  11. It also says he went from Douglas to Liverpool on Friday, so that’s at least three.
  12. Seems to have enough money to buy multiple Steam Packet tickets in a few days.
  13. I’m losing track, is this another new case? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-europe-isle-of-man-54327947
  14. But they are sharing a house. Still doing it properly though.
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