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  1. He posted it on his website, which has an “About” section. It’s hardly a secret.
  2. Ah, I was meaning the coastguard. Didn’t the police go to the Sound last year to investigate a gathering? Turned out to be coastguard volunteers rescuing a dog or something
  3. Hope the police don’t try to arrest them this time.
  4. Exactly! It always all about him. If he doesn't like the conversation here you'd think he'd just fuck off.
  5. At least he's looking at the lens and therefore us. Ewart always looks at herself on screen (not the camera lens) so always appears to be bored and looking elsewhere.
  6. Also assumes the hospital cases are old. It must make the mother posting about her daughter in hospital due to civic really fucking old then.
  7. I thought it was assumed that Gef was a semi official government mouthpiece?
  8. Gef posted some graphs. I hadn’t picked up in 5 0-4 year olds having it
  9. 71 new cases today. Not much different from Juan’s figures 5 in hospital though
  10. I presume it’s some interim figures. Full period figures later.
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