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  1. Is there a legal definition for what qualifies as a mask? https://www.theverge.com/2020/7/10/21318991/etsy-mesh-masks-coronavirus-poor-protection
  2. Thought I saw on one of the government Twitter accounts last night that there’s going to be a “return lane” along the prom. I wonder if that’s a precursor to the bus lane being dropped at St Ninians.
  3. 12.5% cheaper. Can see a few arguments breaking out over the bills.
  4. That's standard. Same for qualifying flooring. Supply only is 20%, supply and fit is 5%. I suppose you could stick supply only stuff in a van or container and ship it across to the UK.
  5. They were here in 2017
  6. We flew in and out of Atlanta when we did a driving tour of the southern states. Did a tour of the Federal Reserve while in Atlanta and I still haven’t forgiven them from showing our currency in a “funny money from around the world” display.
  7. We have two Nespresso pod coffeemakers - unused Also have a Heston / Sage type machine but you need to use it often to have fresh beans - unused Have a cafetiere - probably used once a fortnight when someone calls around Mostly just use instant
  8. Not quite the jumper I was thinking of - https://www.easyliveauction.com/catalogue/lot/cfa0e371503b04b52bccd88b8e24066f/0af8d24542e81eb9357e7ef448a6646f/household-general-antiques-and-collectables-lot-138/
  9. Hmm. You were probably down there with me then. Think it was a Homeworthy combination robe if I remember correctly. Was quite impressed at how well the three drawers floated.
  10. Mine works fine. I find it about the only good thing about that bank these days
  11. I phoned my GP practice on Friday and was offered a phone or face to face appointment this morning. I’d explained it wasn’t urgent. Now waiting for a phone call sometime this morning as they couldn’t give a specific time.
  12. I always delete Money off any Dark Side play lists.
  13. It’s never been illegal to overtake on the mountain as long as you don’t exceed the speed limit. Don’t believe the signs. They’re bullshit.
  14. It's not. When a lawyer says - "If the holder had all four grand parents and both parents born here, and had never lived in UK for 5 years or more, there’d be an endorsement stating holder not entitled to the EU establishment rights ( up until expiry of the transition period )" - I wonder why my passport has the endorsement when the above doesn't apply to me. The passport page on the government website makes no mention of "all four grandparents and both parents born here" https://www.gov.im/categories/travel-traffic-and-motoring/passports/manxman-and-islander-status/
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