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  1. Those crossings so close to the junction are an accident waiting to happen. What actually are they? One one seems to be marked as a zebra.
  2. Isn't this the problem though? You think it's a pedestrian refuge, but what if it isn't? Didn't some people think the cobbled areas around the mini roundabouts by the bus station and Governors Bridge were pedestrian refuges, but the turned out to be run off areas for large vehicles to negotiate the roundabout. Things should be 100% clear when it comes to road safety. What's the status of the plain grey "crossings" outside Admiral House and the Villa?
  3. It’s two different junctions but I can’t see the Sefton one being and better than Broadway at this rate
  4. The one at Regent St will be first. The first one is marked as a zebra crossing, the second one looks like a crossing but isn’t marked as one. Confusion between vehicles and pedestrians isn’t good. I seem to have buggered up quoting.
  5. Oh shit! Quite foreseeable. Atrocious signage on the whole project. I’ve seen keep left and keep right signs next to each other in the early days.
  6. What / who was the green light for? sounds like the New Castletown Rd / Groves Road junction over again.
  7. It is there, but Ian Sims Auto Electrical started where Tiger Tim’s was.
  8. The Old Git


    The comment at the bottom made me laugh.
  9. I’ll admit to not really knowing much about this, apart from my own personal tax, but a bloke replying to Gary Burgess (Jersey / ITV news reporter) on Twitter says this (screenshot this time, not linking to Twitter again). Any substance?
  10. Couldn’t we just get a few of the motorised trams and the conductor could make clip clop sounds with coconuts? Do away with the troublesome tracks and they could expand the route along the harbour.
  11. The Ben is back, just in time for the summer season.
  12. Probably a good job you’re not standing in the general election
  13. Until 1st July. Two weeks after my second jab. Have a day trip to Liverpool booked on the 2nd
  14. I’d imagine they’re being cautious after being bit big style last year when they tried to open up tourism. All the calls from the public to be more like Guernsey / Isle of Man
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