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  1. Don’t remember that, but have added two nights in Lancaster on the way back from Scotland in August to try your Indian restaurant recommendation
  2. It’s not like I’m there very often though. I love it and there’s a decent veggie option for the better half.
  3. They do fish dishes, but not really what I’d call a seafood restaurant like Sheekys in London or Crabshakk in Glasgow. Asked a restaurant owner here if they could think of a proper seafood restaurant over here and they couldn’t. Think it was £48, but I probably wouldn’t bother with the crab in it when I go again. https://j-sheekey.co.uk/media/11443/01402_jsheekey-menu-amends_12-may-2022-alc-w-offer_service.pdf
  4. They do some (not all) of the ingredients, it it’s nice to have it put down in front of you. Appreciate it’s not hard to do but I’m always having to do it for one person (me) as my wife has been vegetarian since she was a child.
  5. Love seafood. Had this at J Sheekey in London. Lovely. Pity there's no decent seafood restaurants over here.
  6. Stonking or stinking? Love a bit of seafood. Is it just for TT or longer term?
  7. Scroll down that thread a little some even more on the roof. FFS!
  8. I must admit we opened a bottle of fizz when we heard Ewart had gone.
  9. Haven't heard a thing from or about him since the election
  10. If this is from Nelson St / Thirsty Pigeon to HSBC side then that isn’t true. Many years ago someone working at the computer support company in Nelson St ( can’t remember the name) was knocked over coming to see us. The think that hurt most is that it was a Lada.
  11. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/islands-chief-secretary-announces-retirement/
  12. When covid was getting started someone who wasn't that long retired from Nobles told me Ewart was arrogant and stupid. Thought it was a bit harsh at the time, but now see they were spot on.
  13. East Onchan / coastal Onchan / Garff maybe? i always go along the prom to town, B&Q, Robinson’s, airport etc. Far easier and quicker than heading up to the village and glencrutchery road and quarterbridge.
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/may/05/best-non-league-football-stories-you-may-have-missed-dover-cheshunt-scarborough-taunton-isle-of-man?CMP=share_btn_tw I liked the comment about our cup games being played over three legs
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