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  1. Apparently U.K. deaths are below the five year moving average.
  2. The police would probably do him for loitering within tent anyway
  3. I was using total population of U.K. v IOM, as our own government seem to do when making comparisons.
  4. I was counting the whole UK population
  5. Is that about 5 in IOM terms? ETA I'll bow to Wrighty's far superior maths ability
  6. I'm hoping to get out of Portugal tomorrow and fly home to IOM on Thursday. No problem with two weeks self isolation. What's the alternative? Stuck in a foreign country for an unknown time. Hotels are closing, restaurants and cafes are shutting. Queues outside pharmacies and you have to get served through a gap in the door.
  7. Yeah, I understand what the crown is Barry. It’s not the U.K. though. This explains it very well Wibble away
  8. It’s the Crown actually. She also just happens to own the U.K.
  9. The Old Git

    Beer Tent

    Is Rob from HR now working in The British?
  10. The Old Git

    Beer Tent

    They could have gone to a new site, rather than pushing out Bushys
  11. It's not to have your own business name domain for email and it looks more "professional"
  12. And you’re lucky if your car is still there.
  13. Its a handy way to get from the Terminus Tavern to Wine Down (or similar) Although if there's three of you it's cheaper to get a taxi And that's saying something.
  14. Honestly doubt there will be any Americans on it. Or kids. It’s an adult only sailing, whatever that means. Last time I was on the same boat there was valet parking for mobility scooters at meal times. There wasn’t really, although sometimes a crew member would come along and arrange them a bit nearer outside the restaurant.
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