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  1. Boot’s enjoying a 78 night cruise around South America, apparently in the owner’s suite.
  2. No, It was sold to Cooney from the Channel Islands in the 80’s. ETA and the Demesne Rd property was already owned and used as a warehouse for a number of years beforehand. It used to be a builders yard (Creer Bros?). McArds were the builders used to redevelop the site. Nothing to do with Dandara at all.
  3. 4.7 Manchester Ship Canal and Bridgewater Canal at the Barton Swing Aqueduct 4.9 The Falkirk Wheel
  4. The whole form is crap. If you never listen to radio Q3 you have to say what times you listen in Q4
  5. I only remember it because the Douglas Motorboat & Sailing Club had it for a few years and spent ages refurbishing it, opening up the rooms and making the floors level. I think the back part was about half a storey different from the front. Because my father was a member I used to get dragged down with him to help.
  6. I think I know the shop. We have one here?
  7. Cotswold in Liverpool is similar. Note the climber model on the wall above the escalator
  8. Yes, when a show runs out of sensible stories
  9. Do they have a use by date, or is that just for the contents?
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