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  1. Would you expect self administered LFTs to follow the same pattern? People testing for work, but maybe not testing / reporting before going out at the weekend?
  2. I’ve made a note for next time the boat breaks down / rough weather or we break down on the M6 (first time a few weeks ago)
  3. Wish I’d have known earlier. We sometimes stay at The Borough in Lancaster if there’s boat or car problems. It’s very close by.
  4. He worked with me for a few years a good while back. Seemed a nice bloke.
  5. Was speaking to a woman I know from when I worked on the phone yesterday and she says she's had it twice and she's had hangovers worse than covid. Not too sure what that says about her, I didn't know her socially. I'm trying to carry on as normal - was out Wednesday and Friday - but as an obese asthmatic in his 60's I'm not overly keen on trying it.
  6. When they were working on the tram lines and one side of the carriageway of Queens prom there would often be keep left and keep right signs side by side at the temporary traffic lights. Going north along Loch prom at one time it was a lottery of keeping left would take you to Harris prom or be turned back along Market St. Bearing right it wasn’t always obvious if you’d proceed along the prom or be routed back along the walkway to the sea terminal. Any signage was far too late and you were committed. It also took them a week or more to work out that having lights controlling single file traffic by Jaks and an operating pedestrian crossing right at the lights wasn’t a good idea and they eventually closed the crossing.
  7. I’ve never noticed an end to the no cycling zone and was wondering the same today. I did check while I was out and about this morning and the no cycling sign southbound on the prom is just about opposite Chinatown and a bit before Summerhill. Coming down Summerhill there’s no such sign, as I expected, so it’s just more shit signage by the DOI. Also, in the summer when there was the fencing along the left hand side and of the prom the no cycling sign was about 150 yards after the start of the fencing so a cyclist noticing it was presumably meant to do a u turn back to the start of the fencing and use the shared space walkway. I presume that’s why it was eventually moved back to were it is now. The DOI workforce have always been useless at road signs.
  8. I think it’s just before summer hill, so any cyclist joining the prom from summer hill, Switzerland Road, castle drive, castlemona avenue, broadway etc is ok to cycle the prom. Just tough luck if you come from port jack end. It’s the usual bollocks.
  9. I suspect it’s been forgotten about. Wouldn’t be the first time. They seem useless at road signs here
  10. Posted on the previous page, hence the discussion
  11. Thought one of them had the flashing lights on poles and white lines
  12. One at Regent St junction. And an unmarked crossing very close, basically the width of Regent St
  13. Police appealing for witnesses after pedestrian hit by a car on crossing by Regent St. Thankfully uninjured, but it did seem fairly inevitable with one marked crossing and one unmarked crossing so close to each other.
  14. Don’t be so stupid. I’m off out to a restaurant this evening and I’ll be out on Friday as usual. Oh well was meant as a verbal shrug. PS Banker understood.
  15. I see he’s on one again
  16. I suspect that will come after Ashford’s rebuttal.
  17. I disagree. You should absolutely be able to go into hospital without the staff blabbing your personal medical details to their mates outside.
  18. I think it’s been seven in hospital for a little while now. More cases shows you can’t take one day’s cases in isolation. Isn’t it quiet today?
  19. You don’t want to know 😂 ETA unless you want to watch him being fisted?
  20. Oh dear, just made the mistake of doing a twitter search for Glover. First in the results was Teddy Glover 😲
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