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  1. They’ve been crossing over the traffic for around 150 years at the other end.
  2. I must have been lucky. 64, triple jabbed but also obese and asthmatic. Had a bad night last Friday, a bit of D&V, some crazy shivering and then sweating and a headache. Thought it was food poisoning as my wife had been away on a day trip. Still a bit off Saturday but tested negative. Went out on Monday to several shops but didn’t feel quite right and tested positive. Still testing positive today but haven’t felt that bad all week. Know some people who have it a lot worse. I probably caught a mild dose?
  3. Google seems to be the only one that doesn’t show St Ninians court. It’s just a brown building site. I suppose it depends what you’re looking for. Apple surprised me by showing loch prom being one way with traffic the other way routed along the walkway.
  4. I wish I had, but it’s Friday 🍷 ETA wonder if this case will put an end to it?
  5. Seems a rather stupid thing to do. I presume their families didn’t know about it.
  6. I haven’t got any. I’ve enjoyed the film a couple of times because of the Route 66 theme.
  7. For some reason it reminds me of these
  8. Or Internet Explorer 6
  9. How though? There’s no camera or barrier. The only option I can see in the app is to extend the three month session we paid for.
  10. Came back from Gatwick this morning. Two days late as easyJet had cancelled our flight from Bordeaux on Monday. The fuel truck hydraulics failed and it was stuck immovable under the planes wing. After much consultation and head scratching it was decided they could manoeuvre the plane back with the wing and engine just clearing the truck. Under the watchful eyes of quite a few people on the ramp and a comforting airport fire tender we were pushed back and on our way about 45 minutes late. Had paid £60 for parking at Ronaldsway, but according to the app I’m still parked there as the session is still active. Don’t think it’s all set up properly yet.
  11. It will just take the government to say no, enough is enough. Wonder when it will get too embarrassing for them?
  12. Not a lot, if drivers don’t bother looking
  13. If accredited media means anyone with a media pass they’ll be hundreds.
  14. Don’t remember that, but have added two nights in Lancaster on the way back from Scotland in August to try your Indian restaurant recommendation
  15. It’s not like I’m there very often though. I love it and there’s a decent veggie option for the better half.
  16. They do fish dishes, but not really what I’d call a seafood restaurant like Sheekys in London or Crabshakk in Glasgow. Asked a restaurant owner here if they could think of a proper seafood restaurant over here and they couldn’t. Think it was £48, but I probably wouldn’t bother with the crab in it when I go again. https://j-sheekey.co.uk/media/11443/01402_jsheekey-menu-amends_12-may-2022-alc-w-offer_service.pdf
  17. They do some (not all) of the ingredients, it it’s nice to have it put down in front of you. Appreciate it’s not hard to do but I’m always having to do it for one person (me) as my wife has been vegetarian since she was a child.
  18. Love seafood. Had this at J Sheekey in London. Lovely. Pity there's no decent seafood restaurants over here.
  19. Stonking or stinking? Love a bit of seafood. Is it just for TT or longer term?
  20. Scroll down that thread a little some even more on the roof. FFS!
  21. I must admit we opened a bottle of fizz when we heard Ewart had gone.
  22. Haven't heard a thing from or about him since the election
  23. If this is from Nelson St / Thirsty Pigeon to HSBC side then that isn’t true. Many years ago someone working at the computer support company in Nelson St ( can’t remember the name) was knocked over coming to see us. The think that hurt most is that it was a Lada.
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