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  1. I dint think TSE is still around a year later
  2. Presumably another Freeman on another small island https://www.countypress.co.uk/news/23134490.isle-wight-man-false-number-plate-removed-dock/
  3. After they’d had to ask the DOI what it was meant to be.
  4. I’m guessing you live in Onchan Andy so very likely the same bloke.
  5. I’ve a storage bench by our front door (not visible from the road) where our postie, Dave the Hermes guy, and Manx Independent / DPD leave all our parcels. Never had a problem with Hermes deliveries but Parcel Force 24 hour tracked seem to be a disaster for us. The worst was a £1,400 camera delivered to an address four miles from us with absolutely no similarities between the addresses.
  6. Ah, another fan of Booth’s. Surprising how many people are.
  7. I’ve blocked you a couple of times, not now obviously 😂
  8. We accepted it for a while. They used to have to pay some poor sod to sit in their office on a Saturday just to do manual authorisation of card transactions.
  9. I seem to remember they took about six weeks to pay the retailer. Bloody awful company.
  10. Five years ago we bought our second hand Leaf on three years interest free finance. I didn't need or want it, but they gave you a free home charger if you did. It didn't make much sense to me, but it was a good offer to miss. Quite a funny conversation when I phoned to tell them it had been re registered on IOM plates. They muttered something about not doing finance on the IOM so I suggester they better inform their approved dealer over here of that fact. Never heard from them again.
  11. Don’t, we still have a bag of pasta from the original lockdown. And Fray Bentos steak and kidney pies.
  12. There will be panic buying tomorrow at Tesco now. Think I’ll go to Agrimark
  13. Presumably flying drones would also have been involved in order for the radar array to be damaged.
  14. Used to go to City Cottage fairly regularly. When they closed I moved on the the Majestic when it was in Onchan and now I’m very happy with China Town.
  15. Rohan for me. Not quite so rufty tufty as some of the others and brilliant for travel wear.
  16. Have you had a bad bout of flu? I could hardly get out of bed for two weeks when I had flu. The covid I had after being vaxed and boosted was a walk in the park compared to the flu.
  17. I had mine at my pharmacy, Karsons, a couple of weeks ago. Booked in for booster on 08/11 but hoping for a short notice appointment this week.
  18. I found DPN’s Manx payroll software quite easy to use for a small business.
  19. Wow! Seems like you were even more unluckier. The Sefton is pretty depressing as well. Wonder where all the covid support money went?
  20. The only staff I saw in the evening was woman trying to cover reception and the bar, and a young waitress who seemed run off her feet. In the night I think another guest told the drunk wailing woman to "shut up and fuck off" After breakfast (and a hopefully cleaner cup) we checked out and went home. As I said, the receptionist didn't seem the slightest surprised that we weren't staying the second night we'd booked. Didn't think complaining to her would have helped. They were hosting a very large event that night, which might explain the lack of staff for regular guests. I did notice from the reserved parking that a number of our politicians were attending. Perhaps that should have been a clue? Guests of some northern organisation, but I cant remember which one. We have friends who love it there, but for us it was a bit of nightmare. Shame really. ETA Sorry, I also meant to quote Mad Max's "Did you call reception and tell them about the noise..Usually they will be able to sort it out ?" in that reply. Still haven't got the hand of multiple quotes.
  21. Booked there for two nights, checked out after the first night. Never again. Two or three couples in the restaurant and about 15-20 very drunk men on one big table making a right noisy nuisance of themselves. Poor night sleep with some drunken woman pounding the corridor and shouting because she couldn't find her room Served coffee in a cup smeared with lipstick in the morning. Checked out after that. Receptionist didn't comment - I think she knew it was bad. I know some people who like it though. Were we unlucky?
  22. Just did my usual test of a directory by looking for seafood restaurants. Listed there are Tanroagan (a proper seafood restaurant but no longer with us) McFarlane's (has been Wine Down for years and is a general restaurant that occasionally has a fish dish on the specials) and a chippy in Onchan. Bloody useless if they can't keep it up to date.
  23. Longer video on Twitter seems to show the dazed bloke sitting on the ground getting up and walking away. Rather surprising. Bet his ears were ringing.
  24. There’s a 29 post twitter post analysing the truck in the days before the explosion. Hesitant to link after last time i posted a twitter link.
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