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  1. Has anyone any experience using off peak storage heating lately?
  2. mollag

    Firm closing

    Has the Asia Sushi style house at Quines corner ceased operations?
  3. Maybe the handily located cannabis [medicinal only] farm will produce green waste all year, I hope they turn the flue filtration off when they burn da bush 😋
  4. Is it certain this was the cause? The Brigade can be " inventive" is calling cause. One time i attended an aftermath of a small fire in Ramsay, the brigade had called " electrical fault" I spoke to a fire officer pointing out that there was only an aerial in the fire vicinity, " We have to say something " was his response. [ A tealight was the actual cause.]
  5. Bye the bye, there was a bridge across the river close to the Tesco car park entrance, a vestige still exists just past Leigh Terrace. That set in, was the South end.
  6. mollag

    Age related ?

    Heading for 70 and I have discovered my first white pubic hair, I just hadn't expected it to be in my Big Mac 😐
  7. The present building has been held together by tensioning plates,for many long years, they are clearley visible from the pavement. [green ovals]They were installed most likely when the centre section collapsed and was demolished, maybe 50 years ago ?. Common sense seems to say it is beyond restoration, and if it was, what use would it be?
  8. mollag

    Firm closing

    No, they may well be overstocked at present, this was 2008 I did contract work there, I'm know not if it continued. PS The Mill was importing in 2020 also. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/island-faces-wheat-shortage/?fbclid=IwAR2gBrVGshM1bxZi-EXrNOG3znAq6HRrar4PDFhfi4hcUL5m_d-6boXorog
  9. mollag

    Firm closing

    Laxey Mills have in recent times imported grain to maintain production.
  10. mollag

    Firm closing

    Sounds very Boris "but we are not shareholders, or involved with the strategic direction or operations of Laxey Glen Mill." this seems at odds with, " The Isle of Man Government is the ultimate controlling party, by ownership of 100% of shares and the ability to appoint the board." Why the mis-direction I wonder?
  11. mollag

    Firm closing

    Who actually owns the Laxey Mills?. I notice our Minister states that the Gov is not a shareholder, yet I thought it was wholly owned by our Government, Is the Lady being deceptive Clare Barber, she say---: ‘However, the role for my department is a tricky one in this situation. Our aim is to support the wheat producers, but we are not shareholders, or involved with the strategic direction or operations of Laxey Glen Mill.
  12. Just an update, I had a skeet this morn on EJ site and found there are now flights available for my cancelled dates, I was refunded for the cancelled flights so have re booked, £ 60 cheaper than before but an extra night over in Gatwick--fingers crossed 🤞
  13. We aint as weak as the UK.
  14. I lived there for 10 years on a "Manx" passport, we also had Turkish residency visas [ikamet] on a "Manx" passport. The passport did cause head scratching, as did the Manx driving license, but neither was a problem, Syria didnt like it, turned us away at the border [2010]
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