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  1. mollag

    Firm closing

    How much exporting at a loss, subsidised by the taxpayer, can we sustain, it seems everything that farmers produce is a loss maker and subsidised, meat,dairy and grain, even the plant to process them are loss makers and subsidised, how much can you expect the public to pay for the privilage of keeping loss making farmers with an income?
  2. mollag

    Firm closing

    Manx Ices made for M&S in the Seventies at the Peel Road factory.
  3. Dare someone mention Safety, Hazard, waiting to happen 🙄
  4. mollag

    Firm closing

    Like the Farming money tree business.
  5. mollag

    Firm closing

    Perhaps permitted additives would be a better description, I read "legislated" as being not permitted.
  6. mollag

    Firm closing

    So do the UK mills, all used additives that are free from legislated additives, if you know of any mill using legislated additives then report them, they would be breaking the law. My knowledge of the "improving" of Manx milled wheat comes from my work at the mill and info from the then mill manager.
  7. mollag

    Firm closing

    These are added at the Laxey Mills, Manx flour is not great, lack of soil lime? and requires "improving"
  8. mollag

    Firm closing

    Mark &Sparks cheaper sliced loaves, I formed the idea they were manufactured locally, I assumed it was a RB product, fair bread at a low--ish price.
  9. mollag

    Firm closing

    What are these chemicals ? Ramsey bakery is a Chorleywood production facility, like so many UK bakeries.---https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chorleywood_bread_process
  10. mollag

    Firm closing

    First in the queue will be The Farmers , can we have some more tax money please 🙄
  11. mollag

    Firm closing

    The reason for importing is not price, it is quality,[ Very finely milled and often lauded as the best flour for making classic Neapolitan-style pizza with extra puffy crusts, 00 flour] Despite what folks have you believe, Manx flour is not the greatest in the world, as for price, Domestc bread flour in the UK is a third of the price of Laxey Flour, I checked last Friday in St Helens
  12. mollag

    Firm closing

    They are the best machines, I have two.
  13. mollag

    Firm closing

    There are companies like Pizza Napoli who import flour regularly, it is no problem to them. Noa would have no problem either.
  14. mollag

    Firm closing

    Laxey flour mills is a wholly owned Govt company i think
  15. Thank you for your support re Judicial Birching IOM

    1. wormly


      Lets have those hazel rods swishing down with the Full force of the Law.

    2. mollag


      You are welcome 👍

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