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  1. I think the Strand centre is a fairly obvious tax dodge, there is no way it is a financial viable retail operation, the thing is, is it costing the IOM money?.
  2. Parallell--ish I think Welly was once called Factory Lane John.
  3. Wellington Street [Welly street] runs parallel to Nelson Street [Nelly Street] Wellington St moochers original building.
  4. Dont mention Port Soderick and the deck chairs have gone from the promenade, I dont think we will see them back after the prom works, it's a conspiracy I tell you.
  5. Taken in Peel this week. [You can tell by the semi colon misuse]
  6. Kick ass torrents has it
  7. I downloaded it, a slow burn that ramps up every episode to a brilliant denouement, one of the best I have seen in some time, I highly recommend it.
  8. Is it this one or the Kentucky clan one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Outsider_(miniseries)
  9. mollag

    Lockdown cooking

    I love Jamie Oliver and his "Keep cooking and carry on" Where he tells us we can substitute ingredients with those we have in our own larders. So here is my Madras King Prawn Curry with an Aubergine Jus and Pondicherry style Naan bread
  10. Not really John, the professional trade would not be designed around "amateur" electricians needs, the main change was when it was realised that the two colours mixed up by colour blindness were red and green, so earth conductor colour became green/ yellow, even colour blind folk see it as bi coloured / stripey. In reality Euro harmonization dictated the change from 3 phase Red/Yellow/Blue to Euro Black/ Brown / Grey with Neutral changing from Black to Blue. So for UK sparks, what was Black, neutral became Black live and Blue live became Blue neutral. When I first started it was red/wh
  11. this was why colours were changed, red/ black became brown / blue, ----green for earth became bi coloured, green / yellow.
  12. mollag

    Freezing weather.

    I love the look on people's faces, Standing Freezing at the Bus Stop, as I drive past them. It's partly the reason, why I became a Bus Vannin Driver..
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