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  1. Ooops, indeed I am, apologies.
  2. Despite Manx Radio's up to the minute reporting, there is indeed another candidate standing in Douglas Central, Stephen Pitts. https://www.manxradio.com/news/general-election-2021-news/corlett-to-stand-in-douglas-central/
  3. mollag


    Years ago, in another Galaxy, there was a Promenade in Douglas, and visitors, some were in a hired car and were driving down the Motorway to Peel, the Wife said, "I think those people in the Car next to us, are Manx Hubby said, "Why Is That"..??? She says, "Well, the Kids in the Car are writing on their Misted Window in Gaelic ". And it says... "stit ruoy su wohs"
  4. I think so, Howard was a good egg, A sad loss IMHO
  5. mollag


    Just had a Guy shout to me "The luck of the Irish be with you" Had to shout back, "I take it you know very little of Irish history then ?"
  6. mollag


    I may have it wrong, what is the collective term for many folk attending a vigil?
  7. mollag


    Anyone out on their threshold with a candle last night
  8. I think the Strand centre is a fairly obvious tax dodge, there is no way it is a financial viable retail operation, the thing is, is it costing the IOM money?.
  9. Parallell--ish I think Welly was once called Factory Lane John.
  10. Wellington Street [Welly street] runs parallel to Nelson Street [Nelly Street] Wellington St moochers original building.
  11. Dont mention Port Soderick and the deck chairs have gone from the promenade, I dont think we will see them back after the prom works, it's a conspiracy I tell you.
  12. Taken in Peel this week. [You can tell by the semi colon misuse]
  13. Kick ass torrents has it
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