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  1. mollag

    TV Licensing

    While the transmission of "Waves" through the ether can be detected, I'm still dubious how they detect the reception of "waves"
  2. Selling the site, then buying it back developed, why not just develop themselves using a contract system as has been used for years, it's not like they are understaffed. The sales commissions, and buying back profit margins must add up to a pretty penny .
  3. I see a large old folks home is proposed for the Homefield site on Woodbourne road, while I have no problem with that development, I am wondering will the Gov be using the same wheeze they used for the Homefield Garage development, back to back with the new proposal. The Homefield site has been sporting sold signs for some weeks so it may go-----Sell to developer, whizz approve developers plans through planning, developer builds, IOM Gov buys back finished development. Surely they wouldnt try the same wheeze so soon and right alongside the other wheeze? Perhaps I am wrong. https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/multi-million-pound-douglas-care-home-proposed/
  4. Is this the same C Quirk, ex IOM Police, ?
  5. mollag

    Old IOM Pics

    Went down a storm, many thanks from many folk
  6. mollag

    Chinese year.

    Love you dearly
  7. mollag

    Chinese year.

    I was surprised to find out that next year is the Chinese year of the opticians..
  8. Having been involved in the Tourist industry for many years, I note the following. We propose to use scarce resources on a deepwater berth for a market that is essentially the lowest level of Day tripping The market, fully catered aboard ship. Doesn't use the local Ferry service [Now Gov owned] Doesn't use the local accommodation services Doesn't use the local catering restaurants Doesn't use the local bars etc Will likely not use our retail outlets, as we know, they are expensive compared to other ports they will visit We have regular calls from cruisers presently for no outlay, so we want to spend millions to recoup thousands, ? We are, the lunatic Isle.
  9. mollag

    Old IOM Pics

    Would you mind if I copied a few over to a facebook site Am ?
  10. mollag

    Life lessons

    In my years I have learned that there are four difficult things for me to say, 1 I am sorry 2 I was wrong 3 I need help 4 Ken Dodd's dad's dog's dead.
  11. I didnt think it too bad, it showed the inmates as the mugs they really are, I liked the statement from the Governor something like " Being sent to prison is the punishment , we [the regime] are not here to punish further" The link scenes of the Island were sympathetic and picturesque, I didn't see the shock horror some express, mild amusement with some shaking of the head at the idiots. I don't reckon we will see an upsurge in criminal migration because the "bird" is easy, but you cannot tell with our master criminals.
  12. Of late there seems to be large amounts of free spaces in Tescos car park at our usual time, Mon 9.30--ish, has there been a clearout of the all day work parkers? if so does anyone know how it was achieved?
  13. mollag

    Pigeon muder

    I think a little shrine with flowers an cards an small teddies would be just the job right now I once saw a Kestrel take a flying rat in mid air, Kensington road it was, that fine sight has stayed with me for 55 years, marvelous.
  14. Have lessons been learned I wonder, spending more time with their family maybe?
  15. mollag

    Slow Service

    Tried that seafood restaurant on North Quay, I ordered the "Today's Special", fresh Octopus from the glass tank! Two bloody hours before I got me meal, when I asked why it took so long, the bloke said, that bloody octopus kept reaching out of the pot and turning the sodding gas off
  16. mollag

    Modern Dance.

    "TWERK" 1 To dance predominantly using your rear end in a sexually explicit manner. 2 A place where Yorkshiremen go, mostly week days between 9 and 5.
  17. Buster and Co out Joughin the sainted Marge , they are a comic turn these days IMHO.
  18. Do they still employ editors? Some of their howlers are schoolboy standard.
  19. mollag


    Who designed the designer?
  20. mollag


    Isn't God a DJ ?
  21. mollag


    au contraire , he was parroting soundbites, badly at that.
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