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  1. Of late there seems to be large amounts of free spaces in Tescos car park at our usual time, Mon 9.30--ish, has there been a clearout of the all day work parkers? if so does anyone know how it was achieved?
  2. mollag

    Pigeon muder

    I think a little shrine with flowers an cards an small teddies would be just the job right now I once saw a Kestrel take a flying rat in mid air, Kensington road it was, that fine sight has stayed with me for 55 years, marvelous.
  3. Have lessons been learned I wonder, spending more time with their family maybe?
  4. mollag

    Slow Service

    Tried that seafood restaurant on North Quay, I ordered the "Today's Special", fresh Octopus from the glass tank! Two bloody hours before I got me meal, when I asked why it took so long, the bloke said, that bloody octopus kept reaching out of the pot and turning the sodding gas off
  5. mollag

    Modern Dance.

    "TWERK" 1 To dance predominantly using your rear end in a sexually explicit manner. 2 A place where Yorkshiremen go, mostly week days between 9 and 5.
  6. Buster and Co out Joughin the sainted Marge , they are a comic turn these days IMHO.
  7. Do they still employ editors? Some of their howlers are schoolboy standard.
  8. mollag


    Who designed the designer?
  9. mollag


    Isn't God a DJ ?
  10. mollag


    au contraire , he was parroting soundbites, badly at that.
  11. mollag


    Not for our right wing geniuses. I know you may well be familiar with this but, I am still aghast at the stupidity.
  12. The Corpy will try again to knock down the Lord st flats and expand Shaws Brew park. PS Just wondering, the ground floor of Chester Street looking more derelict by the day, a new parking opportunity could it be?
  13. mollag

    Breaking news

    I'm from Belfast, it should have read "parnds"
  14. mollag

    Breaking news

    Neither, I wrote this for facebook, you are mistaken, if Panic reused it, he is welcome, send me my five ponds, chop chop..
  15. mollag

    Breaking news

    "Pets-At-Home" reveals it’s stockpiling Cat Food in their Douglas depot. in case of a hard Brexit. A spokesman for Chief Minister, Howard Quayle stated. "Howard considers that’s a very sensible course of action to take". "Best to fatten the buggers up, because we may have to start eating them after Brexit ".
  16. Skeet on the street is nextdoor to Howdens behind Target Tools
  17. Whatever happened to that poor wee lad with the bad memory ? did he morph into Steve England?
  18. The press is reporting that he was a visitor, and yet he stood for the Keys, advertises his services locally and is lobbying to be a lay person on the Steam packet committee, In what way is he not a local? Is our news media really that stupid? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=44302&headline=TT visitor acquitted of impersonating a paramedic&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2018
  19. He has stopped using Masonic symbols on his facebook page. I did post a Masonic "test" on his page, he missed it entirely, I would suggest a Freemason wouldn't have missed it. Could he just be a performance artist.? Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), a portmanteau of the words costume play, is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear self-made costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character
  20. Theres a lot of it about https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/bjgzp3/the-weird-world-of-people-pretending-to-be-doctors-and-getting-away-with-it
  21. Where else could I post this ?, it has started my Xmas off in the right vein.
  22. Had a chat to Nicholi in the ex CR, Victoria St on Tuesday, he seems to be in supervisory role, he was taking builders around the premises, clipboards akimbo. short story, major renovations in the pipeline, expect some closures before it emerges in new form.
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