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  1. It has to go through a time warp to get to where you live though doesn't it? Haha, fast now down here la
  2. Mine has been terrible tonight, it appears to happen most nights, speed drops to around 4mps at peak times and then goes back up to 26mps . I had a similar issue earlier in the year and after numerous calls to telecom was told if I upgraded to ultima it would solve it, it's still the same but I know when I call them they will blame everything but their connection , it's obviously a contention issue as it is only evenings and weekends I have issues
  3. So the steam packet were telling passengers only yesterday at 5pm the mannanan would be back on the island at 4am this morning and all sailings would be back to normal today, people all ready to head down the sea terminal received texts at 6:30 to say the sailing is cancelled. Their communication skills really need to be looked at, surely they can inform people earlier than that? They are now saying Sunday at the earliest due to low tides ! 😧
  4. What's the issue? house prices went up. So what.Try reading the thread and the story, nothing to do with house prices
  5. Good to see after 15 years there is now going to be an investigation into the harcroft scheme http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/harcroft-scheme-under-scrutiny/
  6. The owner might not, but people have found themselves in hot water when authorities have confiscated the server and retrieved payment histories or logs.The ISP would know what server your hitting. They're both illegal.What people have found themselves in hot water?? Nobody has ever been prosecuted for subscribing to a server only the host of the server..they certainly haven't gone through payment logs and histories and prosecuted anybody, did you just make that bit up?
  7. It may be defined as theft, or copyright infringement, or fraud. Does it matter? It's still not legal and you are depriving someone of income. I also wouldn't be daft enough to be polling a server with my ip letting my isp and the server owner know that I'm on the rob. Why would the server owner care that you are "on the rob" when you pay them?? And how exactly does an isp know? That's the spirit! Jesus, good job some of us are decent. I fancy a Ferrari. Can't afford one but I know where one is parked each night so I might just go and help myself. you are confusing piracy with theft with that analogy I beg to differ. Sky pay money for the rights to broadcast live sport. The cost is met by normal non scummy people who pay their subscription so that the broadcaster can produce and broadcast the event. People who watch it illegally aren't making a copy, (which would still be illegal and immorral) they are stealing access to the broadcast by bypassing the encryption that has been put in place to prevent robbing gits getting access without paying. If you haven't paid for access to that live broadcast, and contributed towards making it possible, then it isn't your and watching it is stealing from those of us who have You compared stealing a ferraii to a satellite signal..i beg to differ too...
  8. That's the spirit! Jesus, good job some of us are decent. I fancy a Ferrari. Can't afford one but I know where one is parked each night so I might just go and help myself. you are confusing piracy with theft with that analogy
  9. Yeah but there will always be people who pay so the freeloaders will be fine. Im sure people on Facebook buying these boxes know what they are buying, you would have to be pretty stupid to think it's legal, don't think it needs pointing out. What group is it by the way? A local one?
  10. To save over £800 a year 5 mins of "dicking around" is worth it to some
  11. But it's not that hard to find where to get these boxes from anyway, a quick google and you can find all the info you need to buy them and set them up, why would facebook be any different? who should be caring??... there are a lot of other things facebook shouldn't have on ahead of people linking to dodgy sky boxes. If people are happy to be ripped of by sky paying over £80 a month for the sub then good for them, sky should be more realistic with their pricing and stop rewarding new customers while loyal customes ,who have been with them for years, pay full price. The dreambox epg is as good as if not better than sky and also has the ability to live pause record etc.
  12. As long as you set them up yourself there is no chance of the service being pulled just find a reliable server to card share from Plenty of forums and sites openly discuss how to set up dreamboxes and sell sky to use on these boxes, not sure how a facebook gruop is any different. For £10 a year for a full sky sub, who wouldn't?
  13. They were here a couple of years ago at the villa and were very good
  14. Yeah mine works fine on 3G but tried it on other people's wifi and it won't work
  15. No, nothing appears to solve it, same with moviebox on the ipad, won't work anymore, MT must be blocking the sites the apps link to
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