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  1. Its not yodel, they are usually very good, this lot just hold onto parcels and deliver when they feel like it..
  2. I know it's not one of the big companys as i've seen a guy in car turn up with a parcel once. They seem to just contract it out to anyboby I'm expecting a parcel today that according to the tracking arrived at the couriers at 9am this morning, but it hasn't arrived. Not really surprised as previous experience with these and it can be days before it actually gets delivered, seems like whoever it is just hordes the parcels until they can be arsed going out. Anyone know who it is?
  3. modey

    Modern Warfare 3

    You could email, but ring customer services, they know all about the f**k up, they will be very apologetic, just tell them you heard they are offering 50% refunds and they will give you it. Half an hour after getting off the phone I got a call in response to an email I sent to the asda ceo, this woman told me the same, was very surprised I still didn't have the game and told me how head office are giving 50% refunds.
  4. modey

    Modern Warfare 3

    Has your copy arrived yet, ordered mine from Asda also but nothing so far no but they are now giving everyone who hasn't received them 50% refund on their orders so i got the hardened edition for £32 it's coming tomorrow apparently by hermes ...don't know why they used them, awful company
  5. He does live there, he sold his house in onchan and recently moved, and yes they aren't selling well
  6. modey

    Modern Warfare 3

    I just don't get the praise battlefield gets, I've tried with 2 and 3, the campaign on 3 is awful, so many flaws, and yes I appreciate you buy it for the multiplayer, but that just doesn't do it fir me I pre ordered mw3 from asda and they only sent it out today, by Hermes, I'll be lucky to get it bt Friday if previous experience of their deliveries over here are anything to go by
  7. Pity i didnt see this last week, we've just got a couple of kittens from the mspca
  8. Trade + cash for 32gb hp touchpad?
  9. It's not just me that thinks that about peel post office then, what a slow unhelpful bunch they are, I lose the will to live when I go in there, im glad I got an agreement with my post woman to leave parcels in my garage so I can avoid that place... And don't get me started on the old dear that "works" there.....
  10. not sure why? i've pm'd you my email address Edit: i've cleared my messages so you can inbox me now
  11. I came to an arrangement with our postie to leave any parcels in the garage, she even signs for recorded items for me, saves me a trip to the sorting office
  12. you've obviously not watched it in 3d then as you can't fail to notice it, one of the best 3D films around
  13. Not really sure how it would have been "soo much better in 2D" 3D didn't really add much to it, bt it is still a fantastic film and can't see how taking away the 3d effect would make what would really be the same film any better?? Oh and football is brilliant in 3D
  14. Comes in original box with controller, power lead , av cable and FIFA 09 game £100
  15. My lline test tells me i might get 20-30mbs, i'm already getting 15mbs so not really worth the upgrade, you can bet what i'll actually get will be the lower end of the estimate, so really only gaining 5mbs how much extra is it?
  16. Sabnzb is working well cheers don't really need sickbeard though, as good as it looks.
  17. Ditched grabit as it kept stopping in the middle of downloading and wouldn't start again unless I closed the programme Just trying sabnzb now, still only 400kbs though edit: just unplugged the network cable and tried a wireless dongle, 1100kbs
  18. Looks like it's probably my connection, even though I live around 800m from the exchange in peel speedtest is showing i,m getting around 4meg
  19. astraweb allows 20 connections so ive set grabit up as that and i'm using ssl. how can i check if i have bandwith throttling set up? i get better speed from torrents at the moment..i think it might be a throttling issue as when i first start grabit the download speed peaks at over 900kbs then drops down to around 300-400 I'll download newsbin pro and try that..
  20. there are plenty of discussions regarding newsgroups on here, if you can't help don't bother posting, if a mod see's this thread as "bringing it in to dispute" then fair enough it will gt closed, however i haven't mentioned any copyright material or wanted to know how to "steal it" just how to set up newsgroups which are perfectly legal. you're on ignore now, so any future posts won't be read. If a mod want's to close this then fine by me, if not any help appreeciated
  21. yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, anyone got any helpful information, if i wanted a lecture i'd have gone back to school
  22. Ok i know i few people on here use them but having got fed up with torrents and filesonic/rapidshare i thought i would give usenet a try. I'm using newsleecher for the client and took out a month sub for astraweb and using nzbmatrix for the files. Problem is my download speed is poor, it's going from around 40kbs up to 180kbs but it's not maxing out and is up and down. Are there settings i've missed? it gives you a few options in usenet as the server name and port, which one should i use? any help appreciated btw hope this is ok to talk about on here
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