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    great film..didn't expect that at the end
  2. you've not heard of christian bale? i take it you've not seen american physco? A film not to be missed and he's brilliant in that
  3. no i'm not kidding, brilliant atmosphere and no trouble at all (since the fence went up anyway). if you've been to glastonbury snd didn't enjoy it, you better check you've actually still got a pulse
  4. well i'm going can't wait...you ever actually been to glastonbury? the best music festival bar none. work of the devil
  5. same here! it's getting pretty annoying now as i can't seem to unlock anything else
  6. modey

    Mp3 Player

    it works fine for me, i usually have it set on 92.0 fm and the siganl is excellent
  7. modey

    Mp3 Player

    i'd recommend getting an ipod. i've had a 20g one now for over a year and i couldn't do without it. get yourself one of these to go with it and you can then play your i pod through any fm stereo radio, without the need for leads uk company that sells them
  8. i actually think the new album is pretty good.
  9. i am a man united supporter and have been for over 20 years. don't really think that makes me a glory hunter does it? If i was a glory hunter i would have supported liverpoool as they were succesful way back then
  10. i got this game yesterday and haven't been able to put it down. brilliant! The only downside is that you cannot go straight into racing the complete tt circuit. you have to start at the southern hundred course, win events in that to unlock further events. You can play the tt circuit in stages and the graphics are very impressive. controlling the bike does take some getting used to, but all in all i'd say it's well worth the wait
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