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  1. What's the difference between Michael Jackson and acne? Acne doesn't come on your face till you're at least 13. (sorry)
  2. Rhumsaa, thank you. Stavros, we're a dying breed mate!
  3. I am sweet really...just very very misunderstood...
  4. Mission, thank you for the welcome!
  5. Yet again, I think this post is way past it's sell by date and I would be more than happy to forget it and move on. It's a waste of time, no-one is getting anywhere and it's repetitive. Declan? Do you agree?
  6. I could quite happily forget all this, but it's Declan's party so maybe we should let the baby have his bottle. He's obviously enjoying trying to intimidate me (not working), just let him go on with himself.
  7. I sit here in disbelief at the spectacle of a grown man trying to intimidate someone on a forum because they had the audacity to criticise his website and his face. And pray tell what 'chance' is it that I've had? Does every person who joins this forum have just one 'chance'? Why is there no warning of the possibility that Declan will throw his toys out of his pram in the rules? This is entirely laughable. Are you fecking kidding me?
  8. Oh for fecks sake grow up you silly man. You'd think I'd murdered your entire family the way you're going on. Either you want me to presume you are talking about cancelling my account because you think it will scare me into an apology (you can't cancel someone's account because you don't like the way they've defended themselves against you, that's utterly pathetic), or this whole thing is some kind of 'newbie' test to see if I can 'take it'. Both options are incredibly dumb. So what's it to be? Go on, thrill me.
  9. 1. Sock puppet comment aside, you called me stupid, and you weren't joking. I'm not stupid. If you can't take it, don't dish it. 2. How on earth have you been playing fair so far?
  10. Thanks Minxie. Declan, why would I apologise? I believe I'm in the right. Unless you are kidding, in which case HEE HEE HEE!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Oh my god! Friendly people! Hello!!!! p.s. not trying to upset anyone else...
  12. Defensive yes, starting to feel a little bit ganged up on to be honest. I'll never be nice to anyone on here ever again, I promise.
  13. Fine, I brought it on myself, whatever. I'm starting to feel like I'm walking through a minefield here. Now perhaps this thread can come to an end, it's boring.
  14. Oh for god's sake...it's an old boys club.
  15. Well, I felt that Declan was being insulting by assuming that the person I originally asked the question about was 'bigging' himself up as it were. It's quite normal and alright to give someone a compliment, but he chose to be sarcastic about it, so I'll be sarcastic right back. And is it alright for him to call me stupid when I'm clearly not? Doesn't that smack of desperation?
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