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  1. Barca are just a fantastic team, how do you handle a player like Messi? I often hear the expression the ball is glued to the foot, but Messi really demonstrates it. Barca aren't a one man team by any means, but Messi really makes them tick.
  2. The Cosey Nook used to be one of the best cafes on the island in my opinion but thats going back 15- 20 years now - that place used to be packed all summer long!
  3. Big Ron Atkinson agrees with you , allegedly
  4. lower leagues are far more interesting anyway
  5. Loki

    Bfbc2 Vietnam

    PS3 and normally play Rush most nights with a few mates.
  6. I would fancy the England Cricket team to beat the English football team at either cricket or football
  7. Fair comment and yes I do appear to be chatting about two differnet things, except that a youth policy should be based on developing the talent in your own back yard (my opinion) and not pinching the best finds from somone elses club at the very least it should be the youth in the same country as the league your club play in.
  8. Arsenal tend to buy their talent foreign and young, and the local talent they tend to sell off. Man City are buying success and are ignoring/selling the talent that they have nutured Tottenham youth set up - where exactly?
  9. First off, I am a Leeds fan and have stuck with them through the diffcult years, the successful years and then more difficult years, so I have been fortunate or unfortunate enough to see my team play in 3 different leagues over the last decade. Recently, after rebuilding foundations, appointing some handy managers, being shrewd in the transfer market, Leeds are looking almost like a decent side. Over the last year or so we have given really good testing games to the likes of Man U, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal. I can't help but smile to myself when we have had decent games against these big teams and held our own. I also wonder how much of this success is attributed to the premierships reliance on the foreign conveyer belt and over looking the local talent. People might think I am trolling when I say Liverpool are one fo the clubs that springs to mind, where they seem to have shifted away from the youth acadamy policy, Tottenham, Man City and even Arsenal are a few more. I then look at teams like Blackpool, Stoke & Wolves for teams that have small budgets and a strong core of UK/Irish talent that are successful in their terms and this leads me to believe that whilst foreign talent is blamed for weakening the premiership and the national side, it certainly seems to be allowing the lower leagues a better chance to nuture homegrown talent before players are poached, so long may it continue. Perhaps more of the bigger clubs need to look at the way that lower league clubs are set up for good examples of how football clubs should be run?
  10. It will be interesting to see what support Kenny gets from the fans and the board compared to Hodgson got.
  11. It doesnt matter which manager of which team got sacked to me, I don't believe you can get the measure of a managers true ability after only 6 months in charge, I am not convinced that even after a season you will see the true manager. What happened to Liverpool of old that used to back their managers and gave them a decent opportunity to shine?
  12. I thought Hodgson would do well for Liverpool, but the results show otherwise. I still believe given more time he would have been a success. I wish he had been given a better chance to dabble in the transfer market.
  13. Even though I have commented that I think the England team is average for a test side, I have to give credit where credit is due, they have performed exceptionally well. A quick look at the stats shows several England players have averaged over 50 runs an innings, Cook over 100 per innings. 5 bowlers have taken 10 plus wickets, Swann who I thought had been quiet, still managed to sneak 15 wickets!! It's a sign of a good team that when when they have the opposition beat, they continue to punish them and send out a a clear message to all other teams.
  14. I was looking at the BBC site, some good articles about Collingwood and what he contributed to the team. Also it mentions that it is free into the test match tomorrow, seems everyone is expecting the match to be over quickly tomorrow
  15. I think people have already hit the nail on the head, the consumer market has become a lot wiser to the bargains that are available on the net. On most entertainment items like CD's or console games, you can save at least 30% for internet sites and this includes p&p. It might be quicker to go to HMV, but if you are looking after the pennies, then most people are prepared to wait a couple of days longer if this means saving a decent chunk of money.
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