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  1. This thread is full of so much bullshit disguised as fact that it's opened my eyes to how much bollocks goes on in all the other threads. Yes I realise how naive I've been but I honestly thought people just had different opinions, not make stuff up.
  2. I have been recently. It looks great and the food is yum. I worry about its location.
  3. Maybe they should set up by my mum's house. You can hear it clear as day about a mile away.
  4. A pal of mine was one of your Wednesday transfers, just wanted to say thanks for patching him up.
  5. It's always in the last place you look.
  6. I'll think you'll find it was a cheese baguette #fakenews
  7. sarahc

    Tiny Cow

    Ouch, what a mess. Lightning Seeds looking for a venue for tonight!
  8. These things are always written by people who don't have to do the childcare run.
  9. I've been here for 10+ years, I'm doing well if that's the case. @wrighty thanks for the clarification.
  10. Staff getting their leave in between TT and MGP?
  11. Really? I thought it was fantastic.
  12. Have we recovered? How good was that?
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