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    Erm no thanks.

    Yep. Nor have they ever been on the ground in parts of the Europe where there are no go areas and sharia rules. Actually, I think some of them have never been farther then Douglas with their eyes open, but never mind, so long as we show our tokenist egalitarian credentials by advocating the right thing, all will be well and consciences will be salved. Yep, that's the patronising, self assured smugness I have come to expect from Woolley's isolationist and xenophobic postings. Tell us all oh wise one the error of our ways and how really super smart you are compared to the rest of us...what is it like outside of Douglas? I went out of Douglas once. Ended up in Peel. Never again.
  2. sarahc

    Erm no thanks.

    Our values would not be worth defending if the horrible attitudes and ignorance expressed by people like Manxy and Lagman were typical. It's not our values that are in question here as Muslims have a duty of care to their brothers Hadith 13 Do they care? Will you be ok with taking the Syrian Christians then? The ones that are being bombed out of existence by IS?
  3. I've never been attacked on here, I've ignored people who are IMO offensive or are deliberately on the wind up.
  4. My ignore list is massive. Makes some of the tt threads seem short though. And it's annoying when people quote them.
  5. Who cares if he does leave? His job is done, he can do what he likes.
  6. Thanks. Good old MF eh? I can't find find one up-to-date site that gives out instantaneous info. You'd think such an 'organised event' would provide such info to those affected by closures ... I find that the @iom_tt feed on Twitter is usually the best. Although not perfect.
  7. Nevermind (Edited because someone who knows more has put the right answer in!)
  8. 'They' don't necessarily recognise that the risks they are prepared to take could also be unacceptable to others. Some potential racers have to be stopped from racing in order to protect themselves and others around them. I've disappointed one this week to protect him, but more importantly anyone else who may be near when the injury he's pretending isn't important results in a high speed loss of control. I'm sure the racers appreciate there are risks, but not all of them will analyse them as critically as you imply. I'll agree with that. There's a few out there racing who have had a few offs and should really take the hint.
  9. A tax haven? Why has nobody mentioned it before? And here I am paying tax like a fool.
  10. sarahc

    Horse Trams

    I live in Douglas and it's ace. We just don't tell you about the best bits because we don't like you.
  11. 3FM had it on Facebook. 5pm tomorrow.
  12. I vote to have the rails wherever they bloody well like, but running between the war memorial and the MER station. Then no garden needs to be unsunk.
  13. August bank holiday is late this year.
  14. Let's hope for your sake that Lush never comes here.
  15. I know someone who came from the airport last night and was diverted through St Marks etc. he said there were no signs past the Ballasalla roundabout, it was a good job he wasn't a visitor.
  16. I didn't hear this morning, but talking yesterday about the Manx Police Force's Gold Award in Investors for People he was inflated, puffed up and full of guff and himself as ever. ....that is until he was asked about the burglaries. He soon seen his arse and it was most amazing to listen to the change in tone. 20150810 Mandate Manx Police IIP extract 112.mp3 "Top 1% of organisations Worldwide" Burning Our Money? Ouch.
  17. He wants to be CM. Interesting move, distancing yourself from the others and the mess we're in.
  18. sarahc


    It's because he's a TT racer, and the defining characteristic of TT racers is the size and composition of their testicles. It seems to be all they talk about on the oh so hilarious press conferences on Radio TT.
  19. Yes, as long as it's only Mad Sunday or the bank holiday weekend for the MGP. And then give the locals a day back, e,g, the Thursday of the following week so that they can get out and do stuff. I live on the 'right' side of the course but can see how constant and changing closures can wear thin for those on the wrong side.
  20. sarahc

    Horse Trams

    Yes, they hold the traffic up. According to the Corporation, a single track in the middle of the road is a problem as oncoming traffic would freak the horses out, passing much closer than would be the case with double track. That does seem to be based on the premise that no-one drives on the tram tracks, though! I don't know why they can't have a little pavement on each side to act as a barrier, a bit like at the Broadway traffic lights.
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