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    Camera Obscura

    Why can't things be a work in progress? It's a little curiosity, fun to visit once or twice. It's not like it takes an hour to go round. If it turns out to be ridiculously popular the toilets, hot dog van etc will follow. Do you want toilets and an 'interpretation centre' at Cashtal ny Ard too? (Please excuse the spelling!)
  2. She keeps it quiet. And her aunty is Myra Desmond, they never mentioned that either.
  3. sarahc

    Camera Obscura

    Yes I was replying to Darth Vader, oopsy
  4. Unless the elected person's campaign was bankrolled by right wing Church groups and they were feeling pressured to give in to their demands?
  5. Sour and twisted, like the lemon after my gin. What sort of education do you want? I've sneaked a look at some of your work on the Writer's forum. You have a vivid imagination and you can communicate your ideas. I think that's plenty!
  6. Is that bee keeper or Bea keeper? (btw my fave top dog was Reb Keane)
  7. sarahc

    Camera Obscura

    I think those flats are nice. They remind me of 20s buildings. Ritchie McNicholl getting your vote then by agreeing with everything you say?
  8. I saw studying as a way out of a pointless job. And it's more fun than earning money! It's education stuff mostly. Who is Zephyr? Judging by what you just put on the Camera Obscura thread you were around in Victorian times, but apart from that...?
  9. I was inspired by a Digital Spy thread, and I'm nosey. I am a student.
  10. I remember that one. The BING was my fave bit.
  11. TT Shambles = Shambolic thread?
  12. Many many years ago Casey's used to change its music completely. You'd be rocking on Senior Race Day, but go in on the Saturday it would be back to the bleepy dance stuff.
  13. Doesn't everything change to 70s rock music during TT? Since you've been gone, da da, since you've been gone, da da...
  14. Several 20 something Scottish ladies over for TT week. I wonder if they have a job here for that week..?
  15. At a job interview, well it wasn't an interview as such, but one of those 'assessment days', I was told that their brightest and best frequently worked till late at night/over the weekend etc. I suggested that perhaps the staff's time management skills may be deficient, and if they weren't then the company had its staff to work ratio wrong. Strangely I didn't get to the next stage!
  16. You want to get drunk and go out dancing in the Isle of Man? Hmmm, I'm not sure there's many places here for that sort of activity...
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