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  1. sarahc

    TT 2017

    Mods, can you please just copy and paste threads from the last 10+ years each TT? It would save typing time.
  2. Good point, except they tried that further down the prom and it wasn't as good.
  3. Helen Callow is in. The Establishment's choice.
  4. Is it four standing? I have received four virtually identical leaflets. Although mercifully none mention dog crap.
  5. I love TT threads. Can we have some more?
  6. sarahc


    It's retail in a fixed territory, there won't be people flying in to buy from them. So yes.
  7. sarahc


    Which jobs will have to go to make way for them?
  8. This is like when you go on holiday and bump into people from the Isle of Man.
  9. They used to (story is from 2009). http://www.isleofman.com/News/details/33528/praise-for-manx-pgce-trainee-teachers-
  10. sarahc

    Ghost Town

    If we could limit the arguing about who is or isn't a sock puppet it would make a much better place.
  11. Do you hire yourself out to liven up parties and that. He's right though, driving people away is a very misguided way to attempt to increase revenues. I have travelled a fair bit and have never found a car park cheaper than here. Park your car for 2 hours for the price of a cup of coffee. What is the problem? I agree, however lots of people the IOM consider parking in Douglas to be a "nightmare" and avoid going to town if they have to pay. Surely the Corpy should be trying to attract people to town so that businesses can keep paying them extortionate rates? One way is to make parking stupidly cheap or free.
  12. If only they had a way of finding out which houses had children in them, then they could work out catchment areas in advance. They could ask people to fill in a form every few years to give them an idea of which households might need to use a school.
  13. "Landlord gets asked about house it owns" isn't really a story though.
  14. Perhaps the MEA could sell some electrical goods.
  15. They have a better website than you.
  16. sarahc

    Traffic chaos

    What's wrong with the Bottleneck? Or Lord Street? Or one of the many streets that aren't on the prom? (Edited coz I didn't reed it properly)
  17. sarahc

    Traffic chaos

    That sounds ridiculous. Why don't you go today? Bottleneck and Shaw's Brow are free on Sundays if you won't stump up a whole £2 to park in M&S.
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