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  1. Does this help anyone? https://www.jobtrain.co.uk/iomgovjobs/candidates/PreviewDocument.aspx?docid=45092&GUID=d776ac98-0b69-40ac-b75e-531b9446487c&jobid=4885
  2. Why do they want to leave these countries? Because countries like Britain bomb the shit out of them, or sell the arms so others can. Where will it end? Perhaps with people not being wankers over a bit of soil and rock they happened to be born on.
  3. My post said, I had asked DED officers to offer help wherever possible - i.e to look at the costs, find hotels and travel etc I certainly did not offer to pay for teams coming to the Isle of Man. You might want to retake that media training.
  4. Sorry Notwell, but we did actually notice some Hotels, B & B's, Cottages, Flights and Boats change prices once the announcement was made on 9th January Good. That means the government has come up with a good event that people will want to attend. If they've got the price wrong people won't buy. Let market forces dictate prices.
  5. So the politicians can have the prestige but god forbid anyone wants to earn some money from it...
  6. Do we have 500 people looking for employment?
  7. It's about time we binned the golf club. What a waste of money.
  8. Or, the local authority spotted how crap he was and demoted him. Should have sacked him, but he lost nearly half his salary, I wonder what he got demoted to? Then he tried to fake a reference, got caught and prosecuted. Sounds ok to me. I know you have concerns, but this example doesn't help you really.
  9. I'd say it's more to do with house prices.
  10. Are 2017 calendars "old stock"?
  11. I quite like The Guardian but they don't half write in a sacnctimonious manner.
  12. Save them from what? I thought they were staying and we were footing the bill.
  13. Let's hope the children are OK in the middle of the arguing adults.
  14. I wouldn't put too much store on someone who claims she's gone to "Arabia".
  15. sarahc

    The Boy David

    I thought he was asking about the decline in quality of school meals since its takeover by the hospital. Isn't there another thread about the amount of money lost by the same department?
  16. Well this is what happens when you trust a load of gamblers in suits with your money. Would have been better off shoving it under the mattress.
  17. My child benefit is means tested. I signed one piece of paper permitting the benefit people to access my tax records. It doesn't need to be any more complicated than that.
  18. I thought the hospital did all the school meals as well. Is this included in the figures?
  19. It's always about the adults, isn't it? Never the kids.
  20. The comments are genius. But the story is scary. It reminds me of those Younique/Juice plus scammers.
  21. Does Brexit mean even youse comeovers will get the stamp in your passport next year?
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