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  1. Have to agree, but it was put there originally to keep the ' locals ' happy during the TT period. Ie appease them, in order to make them TT friendly. It has little to do with the TT and the ' pulling ' of the Prom events in the evenings is disgraceful , especially as it was only announced a couple of days before the event started. I suspect it will be reinstated next year , with great celebration , and all credit given to ' new boys ' Vision 9. Prepare yourselves, it they know what they are talking about, and are successful , everyone will be forced to take a National Holiday over the whole of TT fortnight, as the ' Rush Hour ' will be ' unsustainable ' ( moving forward ) Or possibly not moving forwards, or backwards. To all those who help run the TT in any way, a big ' well done and thankyou ' on behalf of the millions of TT fans. throughout the World I wouldn't say no to a fortnight off
  2. sarahc

    Mountain Watch

    Mountain opened for precisely 8 minutes this evening.
  3. sarahc

    Manx Radio TT

    From 3 years ago. Has anything changed?
  4. Ha ha this is the post of the day! I can see Onchan putting up the border fences to keep out those Mountain dwellers...
  5. Does nobody else get calls from nautilus gym?
  6. Poor fella . Did they only have one race left after this? Maybe that's why they abandoned it.
  7. "Banter". Seems to be slang for acting like a dickhead.
  8. sarahc


    Thank you. A very good point about post-abortion contraceptive advice, especially if someone is seeking abortion in an abusive relationship. Or is taking medication that reduces the effectiveness of the Pill (e.g. For epilepsy). Or is vulnerable in some other way, e.g. Learning difficulties. Or they could all be Jezebel.
  9. sarahc


    Are there any statistics to show how many of these naughty women are using abortion as contraception?
  10. Chris Thomas and A.N. Other. I would vote for Thomas again. Fearful about who will stand too!
  11. Ban dogs. Sorted. Can I have my £1m consultancy fee now please?
  12. Bitter may have been involved, I'll wager.
  13. Unfortunately what it couldn't pay for is decent psychiatric help for someone. Far easier to bung him in prison.
  14. So Ramsey have 12 candidates for 12 seats but because seven are for "North Ward" and five for "South" there needs to be an election and a readvertisement. More pointless expense.
  15. sarahc

    Just Deserts?

    I want Tom to make him into scotch eggs.
  16. I know the person this dog bit. Th did not provoke it. Friendly dogs don't bite so much that someone needs a skin graft. There was some confusion over which dog it was, thanks to the owners playing silly buggers and pretending it was a different one. That's why it took so long to sort out.
  17. The Ben's sill going. Does the Manannan carry much freight?
  18. Plane de icing takes ages.
  19. sarahc


    Event Horizon is coming, I tells ye! The only thing Douglas Adams got wrong was claiming it would be shoe shops and not coffee shops.
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