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  1. I feel a bit sorry for him. He's done less than nothing for 4 and a half years, then messes it up in an alarming fashion. It's like I always say: It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.
  2. Put bars between them across the road and the horses can jump them.
  3. Cregeen? Figures. But what are they for? Cregeen? Brainwave? Are you sure?
  4. And while I'm on it, I went through the A&E entrance on a Monday afternoon and it was packed. God knows how long you'd have to wait on a Friday night. What on earth are people doing to themselves on a Monday afternoon?
  5. "2000 followers ", yep nosey people like me who like a gory detail. I do feel bad for that person who fell over and banged her nose, then was kept waiting for so long that she went home and cleaned it up herself. How dare the hospital prioritise more urgent cases?
  6. Mine only arrive yesterday.
  7. I'm glad that proper science is being discussed at last.
  8. Inverse square thing ftw. Enjoy the better reception.
  9. sarahc

    Horse Trams

    That's no way to talk about Douglas.
  10. sarahc

    Horse Trams

    Before my time, sorry!
  11. sarahc

    Horse Trams

    It's not that sudden a decision. They asked the government a couple of months ago if they would do it and they were told to fuck off. I'm surprised they made this decision, but I'm not sad to see them go. I'm not completely happy about them using animals for entertainment, and it's costing us a fortune. Plus if there are no horse trams they won be shoved onto the walkway.
  12. sarahc

    Horse Trams

    Nice one Corpy. Been a long time coming.
  13. Why, did she move house? This is scarily accurate.
  14. Police helpful as usual. Glad you got it back, and that's an ace story.
  15. Guessing that doctor is over the moon to have his name in the Sun.
  16. Oh my, drunk singing. Love it.
  17. I don't believe the offence falls into the category of ones where it is mandatory that you leave as an MLC. That aside, if you were caught drink driving, would you resign from your job? Some would be up on a disciplinary.
  18. Ah, relax kids, they're just killing time till the latest knobhead gets named.
  19. If it's 3x the limit every chance there could be a custodial sentence.there was a story of a lad 3x the limit a few weeks back and he didn't get the jail.In today's Examiner 'Santa' (what an appropriate name this time of year) escaped jail.Thanks for pointing out the seasonal irony; I, like many others I am sure, would have missed it.
  20. Tell us more. No. Just watch it though, it's ace.
  21. This is ace, you organised it!
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