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  1. It's a bit small. Could you edit it a bit maybe?
  2. Why are you cropping it? What are you hiding? I demand the entire photo!
  3. sarahc


    Let us know what the weather is, but the police shouldn't be telling us all to stay in because of it. It was ok in Douglas til 2pm, I went into town and got lots of shopping done. I felt terrible for the retailers, they seem to have most of the government against them somehow, and now the police too.
  4. The Dhoo has been high for weeks. Are you landing on fitting holes into rives now?
  5. Not a lot you can do when the river bursts.
  6. sarahc


    I had an amniocentesis when I was pregnant, and was warned that if the results weren't what we wanted I would have to go away to have a termination as it's not legal here. Fortunately all was ok so I didn't have to make that decision. What a shame that people who have to go through the heartbreaking procedure can't even just go to their local hospital because of the laws here. It's a far cry from the "get rid of it, CBA " myth that some people are alluding to here.
  7. You will shop online because there aren't enough fairy lights on Strand St?
  8. I wear it to avoid scaring the general public.
  9. I don't remember if I ever went on it.
  10. Ha - there won't be bargains, there will be old crap that has been sat on a shelf for ages with some money off. The "offers" available so far seem much less desirable than previous years. Hopefully the whole thing will die on its arse. I certainly can't see what mega deals will be available in the strand to entice me down the at 7 in the morning That's what sales are, selling off last season's crap. Or in the case of Next, stuff that's been sitting in a warehouse in England for months.
  11. Shockingly, it does depend on which paper you read how fast he was going. The Courier quoted the Deemster as saying it was 100mph. The expert witness referred to in the Independent (or was it the Examiner?) estimated a much lower speed (with a lot of maybes). I read the Courier report first and thought "well if you will drive at 100mph, what do you expect?" But the other story is very different. Genius editing to fit a space without checking what the story said.
  12. Fat people don't feel the cold. Skinny folk have to turn up the heat. Win win for Manx Gas!
  13. Slightly different angle on this story, that it's about keeping you away from the doctor. Might help with the GP shortage. http://147-5433bc3297b05.radiocms.com/news/isle-of-man-news/iom-residents-encouraged-to-self-care/
  14. Why hurry? They're still deciding whether to download Killing in the Name Of for Christmas No. 1.
  15. This is exactly what should happen. The number of MHK's should be reduced and the salary doubled. Given that most UK constituencies consist of more than 60,000, there is no reason that 2500 should be represented by one person Then you would get people of the right calibre standing. Last night was a fecking joke, and if it is an indication of what is to come next year, then we are seriously in the shit. Thinking that 30% was a decent enough turnout due to the weather is nonsense. What I would be interested in knowing is why people didn't go to vote and what can be done to stop this lethargy. There must be some on here that didn't bother, perhaps they could share why ? (not judging ) I just wondered if 30% was normal.
  16. I'm surprised that there's only 3000 voters tbh. That's a tiny number of people. Time to merge constituencies. Not just swap the names.
  17. sarahc

    Minister decides

    I've been hearing bad things about Operation Christmas Child for ten years plus, I didn't know any schools even did it any more. Never heard anything from my kids' school about it, and wouldn't do it if I had.
  18. Is 30% so bad for a by election in shit weather?
  19. If you want LHR I would fly to Birmingham then get a train to Reading. I wouldn't faff around in the middle of London.
  20. I am clearly not part of the Facebook elite.
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