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  1. Hopes and Dreams, I would guess by the locations.
  2. I need to quit my job. All the fun stuff happens when I'm at work.
  3. Doesn't new jobs mean that someone can't pretend to close an old business and get the grant for the "new" one? Not 100 new people.
  4. Just listen to Radio TT. That seems to be all they talk about.
  5. sarahc


    Missed this thread somehow but just saw the notice in the paper. Thank you to the family for including his MF name, so I realised who it was. So sorry for everyone's loss.
  6. Soooooo.... This isn't really about B&Q, is it?
  7. No. But I'm just posting Minion quotes on Facebook. That doesn't need much juice from the router. You might be downloading adult movies.
  8. Not many EOs or below would get a parking space anyway. It's all the senior managers.
  9. It's quite busy at 7.55. Maybe we're all going to work earlier these days?
  10. sarahc

    Road Works

    Oh, you're being a knob. I get it now.
  11. sarahc

    Road Works

    Is it still instinct rather than signs that mean an ad hoc contraflow from jubilee oak to QB? Fine when there's lots of traffic because you realise what's happening, but could be tricky if you're the only one around who then goes into the right hand lane for the hospital...
  12. I drew lots of pictures of minions talking crap and posted them to everyone I know.
  13. sarahc

    Engineer's Blue

    Move the change dish.
  14. sarahc

    Erm no thanks.

    Is there a photo somewhere.
  15. sarahc

    Erm no thanks.

    I'm happy for the welfare budget to be spent on anyone in need, not just the home grown ones.
  16. Is this a genuine response? Sadly yes. There's a link on the ttwebsite.
  17. sarahc

    Cafe Marrakech

    I've not eaten there but have stopped for a coffee. It's nice.
  18. Really? You're using an example from nearly 60 years ago. You're either deliberately missing the point or so unbelievably thick I'm surprised you can type. Find an example from the last 15 years and people might listen.
  19. You might be fatally allergic.
  20. Whoever is building the houses on Derby Square have managed it too. Their space seems to be getting wider by the day. They've even managed to get the road closed to uphill traffic! And it only seems to be used as a parking space.
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