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  1. Stiff


    Awesome =) Thankyou
  2. A lovely hairdresser told me there was to be a headkandi night over here... Held at the place near the sea terminal, is it true?
  3. Stiff

    Harvest Moon Ds

    well mr house the character is male in this game you cant be female as far as i know Stop spoiling my mucky fantasies. Sims Anythings possible
  4. I will try and come next month, make up a few more numbers. Hopefully headphones will be fixed and nothing else will have broke in the meantime. Im aweful at all fps games except unreal tourny and css, but il play! Nice scores
  5. Oh I wait for the day when somthing takes over HD and I can afford all these series, much like as I am doing with DVD now
  6. wow, thats cool! Never seen ice pattern like that
  7. Get them off torrent, a quick search of Prison Break series 1 or 2 or 3 will get you the links to HDTV recorded shows! Got them all from s1ep1 to s3ep13, just under 19gig for 40+ episodes!
  8. Stiff

    Ps2 Question

    I know what I meant
  9. Stiff


    The last one that was in brum I lived in south cheshire and slept through it, missed this one too Too used to screaming babies and students to be woken up by the earth shaking
  10. Oh dear, just got hold of ep 13! Everything has suffered from this strike I thought with the escape everything was just starting to get good again, just gona watch 13
  11. Stiff

    Ps2 Question

    You know what I mean though
  12. Stiff

    Mann Arena Feb 28th

    Il wait for the next one May know the island abit better if I get a car! Il stick in and play a few PCWs with YG
  13. Stiff

    Manx 360

    Im on there, was third, now not even on
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