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  1. Yeah the old 2 stoke Saab is a local , sounds great ...was hopeing someone would have posted a vid with me on so i could hear what the car sounds like !! all seem miss me out lol
  2. Was really good fun , Ramsey quayside in the wet has to be one of the most slippy surfaces i have ever driven on !!!
  3. Still interested to know which firm gave the bad service up North ... bit unfair on the other Northern tyre companies who might be giving and excelent service..
  4. Hmmm, don't think so although I'm not sure the local plod would know the difference. In Sarko's république you are required to carry your driving licence at all times you are driving and they expect to see a licence in the EU format along with a circle of stars on a blue background. The photocard manx licence meets the first criterion but not the second. Tragic death of a cyclist out on a training run Greeba way when a wheel (allegedly still bolted to its hub) fell off a passing wagon? On a wagon that was covered by an yearly MOT ....
  5. Heron & Brearley Press Release Nightlife to re-open in Ramsey. After nearly a year in darkness, the lights are about to be switched on once more at Ramsey’s own night club, ‘Nightlife’, when it re-opens on Friday, June 3rd. Originally opened in 1988, Nightlife was Ramsey’s only nightclub, until its closure last August. Recently appointed Director of Retail for Heron and Brearley, Steven Taylor explains “The decision to close Nightlife was a difficult one for my predecessors and reflected a number of circumstances at that time. However, Nightlife has always been at the centre of a night out in Ramsey - although even we were taken aback by the genuine support and affection for the venue. For instance, a Facebook page dedicated to the club (R.I.P. Nightlife) has 498 members!” He continues: “We were also very conscious of the impact Nightlife’s closure had on the rest of the pubs in Ramsey - a night club is an important focal point”. “It is therefore a real pleasure for us at Heron and Brearley to be able to answer the calls for its return. Of course, Nightlife keeps its name, but we have spent the intervening time to give the club a light refurbishment and we hope all its fans enjoy their new venue”.
  6. There are no restrictions on owning a caravan, You get a permit from planning that allows you to ship it on the Steam Packet. You will only get a permit if you can show you have suitable storage and are not going to leave it parked on the roadside.
  7. Sound advice. Avoid it if possible. Ha ha ha very good ...
  8. Leave Ramsey alone !! Ok there are a few things that could do with a bit of thought but in general i like it. I lived in Douglas/Onchan for most of my life until about 3 years ago when i moved North. Best thing i ever did !
  9. Malcolm at DPA did a good job for me TEL: 01624 800085 FAX: 01624 800085 MBL: 07624 452674
  10. sideways


    Wouldn't use Mattews and Craig to build a dog kennel . Had a very bad experience with their workmanship , or lack of it.
  11. Yes i can confirm that it has been sold, the finer details i don't know ..
  12. I was camping at Sulby and there was a gang of security lads that came straight from work by the looks of it , pitched tent and enjoyed a night of beer and bbq ... Sorry to spoil the image
  13. Laid his head down for the last time ...
  14. The Outback is a Tenented House owned by H&B ...
  15. not really when your talking about 10 grand per wagon held up in a bond to prov u have the means to fix your HGV, cant see many big companys forking out 100k plus just to sit there, it could well be the end of a lot of firms not just the small ones, or the ones that think thay dont need to fix them, And who do u think will have to pay for this in then end, it be me you and everybody eles, prices will have to go up to cover it like i say do more road side testing, do 6 month tests that would make sure things are safe, And at the end of the day accidents do happen even when everything is done to its best Your figures are incorrect , a company has to prove financial standing , if i remember correctly it is about 6K for the first vehicle and 3.5k for every vehicle after that , you do not have to have the money but must prove access to it if required , i.e an overdraft from the bank will be ok . This is to prove that if any fault appears on your fleet you have access to funds to repair it then and there , not having to wait untill you get paid from your customers. I will dig out the paper and confirm the figures later ......
  16. You can get "Truck Coat" from "Auto Spares" who are hidden up behind the Vehicle test centre, turn in below the test centre follow the road to the left behind the test centre and take the first "right" and go past the car showroom on the right and they are there on the right at the top, as for spraying "classy chassis" get my vote, good finish and cheaper than most It's called "Auto Trade Centre "....
  17. Dave at Andresons in balthane is good , give him a ring on 459865
  18. I was there from when i moved to the Island till the day it closed ..... a guess would be 74 till 78 ish Trying to remember the teachers names , Mr Henderson , Mrs McEvoy seem to ring a bell , was quite a long long time ago lol
  19. I still have pictures of myself in the "wine" coloured uniform lol The nativity in St Thomas`s Church Hall ... later to become the Red cross
  20. Now that really does get me thinking !!!! I am a St Francis old boy .... Maybe a reunion lol
  21. The cinema on Royal ave was where Royal court flats are now ..
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