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  1. Sidney


    Such a shame, I used to enjoy chatting to him back in my Douglas taxi days. R.I.P.
  2. I used to rent a flat on Christian Road from Ian Abrahams. It was a complete dump and absolutely tiny but it was cheap, I paid my rent on time every week and if I had any problems he would sort it out, usually pretty quickly. You can call him a slumlord (As some on this thread have insinuated) but ultimately his prices reflect the size and condition of the property so you get what you pay for. If you want a perfectly presented flat in a nice area then expect to pay a lot more than the £100 a week I was paying for a one bedroom flat. Also, dealing with him direct meant that I didn't have to come into contact with any estate agents, a nefarious bunch I'd rather avoid. Just my 2 penneth :-)
  3. Looks like I'm all sorted, thanks for the suggestions and calls! Sidney
  4. I have, hence my remark regarding the very high cost. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, Recently moved from the Isle of Man to Derbyshire and most of my stuff is still sat at my landlady's house in Ramsey waiting to be transported over, I'm looking for anyone who is coming over with an empty van or part load that can deliver all my personal effects, It's not a massive amount (No furniture or TV or stuff like that), when I moved out of my flat it all fitted very easily into the back of a Citroen Berlingo. I tried the usual removals companies but was quoted a pretty hefty sum, several times what it would cost me to just come over with a vehicle and collect it myself (Looks like this might be what will happen). If anybody can help please contact me on 07907 354999. Thanks.
  6. There are alternatives to the traditional wind turbine as far as harnessing wind power is concerned http://gizmodo.com/5898948/high+flying-turbine-blimps-could-cut-wind-electricity-costs-by-65-percent
  7. £140,000 for 900 ounces? That's over £155 an ounce! I'm led to believe that cannabis resin goes for £100/ounce in these parts so I don't know where the police get their figures from.
  8. Sidney


    How did you get into my porn folder?
  9. What exactly is the benefit of having a clubmann card? Don't you get entered into a weekly draw for a £100 Shoprite voucher or something?
  10. The one thing that really pisses me off about Shoprite is the price of the Waitrose stuff. A quick scan with the barcode reader on my phone and a product search shows that they are charging anything up to 40% more than Waitrose does for the same product. I know they will bleat about transport costs being responsible like they always do but if this is the case then why is all the Iceland produce the same price as in the shops across? And that's frozen produce which is a lot more expensive to transport. I mentioned this to a friend who works in Shoprite head office and she told me that it's because the buyers are not allowed to do their job properly due to constant interference from the boss (Nicholson?) who randomly sets prices himself and overrules the buyers. I find it very hard to believe that a company this size can still survive with this level of management incompetence. Rant over, going to Co-op now.
  11. Same here on the HTC Desire even after I installed Cyanogenmod 7. Haven't yet found a solution but will keep trying and post if I find an answer.
  12. For anyone who fancies upgrading to Android 2.3 as an alternative on the Desire it's possible to do it through the HTC website. Tutorial http://www.techtwitter.com/how-to-update-htc-desire-to-android-2-3-gingerbread/
  13. 1. Sense is a good system butI can live without it. My next phone will probably be a more powerful one and more capable of running Sense smoothly. 2. When you install the stock cyanogen you lose maps and navigation but you can get them back pretty easily by downloading the gapps zip to your SD card and installing through clockworkmod. I've lost no functionality that I can see at this time expect the stock dialler which was pretty good. 3. Still playing with different diallers so not sure yet. 3a. Didn't back up SMS and call history but I believe you can back it up and restore from your google account. Cannot confirm as I didn't do this. 4. I backed up the complete system to SD card using clockworkmod, when my first attempt failed I restored from this backup image and it was exactly how I left it so yes, complete backup is possible. 5. Total time is probably less than an hour but I anticipate a large amount of "Fiddling time" to get it exactly how I want it.
  14. All sorted now, and oh my god it's shiny! Followed the advice about wiping the partition cache, didn't know you did that through clockworkmod, same as doing the factory reset that way instead of through the normal menus. Very pleased I did this it's like having a completely new phone, I know it invalidates the warranty but I can live with that. Thanks for all your advice and for anybody thinking of doing this, it's worth it. There are risks involved but you take your chances
  15. I nearly micturated upon reading that! And it's just referred to as "The scene" in such circles. You know who you are.
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