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  1. I'm sure it must have added seconds, nay, whole minutes to your journey to Peel. I hope you made it to your important meeting on time. Say the cyclists were a tractor, big enough that you had to slow down and overtake properly at the right time. Would that bother you as much?
  2. I hear these sorts of statements quite a lot from car owners who don't ride bikes. Most of the things you have said just aren't relevant to bicycles so I am guessing that you fall in this camp. With the island producing lots of world class cyclists at the moment we should be proud of what they are achieving and we should be doing everything we can to promote cycling in the island rather than adopting this tired stance of them and us. As others have said, most cyclists own cars too. In any case, the roads are maintained via rates, which are paid by everyone, not by road tax. In the U
  3. Congratulations on a very nice lens Jacobaman. However, bearing in mind your comments on the price I'd better respond. Despite sharing the L badge, there are quite a few differences, not least the speed and low light capabilities of the lenses (f/4 vs f/2.8) A quick look on Amazon reveals that a new Canon 17-40 L on amazon is £604 so you've saved £129. Brand new 24-70mm on Amazon is £1,337. Buyer's saving £487. So I think this represents a fair price. Thanks for your interest anyway.
  4. For sale, a fantastic fast lens bought from new. Takes good sharp pictures even in low light. The wedding photographer's lens of choice and portraits taken with it are gorgeous. The glass is perfect with no scratches. Always used with a UV lens filter. Always carefully stored in protective case. Comes in original packaging with lens covers, lens hood, and case. I will throw in the UV filter. £850 ono
  5. Roland V drums for sale. Real remo skins feel like acoustic drums but play almost silently so you can plug in your headphones so you don't annoy the neighbours. Perfect for gigging musicians due to ease of transport. Loads of preprogrammed drum kits which can all be adjusted for damping, room acoustics etc. Look up on youtube to see what these amazing kits can do. All in perfect working order. Selling due to lack of space (and lack of use to be honest) 1 x TD-8 Sound Module 1 x KD80 Bass 1 x PD80R Snare - rim has sensors allowing you to do rim shots 3 x PD80 Tom Tom 2 x CY 1
  6. Unless you manage a hedge fund - then there's no downside!
  7. Didn't their last manager retire last week? Hmmmmm.... telling? I'm trying to guess whether the crunch will affect us. Word on the street is that Labour's closing of the double tax loophole (which I don't fully understand) has resulted in one big firm making a few redundancies this week.
  8. I saw that program - excellent stuff. The Uk has its own subprime mess - buy to let - and I think we've just arrived at the tipping point. A group of buy to letters have just brought a case against a firm of estate agents and against the developers of some buy to let flats in Leeds, where several thousand flats stand empty and prices are falling. One of them was complaining that the rent didn't hadn't covered the mortgage payments for some time. Fairly naive. It shows that people have been more than happy to ignore common sense during the massive bull market. What worries me is tha
  9. Thank you for all the sound advice people. It sounds exciting and I'm well up for having a go. I've also just read that the spawning season starts in May and this is when the tastiest clams can be found. mmmmm.... clam spawn.
  10. Does anyone know if they can be found on Manx beaches? Have had the idea of catching some since watching Ray Mears then I ate some at a restaurant in England the other day. Delicious. And has anyone ever seen them on the menu or in the fishmongers over here?
  11. Several a day? If people are drinking this much pop perhaps we should be looking at setting up fizzy drinks anonymous before putting fluoride in drinking water.
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