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  1. Not paid for / subsidised by the ratepayers though.
  2. I paid Freedom a couple of weeks ago for Lapland trip in December, by debit card. They didn’t acknowledge receipt. That link states “you should have an ATOL certificate...” Nope. No receipt. No certificate. Fuck you Santa.
  3. Now it’s going to be an underground wall.
  4. That’s not what a wall is, woody.
  5. “Tim Kenyon asked if the legislation - which came into force on New Year's Day - would protect local politicians” Far more important than how it affects constituents.
  6. Has died. Here he is telling Jerry Seinfeld a joke in Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  7. None of this is happening. Adam Schiff is not going to be indicted. Neither is Anderson Cooper or Bruce Ohr. The only thing they have in common is that Trump doesn't like them. His cult members view them as the enemy because of the world of shit that is heading Trump's way. The Qanon stuff is pure pizzagate, it takes a special kind of idiot to keep falling for it.
  8. What a surprise to see you spreading the “Q anon” MAGA fake news conspiracy theories.
  9. The tweet was sarcastic.
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