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  1. Mr. Sausages

    Housing Development`s

    People were forced to move to higher ground during the great flood, which is why there are traces of old buildings up there. The giants and snow monsters allowed us to use the land temporarily on the condition that we return to lower ground as soon as the water subsided. An uninvited return would not be wise. However, given the recent news regarding imminent effects of climate change, I'm sure Howard Quayle et al will be keen to rekindle relations soon with a view to returning and cohabiting peacefully.
  2. Mr. Sausages

    Roseanne Barred...

    Talking specifically about the tweet in this video
  3. Mr. Sausages

    Roseanne Barred...

    Took a few months but she's done it now. She's pretty crazy, but in a good natured way. blamed it on drugs, a misunderstanding, while simultaneously repeating loads of right wing conspiracies.
  4. Mr. Sausages

    saudi embassy missing journalist riddle

    But the Saudis buy apartments from Trump so its all good.
  5. Mr. Sausages

    Lessons haven't been learned

    Hold on now, Sir Jimmy and Mr. West were never found guilty. They shouldn't have been named in this thread.
  6. Mr. Sausages

    US Supreme Court

    Stopped clock.
  7. Mr. Sausages

    Flat Earth?

    So naive paul. They have been back. They faked the moon landings, and then they faked the not going back.
  8. Mr. Sausages

    Flat Earth?

    So do you actually believe they haven't been back just because Nasa said they haven't been back?
  9. Mr. Sausages

    Flat Earth?

    Why do you think they haven’t?
  10. Mr. Sausages


    His name is Gordon. And he only has one eye, which makes his artwork even more impresssive.
  11. Mr. Sausages

    Donald Trump

    Could be wrong though.
  12. Mr. Sausages

    Donald Trump

    I reckon she’s off to India for a gap year to learn various meditation techniques with a view to inducing psychedelic states via controlled breathing.
  13. Mr. Sausages

    Hurricane Season

    Gale Waynetta.
  14. Mr. Sausages

    Flat Earth?

    I was looking for this, it was huge on twitter for an hour or two. You had to be there. Dunno who he is, a comedian I guess.