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  1. This is obviously an attempt to find out where I hide my keys and I’m not falling for it a third time.
  2. Just heard the next queen is going to be a MAN! Political correctness gone made. Woke nonsense.
  3. Can’t believe she’s Pete Tong. Taken far too young.
  4. So? So the British should accept liars and lawbreakers too?
  5. Lol, I properly thought it was. I’ll just pretend it is then.
  6. Sort of trump related because she’s a crazy maga republican, but the craziness isn’t a political act. She’s always been crazy. And cringey.
  7. Cos he wants them to do it again. Asap.
  8. I tie all my old ones to the side of the boating lake in onchan park. Got away with it unchallenged so far.
  9. the guy who deleted all of the secret service’s text messages from Jan 6th. mike pence was right to not get in that car.
  10. The news this week is almost as good as the final episode of neighbours.
  11. Warrant is released, and includes violations of the espionage act. Seemed like such a trustworthy guy too.
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