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  1. Go on then. You’ve posted in this thread more than anyone else. Move on. Concentrate on more serious issues.
  2. If you’re cycling along, maybe unfamiliar with the area, and focussing on where your wheels are, you’re not going to think “this bit is a road” - because it looks nothing like a road. Glad I never cycled along that with my little one, who often goes ahead of me and definitely wouldn’t know what to do there.
  3. That is such a fucking ridiculous design.
  4. Smart move from the steam packet. If they didn’t get their name out there through sponsorship people would end up using the other ferry services.
  5. Ten this time. Not bad, but it’s no Las Vegas hotel shooting. That one’s gonna take some beating.
  6. If it was “the sort of thing you’d expect a man to” we wouldn’t be talking about it. But yes, misogyny exists. For example, if a woman had multiple children to multiple partners, and the amount of children was so large that it was unknown, they wouldn’t get to be PM.
  7. So what if women like watching porn? The issue is doing it in a workplace. Not the gender of the person doing it.
  8. “Funnily enough it was tractors I was looking at” is going to become a catchphrase for years
  9. Pretty cool story that.
  10. Never farted? You’ve gone full trump
  11. She’s 12 years wiser now
  12. This interaction is worth a thread of its own
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