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  1. A little known fact about the Isle of Man is that it has more monsters per square mile than anywhere else in the world. People tend to not talk about it that much, but you're almost guaranteed to come across a monster or two on any typical day, especially if you spend any time in the countryside. In addition, every Friday a dog inflates until it explodes. This is purely random - it could be any dog - but it is only one dog per week. Nobody knows why this happens. So if you have a dog think carefully before bringing it.
  2. I cycle down there a lot. Never had an issue. It’s not a road that needs or even benefits from a cycle lane. Also, top tip for cyclists who want to avoid traffic on that road: go down the police station road, through the car park behind the grandstand, and through nobles park. If we need a cycle lane for commuters getting into town, that’s where it should go.
  3. Does anyone know if this applies to cyclists?
  4. This guy’s front left
  5. Don’t think that applies in this case as he was physically well under control, but I think most of the police shootings can be attributed to fear first and foremost. The amount of guns in that country makes every encounter scary. Police must live in constant fear. They have their guns ready for every day routine stuff. The fact that it happens disproportionately to black people shows another problem.
  6. https://twitter.com/naturelslit/status/1270327301255819266?s=21
  7. I used to be amazed at the constant talk of race in the us media. Every news report used to mention the race of the criminal, victim, politician etc. I used to think it was needless and making the problems worse. But I’ve been going there every year for a few years now, and have come to realise that it’s basically still a segregated society. Unofficial apartheid.
  8. A guy I follow on Strava spent a couple of weeks in Europe at the end of May. First thing he did when he got back to the iom on 3rd June was go for a run along the prom. It’s ok though cos he’s got one of those essential jobs so he can’t spread viruses.
  9. Trump's just had a post removed by Twitter for breaking t&cs (threats of violence), so he's reposted it from one of his sock puppet accounts, the official White House twitter account. When they kick him off for good he'll be back on here posting as Thomas Jefferson again.
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