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  1. The terms of leaving were set before the uk left. The uk helped set those terms. The eu haven’t changed them.
  2. PK doesn’t record posts. PK doesn’t like it when people record posts. I am the only person who records people’s posts. Look, I recorded this one of PK saying so 17 years ago.
  3. My best work. Nobody else noticed over the last 15+ years.
  4. Here’s a fun fact about CMs for everyone. When one of our CMs was taken into the police station for questioning a few years ago (remember that?), the forum member whose complaints led to his legal troubles somehow got hold of a cctv image from the police station of said CM entering the police station. The forum member briefly put that image on the Internet. I discovered it, grabbed a copy, and he quickly deleted the original image in a panic and pleaded with me to not share it. So of course, I listened to his pleas and I inserted the image into my animated avatar. If you look carefully you can see it for a split second after Ed the Duck and before the crazy superstar OJ Simpson’s beautiful face appears. So I‘ve posted that picture over 11,000 times.
  5. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should
  6. Thank you miss. (Actually paid attention to some of your previous posts when choosing, as you know better than most.)
  7. I just voted for the first time ever! Put a tick against everyone’s name, and a cross against Josem’s to make sure he definitely doesn’t get in.
  8. He got most of the lines jumbled up and strayed into clingon in the second half.
  9. All to earn an MHK’s salary?! Doubt it.
  10. It’s a bit like how the newspapers and euro sceptic tories went on and on whinging with anti eu propaganda for years and years instead of accepting the decision to join it.
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