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  1. The news this week is almost as good as the final episode of neighbours.
  2. Warrant is released, and includes violations of the espionage act. Seemed like such a trustworthy guy too.
  3. Remember the mad conspiracy theory from the crazy woke libtards about trump trying to sell nuclear secrets to the Saudis?
  4. Only the mob take the fifth
  5. Trump taking the fifth in New York.
  6. Yes I have. Russel Crowe’s dog in Gladiator also played the role of Well’ard in Eastenders.
  7. Yep. Chief of staff who helped him burn docs in the White House and arrange the insurrection. Rumour is he is now (last couple of days) cooperating with the jan 6th investigation.
  8. Some of the classified documents were so top secret that they couldn’t even describe them. I wonder how much he sold them for?
  9. It’s no secret that he illegally took several boxes of classified top secret documents with him when he left the White House. Mark meadows has supposedly flipped on him. May have told them exactly where to look.
  10. The pro police pro rule of law pro gun conservatives are very angry about the law being applied to a rich white guy on their side. There’s gonna be violence over this.
  11. "they even broke into my safe." "My beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents," he said in a statement. lol
  12. FBI have raided mar a lago today. No knock kick the doors in on the former president’s home. Poor donald.
  13. You must be going through tough times.
  14. White means the temp is expected/average. The darker the red the higher than average the temp is. The bluer it is the less than average it is.
  15. Nope the one on the right is. The legendary summer of 76 that our parents and grandparents never stopped going on about. If you think the one on the left is redder you must be a woke liberal tree hugger.
  16. Gonna be cool when the crops fail.
  17. Have a look on google earth. If its on there then it was definitely built before 2013.
  18. Boris Johnson not knowing what’s going on shocker
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