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  1. He’s just distracting everyone with a dead cat. On his head.
  2. People will be saying “this is the end of Johnson” in thirty years after the deeds to Buckingham Palace are found to be in his name following the mysterious death of King William.
  3. Don’t worry about all that shit stu. the people of middle are sick of experts. That’s why they voted for you.
  4. Until then, protect the nonce
  5. Probably the same gang who targeted Ian Botham.
  6. Might be something to do with the world leaders they were associated with… just a wild hunch I’ve got.
  7. Good of the BBC to interview Alan “I kept my underpants on while receiving a massage on Epstein’s island, and don’t believe she was underage” Dershowitz immediately after the verdict to condemn Andrew’s accuser.
  8. right at the back of the cupboard, behind the massive sports direct mug
  9. You can’t do this to somebody and expect them to forget about it. There’s always consequences. Cheggars starting to regret it. too slow cheggars. RIP Cheggars. ”Great, smashing, super, did we kill him?” No you didn’t Jim. RIP Jim. Can’t tap dance your way out of this one Lionel. RIP Lionel. Well played king Bobby Davro. You took your time. You played the long game. Now all your enemies are dead. You’ve killed them all, and nobody suspects a thing.
  10. How grown ups handle a transition of power
  11. Johnson, fluent in french, has deliberately mistranslated the letter to rile the proles. Of course the media are helping.
  12. CNN have gone to the wrong city to report on the climate summit
  13. All these sacrifices will be worth it in the long run. In the afterlife. Everything they promised will be there in the afterlife. British fish and 70 virgins each.
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