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  1. Is it just the posts here that form that impression, or is there anything else?
  2. The brexit website had a whiff of that to it. Nothing different. No independent thought, or unique insight about how it may impact the Isle of Man. Like most Brexity stuff it just parroted all the usual talking points of Farage et al. copy and paste. Almost like someone had given them all the same procedure notes and instructed them to get on with it.
  3. Nobody thought Waldo would be PM. Nobody thought Trump would be president. Nobody thought Josem would be chief minister.
  4. In my imagination the queen is the only person stopping Boris from being even worse. Once she pops her clogs he’ll fill his boots. Charlie doesn’t command the same respect.
  5. The EU is not erecting them. They’ve always been there for non-EU members. They’re not new.
  6. The dog didn’t seem all that interested to be honest.
  7. Made this same point in a conversation today.
  8. Remember, you can only respond ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this question.
  9. I thinks it’s illegal to have a thread about Andrew Neil and not include this photo.
  10. That should be enough evidence to search someone’s basement and dig up their patio.
  11. Did you buy it when they came out? Or was it a retro purchase?
  12. I didn’t know what everyone was going on about with the ‘war grave’ stuff, then I got a leaflet put through my letterbox and saw that lovely picture. What a great thing to do. I’m now using that pic as the background picture on my desktop pc to inspire me to be a better person. Used to be a picture of Jimmy savile crossing the finish line of the marathon.
  13. This is something we should all pay serious attention to.
  14. Pm for a list of the contents of each candidate’s wheely bin. Updated every Tuesday evening.
  15. Kevin elephant booked out Douglas golf club ahead of last year’s by election and invited constituents along to ask questions. He broadcast it all on Facebook live. Not a single person went. It was magical.
  16. That’s one of the benefits of brexit
  17. Beer will taste as it used to again!
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