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  1. Hello stranger - how are ya? x

  2. Boston Kreme's from Dunkin Donuts - yuuuuummmmmyy! Custard filled donut with choclate icing - just to die for!
  3. The man asked where to go - not if he should get one - any chance of staying on topic? I can't remember the name where I went, but it was down a side street next to a gym opposite Marks & Sparks. Sorry, been off the Island too long and can't remember exact names anymore.
  4. Have to say, the weather was awful last night. Work has been flooded, but yet we are still working - ace NZ Hearld
  5. Are you a mutant? Only since drinking manx water
  6. I went to see the film, mainly to cheer the other half up - thought it was going to be some transformery type film that I would have to endure - but WOW - very pleasantly surprised. Came out of the cinema thinking - damn, been a long time since I came out of a movie thinking that was a damn good film. Would go back and see it a 2nd time too. Amazing to think the lead has never acted before and didnt even audition for the part. Thoroughly recommend. 5 thumbs up!
  7. Trying to steal Swayze's thunder huh? Sad though - watched his shows at times
  8. How sad, Patrick Swayze has finally succummed to pancreatic cancer at the age of 57. Amazing how long he lived after diagnosis though, a real fighter
  9. Bit of a delayed post - sorry if this sparks things up againg - but as a Kiwi, who voted in the referendum, I thought I would put my 2 pennies in. I voted NO in the referendum as I don't believe it should be illegal to smack your child within reasonable force. The anti-smacking bill came about because we do have a terrible problem with child abuse in this country and this was one way the politicians tried to close any loop holes in the law. Unfortunately the majority of the child abuse cases reported here in NZ are because of certain cultures having always dealt with discipline like that over many years. Educating people to make them see that beating a child with a belt, baseball bat or sticking them in a dryer and hanging them from a washing line (yes, horrifyingly that did happen!) is not acceptable. The problem is, a child abuser is already breaking the law, and the anti-smacking law is not going to stop that. What needs to be done is to re-educate people and to educate younger people about what is acceptable force and what isn't. Smacking your child when he/she is about to touch a steaming hot oven, even though you have said no and explained several times what would happen if they did touch it, in my opinion, is better than them getting a burnt hand and having to go to hospital. I have a niece that used to bite, one day she bit me, so I bit her back. She now understood how it hurt and it wasn't nice. Telling her it hurt (many many times) didn't seem to get through to her. Since then, she hasn't bitten me once! If you don't believe in smacking your kids - good on you, I'm glad that works for you, but there are many people (including myself) that believe a light smack, within reasonable force is ok and should not be arrested, prosecuted and put in jail for it. It sickens me to think that this could happen, when many cases here in NZ where there have been children that have died due to unbelievable child abuse, but becuase families have pulled together and hidden the true culprits, the offenders have walked free. This year alone in the news there has been 4 children die and only one person so far has been convicted (I could be wrong on this figure, but it's only these that come to mind). I only hope that the government takes notes of the 90% that voted NO and looks to perhaps adjust it's current law. Thank you - and good night
  10. Hey girl89 I had mine done on the isle by Simon - absolutely loved it - and it was done really well. I would thoroughly recommend him, very clean environment and have seen his previous work and got lots of good feedback about him beforehand. Good luck with it all
  11. Thanks for the offer Owen, much appreciated. Good man. And thanks also to everyone else who offered advice. Luckily enough my dear old Dad has managed to dig up a copy of my Birth Cert, so I won't need to obtain another copy. Like TheScope said, thanks heaps to everyone for the advice - really apprectiate it.
  12. OOPS! Debt Collectors too I should imagine
  13. Ok - didn't see your post there - oops. What time are you there now? It's 8.50pm here - i'm assuming thats 7.50am where you are?
  14. Paying online via credit card would just be brilliant! I need it for my other half as he needs it for his residency application here in NZ - don't know why we completely overlooked that side of things. He needs to show the parentage so not sure which one that would be or do both short and full forms cover that?
  15. Does anyone know how I can get hold of an IOM Birth Cert quickly - and do you reckon I can get it here in NZ or would I have to get it sent from the IOM? I have tried googling everything - don't really want to have to wait for the post from the other side of the world and having to pay in £ is a pain in the arse when all you have is $. Any help would be great!
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