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  1. TheScope and I are off to see it tomorrow. I'm not a huge fan of the Simpsons - it's not that I don't like them, just don't really watch the programme. But I have seen the trailors, and have to say it does look quite funny, so i'll give it a go.
  2. There's Subway on the IOM??? When did that happen? Has it affected many sandwich shops? A bit off the subject here I know - sorry
  3. Now this is how to get off a fine! letteroftheyear_1_.pdf
  4. Well, I'I live in the Southern Hemisphere, but I live in the North Island, but in South Auckland - so am I north or south???!!!
  5. I don't see anyone anymore - not even dead people
  6. Happy Birthday Cutie xx Hope you have a great 1st kiwi birthday. Love ya! Survivor aka Caz
  7. Standing out the back of work yesterday, a seagull died mid-air and dropped like a stone into the ground about 6 feet away from us. The end is nigh I tell ya!
  8. Ooo - now surfboarding, there's an idea. There is a ski mountain about 4hrs drive from where I live. I tried snowboarding once, and spent the majority of lesson on my arse! I have to say, i'm probably a skier as I like to have control over both legs ( i was going to say having my legs apart is best, but ooer mrs!). Don't think we will be able to afford to go skiing this year, but we are definitely saving up for next season. There is a place called Snowplanet just 1hr away, which does have real snow and is apparently really good. I will take TheScope there I think so that he can get some practice in before we hit the real slopes. As for the sun WildDog - it seems to have disappeared. Winter is well and truly here, but that isn't a bad thing. There is still so much to do here in NZ, just depends on what your interests are.
  9. Sorry! I really have been crap lately - i've let everything slide. It's just that one day seems to fuse with the next, and then by the end of the week/weekend, I look back and really can't see where I accomplished anything. I don't really get online much these days, as someone else is hogging it (not looking at anyone in particular....hmmm). But, I have promised myself to get my shit together and will keep in touch much more.
  10. Just been to see it tonight - and actually - I quite liked it. Thought the comedy was good, not too much action, which I think is good. I thought it was good to be honest - but sounds like i'm in the minority here - ahh well, never mind
  11. Just thought I'd pop my head in the door and say hello. Not been around much, very busy lately, which got me thinking..... In this modern day and age, we have all these gadgets to make our lives easier, but it just seems to me that there are more things that need doing and fixing etc and these gadgets seem to make our lives more complicated. So, I've decided that I need to take time out just for "me". This "me" time means that I will make time to email friends overseas more, call them more often, spend more time with the family and enjoy life with Carl more. I'm not saying i'm unhappy with my lot, its just that time goes by so quickly, you have to stop and smell the roses sometimes. So tell me, if you could slow life down a bit - what would you do, or where would you go? Or are you happy with the pace of life as it is.
  12. G'day matey! Hope you have a great day! Miss you heaps and wish I were there help you celebrate the day. Hope you get lots of pressies and get spoilt senseless
  13. Happy Birthday to you Gladys - hope you have/had a wonderful day and got loads of pressies and cards Mwah x
  14. Hi guys! Thanks very much for the birthday wishes. God, feels like forever since i've posted on here - probably because it is. I'm not about much these days as I'm working hard and don't get much time for anything else - just ask The Scope!! We have just got back from a holiday up north. Fantastic weather and we had an absolute ball and more importantly we relaxed, which I haven't done in a long long time. My days are either filled with work, looking after my neice or cuddling my new nephew (aww he's a cutie - take's after his aunt ) or running around helping my sisters makeing deliveries for her business. I'm still working on getting a job in radio, and have a friend helping me - giving me tips and pointers and soon we hope to be doing some recording. One thing I have to do is get my Maori pronunciations on par - i sound like a real honky pakeha that's for sure! One thing I thought I'd never be able to do is to convert The Scope to rugby, but he has taken a good healthy interest in the Super 14's and even refers to the Auckland Blue's as OUR team - i'm glad I was sitting down at the time! hehe. Well Glady's - that's my postcard for now - hopefully i'll get online a lot more real soon. Till then - take care all - it's always a pleasure
  15. all i'm can really say is......................hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh dear - GB not doing so well.....bummer!
  16. What? Ans? no comment? Are you still hiding in shame?
  17. G'day Matty - it sure has been a while. Don't get online much these days unfortunately. I think a gas camping stove could be the way to go, but, we can't use water either as I live in the country and we are on tank water, which is pumped by........... electricity! Besides, going out for dinner is much more fun - someone else has to do all the work.
  18. have I been gone that long to forget?
  19. Bottom of the table ................ yet whipped your arses at the weekend.............ah, it makes me smile Oh - AND we beat the French - think i'll just sit back and gloat!
  20. Well, when I left the IOM, I thought my days of hard out winds were finally over..................but oh no! We had unbelievable wind yesterday, as much as 150kmph. Trees and powerlines were down, and we had no power at home. Everything we have runs on electricity, so we had to travel miles to go find somewhere to eat dinner. Made me a bit homesick for the IOM actually - but only for a moment
  21. That's cos we peaked last time - you know, when we won the Tri Nations. God loves the underdog
  22. I think the score speaks for itself 41- 20 Dan, you are the man!
  23. Well i'm gutted - the fireworks here in NZ are complete pants!! It seems that we are not capable of being responsible with big-arse fireworks in this country, so are limited to teeny weeny boring ones. I will miss letting off massive rockets and having to dig 30ft holes in the garden to let off the ones they have there in the goold ol IOM. I'm sure the neighbours there will be sighing with relief at not having high insurance premiums with me gone. Have a great night all, and let one massive one off for me - cheers
  24. just remember.............. sounds good on the phone, add 3 stone!
  25. God, that Forest Fresh Bathroom Spray really DOES make you feel like you're there!
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