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  1. Hey Last Ten I looked up the Creative website some time ago re the same thing and it would appear that they will soon be releasing a docking system in the very near future. So, i would hang out for that one mate instead of spending money on the other whatsit thingys you are looking at
  2. I miss mr moyles - all ways cracked me up first thing in the morning, set my day up really
  3. all i have to say on the subject is...................... HAHAHAHAHAHA At least us kiwi's can laugh at ourselves! And good on the chick for selling the bag at $20k
  4. Again, thanks for the congratulations For T&B, yes we did know each other before I came home, but we met online here and realised we just worked next door to each other, and so we met up, got on great and as they say, the rest is history! And for Lonan - no, i've not mentioned to Stav, but i'm sure he'll be ok and Bill Posters will just have to get out the leather trousers once again lol.
  5. Aww thanks matey - actually TheScope bought me a beautiful greenstone with the frond symbol - definitely new beginnings!! And thanks to you all, i'm very very happy and it's nice to be congratulated - cheers guys
  6. haha - we'll see thanks guys - its just sooooooooooooo exciting!
  7. So - just wanted to tell you something great that's happened in my life - no need to reply, just wanted to shout my news to the world really. Basically - i got proposed to the other week, by TheScope whilst he was here on holiday. So there you go, two forum members getting married after meeting via this site (bit geeky lol) - yay me
  8. Thanks Ean - i'm sure things will go our way. I'll keep you posted
  9. SO! What a great few weeks it's been. Carl arrived about 3 weeks ago and we have been having an absolute blast. Been zipping round the country visiting people and places, and having a laugh along the way. When we were in Rotorua, Carl decided he wanted to do a Zorb. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with Zorbing, its where some crazy arse person decides to chuck themselves inside a massive see-through globe and hurtle off down the hillside going round and round, upside down, or you could follow the link Here But doing the simple version wasn't good enough for Carl, oh no, he had to go, down the hill, unharnessed, with water thrown in and there he came, swishing down the mountain on the zig-zag stretch, arms and legs flailing about. Now when it comes to exiting this pods, i can say that there is no graceful way to do so. It's almost like watching someone getting re-born with water swishing out first followed by a pair of pale legs and body which was covered in THE most sexiest wet suit ever (haha) to follow! I however thought i looked much more refined sitting on the deck with a coffee watching the shananigans going on. But, there was one more exciting thing to occur on this trip - i got proposed to!!!! Yup, that's right, so now we are engaged and looking forward to a life here in NZ. As to how easy it will be with immigration remains to be seen, but we have had positive feedback from them already. Of course once i had told my mother, she had the wedding all planned within a day, down to the catering, venue, flowers, the only left for her to sort out was her dress - haha, nothing like a bit of forward planning. We don't plan to get married until about Feb 2008 as i refuse to be a fat bride and need the time to lose the weight, otherwise i'd do it tomorrow if i could. So that's all i have for now, as i am feeling down in the dumps today as Carl is heading back home and again we will be apart, but hopefully not for too long this time.
  10. Only just read this thread - and like the big girls blouse that i am, i've got the warm fuzzies - what a lovely thing that is happened
  11. Well what can i say - except for the man is just pure genius! Cried with laughter a couple of times, chortled, giggled and snorted on quite a number of occasions - so glad i went. I think i have converted my mate into being a fan too. If i were you, book your tickets now.
  12. Heya Lisner - lol yeah i know what you mean - no need for me to google Norman Thelwell, i was a fan as a kid - and when we first saw her on it, we thought exactly the same
  13. God, i have just realised how utterly boring my life really is. I wanted to come write in my blog about all the interesting things i have done, and came up completely blank. I'm going to have to get myself out into the real world soon and actually get a life. I'm off to a party this friday in "the city" whoo hoo, so hopefully that should open up a few more channels for me. Living in the country really can have it's set-backs. I love that's safe and quiet and fresh and lots of greenery around, but it can be dull as hell. Plus, everyone knows everyone, not disimilar to the isle, but it's a much smaller village and far more gossips about, so i have to be on my best behaviour. One thing that has happened, is that my 22 month old neice Isabella has been given her very first horse - i am not kidding!! It's a miniture pony at only 86cm tall and it's called Tinkerbell - or bebebell as Isabella calls her lol. Every morning she wakes her mum up to take her out for a ride, she's completely horse mad - just as well her mum is an experienced horsewoman herself. You should see the size of the saddle, boots and hat she wears, it's just the cutest thing ever - in fact, i'll add a few photos for your perusal. And the only other thing is that i have turned into a Mouse Murderer! I killed one yesterday and one this evening, it was actually still twitching when i turned round after hearing the god awful snap. That's one of the other problems of living in the country, when the weather turns, all sorts of destructive creatures appear out of the woodwork. But having to dispose of the mice is not a nice job at all, and thank god i never wanted to be a vet or dr or have to disect anything cos i do not have the stamina to do so. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics -
  14. yeah definitely! My mate and i are going - i'm introducing her the the wonderful man. If he cracks me up onscreen - i can just imagine him live - sides will probably be splitting
  15. whats that supposed to mean? seems a bit nasty really Anyhoo, i have pleasure in saying that i have a ticket to the show in Auckland - can't wait, Dylan Moran is my totally favourite comedian - pretty cute too
  16. Thanks guys - sorry for the late reply - just too hard to drag myself inside what with this beautiful nz weather - you know how it is - oh you don't do you bwahahahahahaha. still snowing?
  17. Happy Birthday fella - let me guess, new car as a present
  18. well i just finished reading the Da Vinci code. Personally, as a work of fiction, i really enjoyed it, however, i did figure out who the Teacher was early on and other codes seemed easy to work out - maybe i'm a descendant of Mary Magdalene I wouldn't take the book too seriously, although it is a good theory, and could be real - i mean look at the bible, full of stuff that really is unbelievable, so what ever take you have on this, well worth the read IMO.
  19. Thanks guys and Scope - you poof lol - i know you're drunk I've had a good day - presents galore and i'm off now round to a mates for dinner - yay. I've decided that 33 is ok, not too old, but not too young, well, that's what i've been telling myself anyway - anyhoo, cheers again xx
  20. Did you know these swans had two babies - sometime in oct/nov maybe i think, as i was leaving the island they, as a family, swam past my flat to say goodbye (well, that's what i like to think anyway!), but i hadn't seen the goose for ages -
  21. You're not wrong there! Its getting so bad now that gangs are lacing dope with "P" - and people who are buying it don't even realise - rarely a day goes buy without someone in the newspaper being convicted of a crime which was induced by P, or P drug dealers skipping bail and fleeing the country. I even had to produce my passport to be able to buy some Sudafed at the chemist, as it has the some of the chemicals required for creating P - it's an odd world we live in these days
  22. Gutted! I just KNEW it would snow properly after i left............... ok well, that did mean it would probably snow in the next 50 or so years, but man - geez i want it to snow here!!
  23. Survivor


    i miss my swan friends in Douglas harbour - they had to kiddies before i left tho - used to say hi to them every morning as i went to work
  24. love story? I just didn't know what perpetual means - now i do, and i'm still confused!
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