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  1. well monkeymagic thanks for the warm and certainly not intimidating welcome I'm not going to get into a "great debate" about your topic, but in answer to your last line "What are you going to do to help these poor creatures 'survive'? Eh?" errrr then the answer would be yes, cos if I didnt, then I couldn't be any help anyway, even if I wanted to!! Strange bunch you lot seem - but my kinda people! Look forward to more dealings with you all!!
  2. reasoning behind survivor.......................... was trying to come up with some incredibly witty or intelligent user name , and after 3 hours of nothingness, I turned on the radio and the telly (women can mulitask you know!) and spookily Gloria Gaynor "I will Survive" came on the radio and an advert onthe telly programme "Survivor" came on so I thought.................ahh divine intervention - Survivor I shall be called.
  3. Hi - new kid in town so to speak. Wanted to say hi, show my face , see what the craic is. so yeah - nice one
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