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  1. Is this still for sale and would you take less or break down thanks
  2. come on guys, have some respect!
  3. http://energyfm.net/cms/news_story_279363.html
  4. From what i believe the evidence is currently with the authorities and so unavailable for public view, if you have read the stuff on Manxads/net you will get the idea of whats going on. They are technically not breaking any law, this petition is to lobby a change in the law. I am simply spreading the word and trying to get more signature which makes it looked like half baked/chaotic/bonkers. Spot on!
  5. Help stop dealers bringing puppies into this island. Help protect our animals from poorly bred imports who carry disease & illness. Help protect the MANX Public from the heartache & expense. Remove the demand, remove the supply! Please sign and share http://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/isle-of-man-government-tynwald-stop-the-puppy-dealers-create-a-standard-for-breeders-and-traders?share_id=wbxXvaEwvj&utm_campaign=twitter_link_action_box&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition
  6. Sarah

    Snow Warning

    It better bloody snow!!! My work have asked me to make 'plans' to ensure i get to work tommorrow, these plans mean i have to stay at my parents tonight to i can ensure im in work tomoz. I will be gutted if there is no snow tomoz and i have been made to stay at parents for no reason rather than seeing my kids and hubby tonight and before work tomoz!
  7. I used to work with this chap many years ago, and he was such a delightful character. My thoughts are with his family and friends. Such a horrible thing to happen at such a horrible time of year. There is all sorts of speculation going round the island but im sure we all know by now that this isnt always correct.
  8. Dont they own a couple of houses around it nower days aswell? the 55 might just be for the main building
  9. We are holding an Anylosing Spondylitis support group meeting on Saturday 16th June from 12 till 2 pm at Arthritis Care Ellan Vannin It will be held at our office in 7A Union Mills Ind Estate Braddan the group is for people that have the condtion and their carer's to meet up for a cuppa and chat. If you wish to get in contact with us before the event feel free to contact myself Our facebook page is www.facebook.com/ArthritisCareEllanVannin If you wish to get involved or speak to our information Adviser please feel free to drop us a PM Thanks Sarah
  10. We recently got a border collie pup off Manx.net There were some spainials on there when we were looking, in a similar situation we didnt really know what we wanted and this collie popped up and went for it! She's perfect for us We also went to the MSPCA - All except two of them were not allowed to be rehomed with children or other animals Two that were left was a border collie that couldnt be rehomed in Douglas & a huski which i dont fancy having around young kids as i wouldnt trust it cos i didnt know whats happened to her in the past
  11. PC For Sale - £200 250GB SATA hard drive, 7800sli nvidia graphics card. 1GB 533mhz ddr2 memory, 3.5 ghz dual core processor am2, K9 NEO F MBD . new 22 dvd-rw, wifi, windows xp software, new mouse, new keyboard, new case and powersupply. £250 with 15" lcd monitor. Please call rob on 223888 after 5.00pm or text. If before call sarah before 5.00pm on 234666
  12. Year 2002 Model - SX Colour - Dark Blue Mileage - 81,000 miles Great family car. Electric Windows, Air Con, Automatic Lights, Automatic Wiper, Airbags, CD radio, FSH. open to offers Ring Sarah 234666 or Rob 223888 or drop one of us a text.
  13. prob the best you can do if you want minimal cash outlay cret, I myself wont be going back to the iphone, due to lack of battery power. The iphone4 is a bit of an upgrade from the 3gs but if you have the latest OS system you prob wont notice much difference on day to day emails etc. Photos are crap on them, so dont be expecting great pics like u do on dslr! lol
  14. That depends on what you mean by "exist". On one level if a person believes that God exists then God does exist, at least to them. At another level of explanation God does not exist. Question - if someone believes then does God exist as far as other people are concerned, even if they themselves do not perceive him or acknowledge him as having any relevance? i.e. does the fact that someone believes and therefore creates God mean that God must exist? Perhaps having a guide in this confusing life is helpful? That is what my mums is here for, to guide me through confusing times. there for Mum is god?
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