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  1. I haven't posted for a while although I frequently 'lurk' and read threads with interest and amusement. I've been a member of MF and it's predecessors as early as Manx Net Forums over 10 years ago. I've often wondered what happened to previous posters that have left and never posted again. This is probably going to be my unflouncing grand exit (there has never been many of those) because I have terminal cancer which was only discovered after having a massive heart attack. Unfortunately, one can't even be considered without the other being fixed first. MF will just have to struggle on without me. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone, keep up the good work, give those fools on the hill the arse kicking they need. Thank you all for the many laughs, fights, insult swapping and banter etc. Love to Ans especially (what a pussycat eh?)
  2. Topaz

    Poetry Slam

    Stav, I was just gonna put up the Wiki, when I'd finished my tea and my biccie. But you got there first, whilst I quenched my thirst. Now I feel a bit sickie..... ( I'm not in the poetry slam )
  3. Topaz

    Poetry Slam

    Manx Lit Fest, and Isle of Man Poetry society, holding a Poetry Slam at Jabberwocky this Thursday...26th Sept 7 30pm for 8 o clock start.....Usualy raucous and hilarious. Free and all welcome. Take part if you want to...It's fun.
  4. I thought it was tarts you'd get in a brothel. (among other things!)
  5. That's ok Nom, even Stalin had his supporters.
  6. I was very supportive of Robertshaw in the run up to the election. But then he seemed to 'morph' into a different person! The social, cultural and political framework he appears to be hell bent on fashioning makes me wonder if he is thinking of establishing a Gulag somewhere. “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.” - Voltaire
  7. I was just thinking...What with Mr. Robertshaws' extensive knowledge of the running of the Sefton, coupled with his position as Minister for social care, underlined by means testing, social housing rent increases, along with all the snatch backs of child care funding etc. In this climate of financial woes, don't you think the Sefton would make a really cost efficient workhouse?
  8. On the matter of a vote of 'No confidence' concerning a minister, there is a precedent. House of Keys April 26th 1994: MINISTER FOR AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES AND FORESTRY — MOTION OF NO CONFIDENCE — DEBATE COMMENCED The Speaker: The hon. member for Glenfaba has caught my eye. Mr. Gilbey: Yes, Mr. Speaker, could I raise a point of order? As all hon. members know, at the end of our Agendas it says 'Unless the House otherwise determines, the above business will be considered in the order shown.' I would like to move that we alter the order today to deal with item 15 now, before item 10. My reasons for this are quite simple. It is a very important item and the first time in my experience in 11 1 / 2 years that such an item has come before this hon. House and I believe it would be most unfortunate if members were dealing with it right at the end of the day when they were perhaps tired after other business and when there might not be proper time to deal with it properly. I also feel that, in fairness to the hon. member who is the subject of this motion, it is unfair for him to be sitting here all day in suspense before it is debated and therefore I would like to move that we alter the order of business so that item number 15 is dealt with now before item number 10 and the other items, Mr. Speaker. I beg to move: That under Standing Order 37(2) the following motion be taken next. Mr. Duggan: Mr. Speaker, I rise to second, sir. The Speaker: Thank you, hon. member. Does any hon. member wish to speak to this motion? If not, I will put the motion to the House, that the order in which the Agenda is to be considered be changed in that item 15 be considered before item 10. Will all those in favour please say aye; to the contrary say no. The ayes have it. The ayes have it. Accordingly, in the light of that decision, I call upon the hon. member for Garff to move what was item number 15. Dr. Mann: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I move: That this House has no confidence in the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. I move this resolution after considerable thought and concern both for the standing of this House but also for the standing of this Government in and outside this Island and in the well-being of the agricultural industry of this Island. After my return to this House after the bye-election in October 1990 I served in the Department of Agriculture for 10 months prior to the last general election in 1991. During that time I was responsible for the Wildlife Park under the minister and was aware of the difficulties that existed and the complaints that had been made concerning • Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry — Motion of No Confidence — Debate Commenced So, there we have it...
  9. Topaz

    Stuart Baggs

    I think Stu got the spelling wrong. It was a Cyberian cat.
  10. There was a recent article in the Mail concerning cannabalism in North Korea. It seems that people have (allegedly) been eating their children. Now if Kim il Geoff could get that on the go here, then it would solve all the problems of pre schools, university fees and school bus transport in one fell swoop!......And there would be nobody left eventualy to criticise the Govmint.. What a man eh?
  11. The Government has no soul ?, Not so at all, there are souls in the Government. - just say it out loud if you don't get it! (Copied from somewhere)
  12. Topaz


    It wasn't the Germans who introduced the concentration camps to the world...It was the British. Namely Lord Kitchener during the Boer war. The Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902): Some 28,000 Boers perished in Kitchener's concentration camps -- nearly all of them women and children. The war's non-human costs were similarly appalling. As part of Kitchener's "scorched-earth" campaign, British troops wrought terrible destruction throughout the rural Boer areas, especially in the Orange Free State. Outside of the largest towns, hardly a building was left intact. Perhaps a tenth of the pre-war horses, cows and other farm stock remained. In much of the Boer lands, no crops had been sown for two years. Even by the standards of the time (and certainly by those of today), British political and military leaders committed frightful war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Boers of South Africa -- crimes for which no one was ever brought to account. General Kitchener, for one, was never punished for introducing measures that even a future prime minister called "methods of barbarism." To the contrary, after concluding his South African service he was named a viscount and a field marshal, and then, at the outbreak of the First World War, was appointed Secretary of War. Upon his death in 1916, he was remembered not as a criminal, but rather idolized as a personification of British virtue and rectitude. Concentration campsare to be distinguished from internment camps where people are held who are lawfully convicted of civil crimes and from prisoner-of-war camps in which captured military personnel are held under the laws of war. They are also to be distinguished from refugee camps ordetention and relocation centres for the temporary accommodation of large numbers of displaced persons. A report after the war concluded that 27,927 Boers (of whom 22,074 were children under 16) and 14,154 black Africans had died of starvation, disease and exposure in the concentration camps. In all, about 25% of the Boer inmates and 12% of the black Africans died (although recent research suggests that the black African deaths were underestimated and may have actually been around 20,000). However the precise number of deaths is unknown. Reports have stated that the number of Boers killed was 18,000-28,000 and no one bothered to keep records on the number of deaths of the 107,000 Black Africans who were interned in Concentration Camps. The British system of waging war was summarized in a report made in January 1902 by Boer General J.C. Smuts, later Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa: "Lord Kitchener has begun to carry out a policy in both (Boer) republic of unbelievable barbarism and gruesomeness which violates the most elementary principles of the international rules of war. Almost all farmsteads and villages in both republics have been burned down and destroyed. All crops have been destroyed. All livestock which had fallen into the hands of the enemy has been killed or slaughtered. The basic principle behind Lord Kitchener's tactics had been to win, not so much through direct operations against fighting commandos, but rather indirectly by bringing the pressure of war against defenceless women and children." "... This violation of every international law is really very characteristic of the nation which always plays the role of chosen judge over the customs and behaviour of all other nations."
  13. What I was wondering..Is due to the fact that HM Attorney general is a Crown appointment, are the Isle of Man courts of justice qualified to prosecute here? Would they need to sort out stuff like Royal prerogative, acts of State and so on?
  14. Topaz

    Stu Peters

    Well, I like Stu!...cranky, opinionated, up his own arse, and as honest and straight as you are likely to find.
  15. Topaz

    Iom On Tv.

    I thought Peter Kelly came across as a superb ambassador for the Island. ....Agree the cat thing was tacky, but even that was classier than Arkwrights' bid for fame.
  16. Axshuly, the lyrics to 'Send in the clowns' suit the Bell/Karran scenario quite well. Isn't it rich? Are we a pair? Me here at last on the ground, You in mid-air. Send in the clowns. Isn't it bliss? Don't you approve? One who keeps tearing around, One who can't move. Where are the clowns? Send in the clowns. Just when I'd stopped Opening doors, Finally knowing The one that I wanted was yours, Making my entrance again With my usual flair, Sure of my lines, No one is there. Don't you love farce? My fault, I fear. I thought that you'd want what I want - Sorry, my dear. But where are the clowns? There ought to be clowns. Quick, send in the clowns. What a surprise. Who could foresee I'd come to feel about you What you'd felt about me? Why only now when i see That you'd drifted away? What a surprise. What a cliché. Isn't it rich? Isn't it queer? Losing my timing this late In my career? And where are the clowns? Quick, send in the clowns. Don't bother - they're here. Where would we be without our very own clowns to provide comic relief to the Island every Tuesday.....what with all this worry and stuff.
  17. Ode to Alcohol ( Came across this somewhere) Starkle, starkle, little twink, Who the hell you are I think, I'm not under what they call The alcofluence of incohol. I'm not drunk as thinkle peep, I'm just a little slort of sheep. Tee martoonis make a guy Fool so feelish, don't know why Rally don't know who's me yet The drunker I stay the longer I get So just one more to full my cup, I've all day sober to Sunday up. Well, he's Tue til' gotday anyway.
  18. I happened to read the following on the Govmint web site and got to wondering exactly what it means. Over 70% of public servants are employed directly by the Department, Board or Office for which they work. The rest are members of the Civil Service who are appointed by the Civil Service Commission under the provisions of the Civil Service Act 1990 (as amended). Civil servants undertake work that is wholly or mainly administrative, professional, technical and clerical in nature. Civil servants hold office at the pleasure of the Crown and are accountable to the Departments, Boards or Offices within which they are deployed. Do we have our own Manxified code of conduct or are our civil servants bound by the UK code of conduct for example. Just interested really. Wondered if anyone can tell me what 'at the pleasure of the crown ' actualy means.
  19. I just knew there was something suss about you, Stav. http://www.velociraptors.info/ News May is National Velociraptor Awareness Month! The American Society for Velociraptor Attack Prevention, along with the North American Velociraptor Defense Association and the United Velociraptor Widows Fund, will be providing free velociraptor safety seminars at local Red Cross centers across the nation. Contact your local center for more information. You're involved in all this, aren't you? Well ? I hope you haven't got some kind of plan for the wildlife park. Like breeding these creatures there so you can use them to take over Tynwald......or something.
  20. Yes, that's it. We have a voice at last, and we must use it. This thread serves as a warning shot across the bows to the politicians and senior Civil servants.
  21. Not sure if our politicians have managed to grasp the concept of the power of the internet. Us 'proles' can participate with ease these days. Having been very supportive of Robertshaw initialy, I now expect to find him looking around for some babies to take candy from. I didn't think " suffer the little children" meant actualy make them suffer. Robertshaw is a real let down I think..
  22. Yes, well, there really is a dog poo fairy. She lives in Colby, and I have witnessed her swift removal of the offending poo. One very windy day last week my tiny yorkshire terrier went out to 'his' corner of the garden to do the deed. He assumed the position. Four little feet planted close together, tail up, head in the air and eyes screwed tightly shut. On completing the deed he turned round to look ( just checking, you understand) but the poo had vanished. He is still mystified and has a quick reccy every day to see if it has come back. However I know what really happened. The poo fairy travelled in on a gust of wind, scooped up the poo and transported it off into the fields behind the house. Now, if anyone suggests that I should go out there and reclaim it, well I'm not going to. It has already been stamped to death by the cattle. He goes out to do his bit in the area designated as 'his bit'. So he rarely fouls anywhere else when he is out walking.On the other hand he does pee on the flower pot outside the back door on every occasion that he goes in or out, and has even been known to bring his mates out for a 'social pee' too.
  23. Censorship: Your post above mirrors my thoughts exactly....Salute!
  24. Topaz

    Shallow Mhks

    Shallow MHKs ? All our own fault, Pasty. We reap what we sow, and we are equally as shallow in our choices and our reasons for these choices. If your constituency MHK gets some road works done in your area, or gets planning permission for somebody to do something, or turns up at your Grandmothers funeral (worth a lot of votes from the extended family, that is.) Then we are so impressed that we vote for them. So it’s coffin chasing, granny farming (dead or alive) and parish pump politics with a bit of sycophancy thrown in that wins the day in the end.. They know this, hence the flurry of activity at election time. After that it is just a matter of keeping an eye open for the biggest funerals, visit care homes etc until the next pre election onslaught.
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