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  1. Mr Cannan deliberately mentions an individual earning £20,000.00 but doesn't mention a couple with a young family. A couple earning £20,000.00 with a young family are significantly better off in the UK as they will receive more Universal Credit than the equivalent Employed Persons Allowance on the Isle of Man. Also, with Universal Credit a couple are required to work a minimum of 24 hours a week whereas with the recent changes to Employed Persons Allowance here, a couple are required to work a minimum of 48 hours per week to claim. Whether you agree with the work requirements or not, low earning couples with young families are massively better off in the UK. The recent changes here to Employed Person Allowance are such a big cut as the additional hours will take many couples out of EPA as they will have earned beyond the threshold to claim. This means they pay more tax, national insurance, lose free school meals and prescriptions. Again whether to agree with these changes or not, its a massive cut compared to the UK.
  2. I agree the tax credit system is not ideal, but to take this away from the poorest in one foul swoop is morally wrong. Any changes should be done gradually. Unlike Eddie Teare with his sledgehammer and 6 weeks notice. I notice the tax office still haven't updated their website regarding the qualifying criteria for the Personal Allowance Credit https://www.gov.im/categories/tax-vat-and-your-money/income-tax-and-national-insurance/individuals/residents/personal-allowance-credits/#accordion
  3. I see that the House of Lords have done the decent thing and voted against the UK Tax Credit changes proposed by George Osborne. It's a pity the shower of sh!te we have here couldn't have done something similar when Eddie Teare decided take £500 or £1000 from many of the poorest and most vulnerable on the Island with his destruction of the Personal Allowance Credit. Just goes to show probably didn't even read Eddie Teares proposal and they are only looking out for themselves (paying for parking was thrown out), pigs. Still can't believe Eddie Teare got away with this at 6 weeks notice http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/sittings/Tynwald%2020142016/2015-SD-0013.pdf 2015-SD-0013.pdf
  4. A friend of my wrote to Eddie Teare about that lack of notice and the fact that the income tax website had the wrong info until last week. Eddie's reply was simply - you should have bought a newspaper or read his speech. Some boy!
  5. I contacted the tax office and asked, if i submit my tax return for 2014/15 and I meet the qualifying criteria for a PAC, will the payment be for 2014/15 or 2015/16 and the lady said it would be for 2014/15. Eddie Teare you are an embarrassment!
  6. How about have the correct info on the tax office website!
  7. Backdated for sure, see following link http://www.gov.im/media/368429/gn-29-personal-allowance-credits.pdf Had this confirmed by tax office also.
  8. There is a shock in store for those expecting to receive a Personal Allowance Credit for the tax year April 2014 - April 2015. Eddie Teare in his budget of speech of 17 February 2015 changed the qualifying conditions for the Personal Allowance Credit so that unless you are blind, disabled or over you won't receive it. This change in qualifying conditions was backdated was backdated to so it came in to effect from the start of April 2014 tax year. Seems amazing that this can be changed so close to the end of the tax year, punishing the poorest and the lowest paid. There will be many people expecting this payment and probably even replying on it, so to sneak it into the budget just 7 weeks before the end of tax year is disgusting. Well done Eddie!
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