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  1. I was reading this article on the BBC's website about the expected winter power shortages in the UK. I was just wondering if anyone knows if we actually sell any power to the UK's national grid using the undersea cable, seeing how we've got Peel sat there not doing a whole lot... Or is it just not cost effective to do so?
  2. We were in the empress a wee while ago and the buffet has gone. Food wasn'd too bad but not a stratch on the Majestic.
  3. We went about a month or so ago and asked what flavour one of the cakes was in the cabinet. The girl responded with "Oh I don't know, I've never taken that one out of the packet" It was also still frozen in the middle. Still not as bad as the newer cafe round the front.
  4. Had a look and the and and I just cannot understand why they'd want to strip all the character out of the station? Ok maybe I can understand giving it a bit of a facelift like putting down some new pavers and the art display thing... However to remove some of the original features such as the lighting on the posts would totally strip the character away.
  5. Believe it's Heath Craig formerly of Paramount City that has taken it on...
  6. Haha that's right! There was a section for each establishment about their toilets... It's been driving me crazy trying to find out what it was. I think it might have been off a manxforums post from way back. I remeber a very in depth review about the gridlocked stairs of paramount...
  7. I came across a link to a Manx website that had long been offline but was still accessible through the Internet Archive. It was basically a website listing all the island's bars and clubs with a small info section and people would write their own reviews complete with a few pictures from each establishment. The website had bars such as Jeffersons and Studebakers as still open so that should give an indication to how long the website has been down. Anyway, the reviews are pretty funny to look back on and does anyone remember the URL or the website at all? Cheers!
  8. We were in Colours this past Saturday... Us and about 6 others. Place was dead. Asked the bar maid when the refurb was happening only to be told that tonight was their last night. See the logical thing to do would be to have a closing down event, seeing as it was one of the busiest and oldest clubs, and try and squeeze the last couple of pennies out of it like Toffs http://m.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/toffs-closes-this-weekend-1-1778886 No no, this is the Sefton group. No logical thought. At the very least I just wish they'd employ some people who actual know what they're doing before they end up wasting all their cash injection.
  9. Hey Puskas Bistro is a new Hungarian restaurant thats just recently opened on the Quay by The British... Was formerly the deli. Highly recommend it. The restaurant itself could do with a few more finishing touches, but could not fault the food. 3 courses worked out roughly £25 pp.
  10. Are you saying to remove the whole Thread because of the title? I can't believe how big it all got after starting that thread 3 years ago, it even got on the proper news if i remember correctly... Whilst it certainly wasn't a finer moment, I think it was needed to highlight that the problem was/is still there
  11. http://www.manxcancerhelp.org/events/crissy-rock-kitty-litter-comedy-fun-night/ Crissy Rock (I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here & Benidorm) & Kitty Litter (UK's top Drag Queen) are coming over for a special comedy night in aid of Manx Cancer Help. It takes place this Saturday (27/10/12) at the Crescent - Former Paramount City. It's all in aid of a very special charity that works with something that effects many of us in some way. Tickets are only £8 and it's sure to be a great night! Telephone 622447 for more details & tickets!
  12. Whilst I believe that smoking is incredably unhealthy, I despise the thought that the government tried to involve itself. Although I agree that the smoking ban was a good idea, i do not agree with the blanket ban. It's great that smoking has been removed from places that serve food, but I still believe smoking should have never been taken away from bars. However, when we redecorated Paramount City, the damage (& colour) done to the air-conditioners considering they were in use only 2 days a week for 15 years in unbelievable. Anyway before I go off on one, smoking in bars is something done and will only effect adults (in theory), and to enter a bar that has smoking in is that adults choice! Thats my muddled view.
  13. I liked the picnic basket... My waist however! In seriousness, it always seemed pretty busy at lunchtimes so it;s odd that it closed.
  14. Just an example - I find it odd how a large company such as H&B, sells beer at a higher price than a free house that buys it's drinks off H&B and pays it's staff more? I paid £4.05 about a year ago for a pint of Peroni in the Railway (Douglas) and nearly had a heart attack. The trade is probably in it's worst position in a long long time. Also maybe it's time to scrap the smoking ban for pubs/clubs or at least trial it...
  15. I'm not quite sure what KFC, McDonalds, M&S or any other UK chain have to do with a high police presence? f you don't like them, don't go.
  16. Hey Guys, After some persuasion, DJ Chris Skillicorn is returning back to his night job! Chris held the regular DJ slot upstairs in Paramount during some of Paramount's busiest years. Chris also DJ'd in many popular night spots over the years such as The Palace Lido, The Cave, Hawaiian Bar, Whispers & The MGM. He sent in some of his footage to IOMTODAY a couple of months ago. This footage and some classic clips of The Hitman & Her in The Lido will be on all the Televisions throughout the evening! http://www.iomtoday.co.im/community/video-can-you-spot-yourself-in-the-cave-crowd-1-4131643 Chris starts this Saturday at The Crescent (upstairs) playing your favourite hits from years gone by. Hope to see you all soon! : )
  17. Personally if I had got my table and returned to find someone else had pinched it, I wouldn;t be best impressed...
  18. Personally, I find that if you don't vote, you shouldn't really complain seeing as you had a chance to change something. However if you did vote and your choice didn't get in, then I believe you have every right to complain... If that makes any sense?
  19. I'd understand the fuss if the driver did it whilst having a load of kids on board, but christ, it was only a fag whilst nobody was on the bus. Yes, perhaps it is illegal - but so is dropping litter and not stopping for 3 seconds at a stop sign - I'm sure all of us done something like that at one point. I understand the law is there for a reason and rightly so! However I still believe that the complete ban was wayyy over the top. One more thing - Isn't it amazing how peoples attitudes on smoking have changed so much in such a short time. Up until the day Summerland closed (2004???), it was absolutely fine to smoke you head off right next to the children's play area, but now...
  20. 'PassingTime' & 'Wing Of The Nut' - continuously answering each others questions/posting about the same thing... Perhaps it's the same person, but I'd hate to think someone could be so sad and hate filled that they would create two accounts to strengthen their/his argument - But then again, that's just my opinion. Why have you got such a big issue with the Crescent that you would bump a 'dead' topic? You seem to take every opportunity to bash the place. In my opinion the guys down there are doing some good by putting money into a unique and large venue for people to use - something that's in very short supply over here. Same goes out for Guys & Dolls too - even The Outback!
  21. How about resurfacing the Prom road so it doesn't look it has been carpet bombed for the last 10 years? More buses running on more effective time table? Why put more busses on when (in most cases) the buses aren't always full? I see your point though, I guess.
  22. I highly recommend the cafe by the tot lot in nobles park. The new owners are a vast improvement upon the previous. Pretty good prices, friendly welcome and home made chips!
  23. Whilst they may come at a cost, i think the horse trams add a nice bit of individuality to the prom. Perhaps in a logical sense it's a waste of money - but then again it could be said that happing pretty flower beds, sunken gardens and fairy lights the length of the prom is a total waste of money as it serves no real purpose. So in curiosity, what else should the money be spend on if your so against the trams?
  24. We can but keep our fingers crossed................................that they don't get a late licence Hi 'Wing of the nut' : ) Whilst we try to appeal and entertain as many people as we can, regrettably we sometime fail as we must have done in your case - Of which we are sorry. We understand that not that many people quite fancy making the trip down to venue that was for 18 years known as a late night spot and is now only open until 1 AM. However, fingers crossed we will get a late licence very soon! In regards to your comment that we were "virtually empty on Friday night?", I think we didn't do too badly! Friday night was our 1st round of the Search for a Star competition in aid of Age Concern. I've attached 2 photo's from the night. One last thing, a BIG thank you to everyone that attended supporting such a wonderful cause!
  25. Thought it was best that I post this before typical Manx rumours start... We have Police dog training every week at the Crescent as part of our ongoing commitment to working with the community. Hence the reason you may see a awful amount of Police dog cars outside the building. It is NOT a drugs raid. Cheers : )
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