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  1. Warning of things to come... Disgusting really.
  2. Sir; sometimes a think you talk complete rubbish. (As we should do for good debate.) Yet with that I almost completely agree with you. I have been to many a Veterans Day, I was planning to go this year. Yet for the reasons you state here I won't be attending this year. Something which makes me feel awfully sad. Something I will add is that Veterans day was in a large part about giving support to the people who have served in the past. Not what they fought for just the actual people.
  3. Very sad and unfortunate news. I am sure the whole of the Island's community will offer the entire family their condolences.
  4. Good deal, shame I already bought most of these games on steam! I also I don't understand all this hate for steam, a few years ago it had its issues. However no it is a perfect piece of software, I purchase most of my games of there now. I get them quickly and easily. I can spend more time playing rather than spending time in a shitty game store where frankly I wish to tell them to naff off, as I know more about what I want than you do. You should seriously try steam out again, it is amazing.
  5. This is awful. As Veteran's Day I supported this. However I almost feel as if I need to protest at it now. I personally believe they are trying to shift the focus from the actual veterans, to them being tools of the political system which has put the current troops where they are. I will support veterans and remember sacrafices. However I will not support our troops, while they remain in wars that have been unsucessful and in one case illegal. Though don't worry I won't protest at it.
  6. How long until the other media picks this up? Oh great we are going to branded an island of bigots. Will these idiots just shut up.
  7. I'll keep you all informed if I here anything within my school.
  8. Well as someone still in the system, I've never been taught to be racist. Infact very much the opposite.
  9. From my experience, this is more of a parental issue.
  10. I like the fact they are calling come overs people from outside of Britain, instead of the Isle of Man. When most of the people in this group are from the UK, so are come overs. Lets keep the hard working foreigners and kick these BNP twats back to where they belong.
  11. Manxeyes thank you so much for your input. You never no they might actually listen to you. A larger mosque for the Islamic community will recive my full support. Rog you are a rather misguided invidual, I perfectly understand the nazi views on race and social darwinism. Though you do seem very much on the constant defense, my small post of observations wasn't some form of attack, it was exactly that a set of observations. So please get down of your elitest high hourse and calm down. You could wonder why people on this forum appear to dislike you, maybe because you like to shout people down and call them idiots. So please, for the sake of others come to understand all sides of the arguement whilst presenting your view. I could see yours; that's why I didn't come out and call you an idiot from your last post because on some points I disagree with you, whilst on others I agreed with you. Thank you.
  12. Just to make note, I am a non-religious person. In fact I'm pretty sure it is the root of all evil. That shouldn't be mixed up with faith, which is a wonderful thing. However religious practice is a very basic human right. So any how, a few things I noticed. Which has also occurred in Christianity look at Northern Ireland. It also appears to be something some Jews are attempting to do: Surely you should sympathise with the arrival of Islam to Europe where they are faced by Islamophobia. Something I noticed with this if change the variables. Notice that, be careful what you say if want people to take you seriously.
  13. You make it sound like a normal job. Going to war for a living takes a certain type of person and even if they are getting payed... So? They are being payed to do extraordinary work. I don't want them to be where they currently are, however we have to remember that there primary role is to act in our defense. So surely by risking there life a perk could be an advantage with immigration services?
  14. You mean ending autocratic entry and making it a merit based criteria? The only problem I could see is that such people would have nothing present that would be any different from a normal immigrants. Which would be a good thing as service in the British armed forces should be seen to make a person more worthy of entry. Why should defense of a country not be merit for preference in immagration to that country?
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