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  1. Warning of things to come... Disgusting really.
  2. Sir; sometimes a think you talk complete rubbish. (As we should do for good debate.) Yet with that I almost completely agree with you. I have been to many a Veterans Day, I was planning to go this year. Yet for the reasons you state here I won't be attending this year. Something which makes me feel awfully sad. Something I will add is that Veterans day was in a large part about giving support to the people who have served in the past. Not what they fought for just the actual people.
  3. Very sad and unfortunate news. I am sure the whole of the Island's community will offer the entire family their condolences.
  4. Good deal, shame I already bought most of these games on steam! I also I don't understand all this hate for steam, a few years ago it had its issues. However no it is a perfect piece of software, I purchase most of my games of there now. I get them quickly and easily. I can spend more time playing rather than spending time in a shitty game store where frankly I wish to tell them to naff off, as I know more about what I want than you do. You should seriously try steam out again, it is amazing.
  5. This is awful. As Veteran's Day I supported this. However I almost feel as if I need to protest at it now. I personally believe they are trying to shift the focus from the actual veterans, to them being tools of the political system which has put the current troops where they are. I will support veterans and remember sacrafices. However I will not support our troops, while they remain in wars that have been unsucessful and in one case illegal. Though don't worry I won't protest at it.
  6. How long until the other media picks this up? Oh great we are going to branded an island of bigots. Will these idiots just shut up.
  7. I'll keep you all informed if I here anything within my school.
  8. Well as someone still in the system, I've never been taught to be racist. Infact very much the opposite.
  9. From my experience, this is more of a parental issue.
  10. I like the fact they are calling come overs people from outside of Britain, instead of the Isle of Man. When most of the people in this group are from the UK, so are come overs. Lets keep the hard working foreigners and kick these BNP twats back to where they belong.
  11. Manxeyes thank you so much for your input. You never no they might actually listen to you. A larger mosque for the Islamic community will recive my full support. Rog you are a rather misguided invidual, I perfectly understand the nazi views on race and social darwinism. Though you do seem very much on the constant defense, my small post of observations wasn't some form of attack, it was exactly that a set of observations. So please get down of your elitest high hourse and calm down. You could wonder why people on this forum appear to dislike you, maybe because you like to shout people down and call them idiots. So please, for the sake of others come to understand all sides of the arguement whilst presenting your view. I could see yours; that's why I didn't come out and call you an idiot from your last post because on some points I disagree with you, whilst on others I agreed with you. Thank you.
  12. Just to make note, I am a non-religious person. In fact I'm pretty sure it is the root of all evil. That shouldn't be mixed up with faith, which is a wonderful thing. However religious practice is a very basic human right. So any how, a few things I noticed. Which has also occurred in Christianity look at Northern Ireland. It also appears to be something some Jews are attempting to do: Surely you should sympathise with the arrival of Islam to Europe where they are faced by Islamophobia. Something I noticed with this if change the variables. Notice that, be careful what you say if want people to take you seriously.
  13. You make it sound like a normal job. Going to war for a living takes a certain type of person and even if they are getting payed... So? They are being payed to do extraordinary work. I don't want them to be where they currently are, however we have to remember that there primary role is to act in our defense. So surely by risking there life a perk could be an advantage with immigration services?
  14. You mean ending autocratic entry and making it a merit based criteria? The only problem I could see is that such people would have nothing present that would be any different from a normal immigrants. Which would be a good thing as service in the British armed forces should be seen to make a person more worthy of entry. Why should defense of a country not be merit for preference in immagration to that country?
  15. And I think this stance makes sense. Though I might need to know more about why Commonwealth citizens do have automatic entry, is it simply because the British government deems them to have served the British nation therefore meaning they have the privilege to be in the UK or something else, possibly because of some compensation for conscripting men from other nations to fight in the government's interests. If it is the former reason then yes, I see how equality for the Ghurkas makes sense. But soldiers do not fight for a 'her' and don't fight directly for the people, on their behalf, or in their interests. If that is where this suppose for the Ghurkas originates then it is an idea of loyalty and deservedness of privileges that is built upon falsehood. But even if this falsehood is recognised and ignored, if you allow all Commonwealth citizens automatic entry for just the fact that the fought for the British government, then let the Ghurkas in too. Same here Perhaps instead of the tick box system they have put in place, a select comitee in the Imigration ministry of the UK would be sensible. Then soldiers of Commonwealth, Irish or Nepalese orgin make there actual case, instead of looking at people as a group of figures. An idea.
  16. It is a crass term. I wouldn't use the word infection myself but the Islamic faith, as with all religions, could be said to be like a spreading infection of lack of thinking in humans. There is nothing racist about criticising religion and it should be criticised. I do have to wonder why Islam itself is seen to be a problem and not other religions but maybe Rog needs to explain some more. There is nothing wrong with critising religion, personally I have a massive dislike for religion. I think it causes many issues, however it is a basic human right. (Sprituality is where it is all at people, please stop with religion ) Though as quoted earlier within in the post, many people were using this facebook group to push there racist bile. Yeah we seem to get on well, our current population of Muslims seem to fit in well with this. I havent seen or heard any of them causing issues. The idea for a new Mosque is because the current one has been outgrown. So whilst we might have an increasing population of Muslims (partly due to immigration and partly due to people having children or perhaps converstions) if we look at the current information we see some interesting however simple stuff. If there has been a Manx Muslim population for 20 years, they have been growing within in that period, yet they havent caused any issues; then we could assume that this trend is to continue. What is wrong with that, if that is true then it can only be a positive thing.
  17. I see them as almost identical to Commonwealth and Irish soldiers, who serve in the British armed forces. All have the right to settle in Britain, her dependencies or her overseas territories, as I see it. For that matter would people make complaint if it was Irish soldiers? They apparently have no loyality to Britain yet they still fight for her. (Just so you know LDV on the two articles where we have locked horns, it has been fun )
  18. Racist? Why do you think that? Rog hasn't even said what would change and why it is a problem. He did call Islam an infection though....
  19. Thank fuck it's not a synagogue then The question is, would there be an outcry if it was a synagogue? I think not. Actually that's quite a racist thing to post. Yes Rog was quite racist. Unfortuently he represents the very few radical jews out there. Most jews are loving and sucessful people from my experience. I feel quite sad for Rog.
  20. The Ghurka's should have that right, they also should have the right to settle over here too. Why is the idea that they fought for us, such a bad one to you? Many have lost there lives fighting for us. It's shameful before this time we haven't even attempted to support any of them. To send them back to a civil war (that fortuently has now ended) is sickening. They aren't mercenaries, who fight for simple money. For example one the greatest honour in some nepalese tribes is to serve as a Ghurka. What is wrong with having them? They are welcome her for these reasons. You seem to sit on some strange fence LDV. You even managed to contradict your self. Just stand by what you belive in.
  21. Thank fuck it's not a synagogue then The question is, would there be an outcry if it was a synagogue? I think not.
  22. You know who said things like that? He's pretty famous. An Austrian, became leader of a little country called Germany. Think he died in 1945... Damm. Can't remember his name. Perhaps you could help me, who was he?
  23. Really you have two choices: Venture Centre, they have an outdoor wall and also do external sites. Ardwallin, up at Baldwin they are the outdoor education centre for the Department of Education. They have an outdoor wall, portable tower as well as doing external sites. The both run to the highest standard, I know for a fact Paul from Ardwallin has all the appropriate qualifications. They are running weekend courses this year http://www.sch.im/Youth/IOMYOUTH/Climbing.html. You could also try IoM children's centre outdoor education or adventurous experiences. I don't have any experience with them however to offer advice. Contact Numbers: Ardwhallin - http://www.sch.im/Youth/IOMYOUTH/IOM_youth_home.html Venture Centre - 814240 Isle of Man Children's Centre - 676076 Adventurous Experiences - 843034 We don't really have an actual climbing centre, if you do happen to be going across you could go to Keswick climing wall in the South Lakes.
  24. Bloody hell - tear it down and build a new one then. Jesus H bloody Corbett! The old shagged out church in Kirk Micheal has been there errrr since errrr 177thing or other and still works. However the church in Kirk Micheal is a purpose built site... As are all churches on the Island. That is all they are asking for, nothing nasty nothing offensive. What is the actual issue?
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