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  1. They are from Butlers Choice and anyone is welcome to help themselves to them. They aren't usually there for long though.
  2. Thinking ahead and saving on letters on his football top?
  3. I have sent a message to somebody I know in the corporate giving department at pokerstars. They are fantastic in charitable donations. Fingers crossed as this is something that is close to my heart. Age Concern in particular.
  4. True. He is a rare specimen that's for sure.
  5. I know Rob personally. Is it wrong that I find this whole thread hilarious still?
  6. I'm not saying it should become that way but its literally every topic at some point succumbs to school yard bickering. I'm all for witty banter and expect a clash of views from time to time. There is however a way to go about a debate without resorting to the mentality of a 7 year old. Anyway, I sound like an grumpy old man now. I choose not to get involved because of the above is all I'm saying and think there is likely many the same.
  7. Every thread at some point goes completely off topic and becomes a "bash fest". It then becomes impossible to continue on point in a conversation and it descends into a total free for all. That is where I stop reading and move on to another topic and choose not to get involved by posting tbh. Each to their own I guess. I would say though if people behaved in a more adult manner more would contribute. I guess that's the nature of the beast with anonymous forums though. Has the benefit of people airing views and slipping information that would never be said with a name known. On the other hand, you have the keyboard warriors acting in a manner they would never do either if you were having a conversation with a stranger down the pub.
  8. I rest my case. Why get involved? Read what you like and take on board what you want to. Its just not worth offering a thought it seems.
  9. I read here pretty regular but haven't posted in years. Too much abuse and bickering tends to ensue for me.
  10. Ford Fiesta ST April 2007 (Black) Great Condtition 2 litre sport Under 19,000 miles Full service history Recently taxed New tyres on front 6 disc changer 17inch ST wheels Half leather £7,500 Must see! Contact Michael on 408762 for viewing.
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