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  1. Is the Mountain one-way over the next two weeks?
  2. I found it on Guido Fawkes... https://order-order.com/
  3. Here is the kippers video to save you looking for it.
  4. Thanks for your suggestions.
  5. One can now book for 1st September onwards: https://www.premierinn.com/gb/en/hotels/england/isle-of-man/douglas/douglas-isle-of-man.html £29 a night. It's not going to be running on empty.
  6. I'm after a new set of alloys for the family Fournier motor. Would any generous chap care to suggest a good vendor to purchase them from on island - or off? Thank you.
  7. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/minister-faces-delivery-driver-questions/ Media training? Why on earth would he need that with such clear articulation: "We kind of ordering more parcels on-island and from off-island and delivery people have got this issue what do we do with it? At the same time people wanting the stuff there when they get home so there's kind of this mixed message going on that people want it but at the same time where's the line between what's acceptable, what's not acceptable when it comes to home affairs and the police and that sort of arena."
  8. We are hiring a car in the UK for a short holiday next year. In the past I've just paid the super excess for insurance, which gives (almost) complete peace of mind - although this normally doubles the overall cost of the hire. Has anyone here taken out a separate car hire excess insurance instead? I don't really what company would be good to go with with. I'm particularly interested to here from anyone who has actually attempted to make a claim on one of these policies. Thanks.
  9. How about buying a number on Skype and using wifi wherever you go to? https://secure.skype.com/my/skype-number?setlang=en
  10. Driving out of Ballasalla today heading north I noticed a new extension to the pole supporting the national speed limit sign on the eastern side of the road. On top of this pole there appears to be a camera. It might not be a camera , but it looked like one (pointing back down the hill). What's that for? Anyone know?
  11. Daphne should take a look at some of the garbage that's sold in the schools' canteens around the island.
  12. When you talk about an antenna, do you mean one like this? https://www.broadbandbuyer.com/products/15383-solwise-4g-xpol-a0001/reviews/#content
  13. Hmmm... we have lots of Xmas lights! And I moved the Alexa recently - much closer. I'll move a few things around. Thanks for info.
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