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  1. Spot on post. Are they going to do anything to fix it in the next 7 days?
  2. Can Claire Wells and the new city authorities please just get a lawnmower and cut down Mr Guard’s weeds which were still growing happily yesterday evening.
  3. Our 21.05 Easyjet flight to Gatwick was cancelled this evening because of air traffic control issues at Ronaldsway. The end of what should have been a nice weekend away…
  4. Apart from Mr Peters and Jason’s Castletown sidekick nobody seems to be paying much attention to what’s going on. Too busy on their devices. Even Juan starts tapping away after a while. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Seems to have shot up this evening in Douglas. Diesel at £1.63. Still £1.53 at the Milestone. Get it quick!
  6. I applied for one these last week (because of the Amazon thing) and have been approved no probs.
  7. When we headed across during summer holidays I took out cover with the RAC on a monthly direct debit and then cancelled it when I got back to the island. So cover only cost me about twenty quid or thereabouts.
  8. That's a great help. Thanks for the replies.
  9. I meant this thing: https://www.france24.com/en/france/20210725-french-parliament-approves-law-requiring-restaurant-covid-pass-vaccine-rules Can you access this if you're from the IOM - anyone done it?
  10. Thanks for the information. Can I also ask if anyone has successfully managed to use the French app to access restaurants et cetera? Much obliged.
  11. We’re heading abroad in the new year to France and Switzerland. Has anyone been to Europe lately. Do they use tap and go on phones etc like we do here? Has anybody used one of a pre-load credit cards? In previous years I’ve just taken a wad of cash. I’m keen to avoid any unnecessary charges. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks. Ed.
  12. Very good. They have a great channel!
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