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  1. So what is the govt doing to resolve this? They’re not meeting with the NASUWT until a week on Tuesday. The teachers are not financially losing out with their current action so they’re not going to back down in the short term. They each need to be banging their respective heads together today. (Ballakermeen are messing up pupils’ education. If break times are suddenly so much of an issue why don’t they allow the children affected to come in after break?)
  2. Hello. Does anyone living permanently in the IOM have a UK SIM card (that you use as your main phone)? I’ve read about providers ‘turning off’ a service if they detect that you’ve been overseas (from the UK) for a longer period of time. i was hoping to find some alternative to PAYG with Sure & Manx T. Thanks
  3. https://www.adventurousexperiences.com/ Keirron is a great chap.
  4. We had similar issues when we had our sky Q box installed. We had to fiddle with the WEP/WAP settings on the router (we also got rid of the cheap router that Sure had provided - that helped a lot). I think the WEP setting is a less secure connection but it works for us. We also switched off the settings on the Sky box that allows it to communicate with secondary sky boxes in the house (we don’t have any others), because that was causing some conflict with the WiFi signal. I stand to be corrected on any of the above. I am not a computer geek at all. Having said all of this, although we can download films and most channels okay there are still some channels it really doesn’t like to download from, for example sky Atlantic.
  5. Not quite YouTube. But as he’s just died… (always gets me)
  6. I wasn’t sure my bullmastiff would be a convincing guide dog, but this suggestion worked a cinch. Thanks.
  7. Are there any taxi companies on-island that accept dogs? Thanks
  8. Spot on post. Are they going to do anything to fix it in the next 7 days?
  9. Can Claire Wells and the new city authorities please just get a lawnmower and cut down Mr Guard’s weeds which were still growing happily yesterday evening.
  10. Our 21.05 Easyjet flight to Gatwick was cancelled this evening because of air traffic control issues at Ronaldsway. The end of what should have been a nice weekend away…
  11. Apart from Mr Peters and Jason’s Castletown sidekick nobody seems to be paying much attention to what’s going on. Too busy on their devices. Even Juan starts tapping away after a while. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Seems to have shot up this evening in Douglas. Diesel at £1.63. Still £1.53 at the Milestone. Get it quick!
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