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  1. It's also available on usenet for all those who have newsgroup access - just search for "Tom Cruise Scientology"
  2. Hopefully this server will be a bit more "under the radar" than YouTube http://music.50mbit.com/music/Tom%20cruise...gy%20babble.avi
  3. Yeah I know scientologist in a bit of a loony shocker, but even so, he really has gone full-on round the twist. http://www.celebitchy.com/8603/tom_cruise_...uickly_removed/ Do we have any of those certifiable nutcases on the IOM? If so, can we burn them?
  4. A little bit of muffin top can be rather endearing. Better a lass is chubby than skinny, skinny is not sexy at all. A nicely oiled bottom is very sexy.
  5. This sums it up quite nicely. http://www.the-editing-room.com/iamlegend.html#more-366
  6. I can't justify it either, but I've had enough of driving around in a 'nice' family saloon, so a mental nutcase like a Renault 5 Turbo might be just the ticket I've been doing a bit of reading and apparently these cars do have their problems, but it's generally nothing that can't be sorted at a decent garage with the right parts on hand, which don't cost a fortune anyway. At the end of the day squeezing 120bhp out of a 1.4 pushrod engine is a fairly impressive achievement, so I really do quite fancy owning this car, although not crashing it would appear to be a decent gameplan, as by all accounts they have the trauma resistant properties of a cardboard box. Drop me a PM please snakebite, and we can sort out the sale over the weekend. (Assuming the car isn't a complete bag of spanners, of course.)
  7. Andy Swainston


    If you squad up with some chums and you're all on Teamspeak, it's possible to do some seriously effective teamplay on BF2142, to the extent that a single 4 or 5 man squad can dominate a game and pretty much ensure victory (assuming that no one's bothering to do the same sort of thing on the other side). As for TF2, I think it's fantastic, a real light-hearted, massively entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable romp. I don't think I've ever seen so much wrongness compressed into so few words as Unisol's post above.
  8. What size engine do these things have in them? How many bhp? 0-60? Top speed? What's the insurance like? Will local garages like Q&S look after them when things go wrong? Is this the one that's based in Ramsey? (Think I've seen it parked up on the Mooragh prom?) If it's the one I'm thinking of it's got some sort of rollcage arrangement installed? May very well be interested.
  9. Yeah it'd be nice if Hollywood did a 'Se7en' a bit more often, but unfortunately that's not how the Hollywood Machine functions these days, especially now there's so much product placement to be done. (Can you imagine Seven getting made in the year 2008?) Will Smith is a bloody good actor, but he sucks corporate cock far too readily, I-Robot, for example, was a good film, once you'd got past the fucking Nike and Audi adverts........ I Am Legend could have been great, he's a good enough actor to carry it (which is no small feat considering how 'alone' much of the story is) - but even though he's one of the most bankable stars in the world, he still played along with setting the entire film up for a Hollywood cop-out ending. The ending was a total turnaround from the book, instead of being a legend because he became such a figure of fear and terror to the 'others' and was therefore killed, he became a legend because he saved the human race instead, and thus loses the entire point of the whole story, it's a fucking shite cop-out and I hate it when films pull tricks like that. I completely share your disappointment, it was a PG-13 cop-out of the lowest order, change the ending to be happy, stick a load of shite CGI bollocks in to make it more of an action film, and generally just shit on the whole fucking thing - well done America! Oh well, at least they don't have genocidal maniacs as presidents...... Oh, hang on.
  10. Next-gen jiggly boobies and hi-def panties! I will reserve my favourite wanking towel pride of place in front of the telly in expectation of this game's arrival.
  11. Funny how? Also, unless you've had the virus yourself, or had someone in your family suffer from it, you won't appreciate just how nasty it can be. Admittedly there may be an aspect of Manx Radio thinking, "Blimey, not much happening today, let's have a spot about the winter vomiting virus again" - but I'd have said it's perfectly responsible journalism to broadcast a few simple pieces of advice that can help prevent and/or contain an outbreak.
  12. More agreemengt from me. The X800 always was a hot running bastard of a card, and some of the fan controllers were a bit timid, so the card would actually overheat before the fan would spin up. One option you do have is to manually set the fan to a higher speed than it'll set itself, run ATI Tool (download link below) and go to Settings > Fan Control. http://www.techpowerup.com/atitool/ (Settings is a button down in the bottom right hand corner of the app window when you launch it, and then you can select Fan Control from the drop down menu.) Manually set the card to something pretty high, such as 80%, ("override fan speeds" and "fixed percentage"), if the fan is working OK you should hear it spin up pretty loudly straight away. The noise might be a bit distracting but if you've got headphones on or the volume turned up, it shouldn't be too noticeable. See if the game still crashes, if it doesn't, then overheating is defintiely your problem. The card itself is plenty powerful enough to run WoW so that shouldn't be an issue. Trying to clean out the dust from the airways (as aleady suggested) is a good idea too.
  13. I'm guessing that you hate someone called Andy Swainston and just post here under that name to make him look like a total cunt. Am I close? I'm Andy Swainston! It's not like it's a unique name. Google manages 21,500 results: http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q...nston&meta= So your just retarded then? Nope, you're retarded. And what's your point, exactly?
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