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  1. Prisoner remanded in custody? Is this just poorly worded reporting? A prisoner has been remanded in custody?
  2. Mr Richards was locked up today. 27 months.
  3. Ahhhh I’ve seen work on that little section over the last year and wondered what it was all about! It did seem rather random but now it all makes sense.
  4. This is a case brought by C and E against one of the local payroll companies Reading this judgment, it suggests that one of the directors went into it somewhat blindly. I gather that they are former Charterhouse employees who struck out on their own but perhaps didn't fully understand the full workings of the business model. The appeal was dismissed leaving them with a £2 million bullet. https://www.judgments.im/content/J2725.htm
  5. Employ is the key word here!
  6. And its still off contrary to the Wimanx update at 10 o'clock saying everything is back to normal. Like fuck it is.
  7. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/woman-accused-of-drink-driving-a-week-after-lockdown/ Another of the Department’s officers...won’t be many left at this rate!
  8. The Director might want to spend more care selecting her own staff before dishing out this sort of drivel! it was only recently one of her own staff was helping herself of course!
  9. Without knowing the ages of the kids, "The Other Place" would be my recommendation. I think they have a Facey page and are pretty good to answer questions or consider special requests.
  10. Haha brings back memories. Allegedly, during one of his anonymous sex sessions, the mask slipped and revealed his face. Some time afterwards, the "victim" was watching the IOM TT Cops show and apparently recognised him as one of the cops!
  11. I've had some fun on these things zipping around some European cities. Not sure why they would be unlawful, my immediate analogy is a bike and an e-bike. We all know cyclists don't go on pavements (except at traffic lights when they are allowed to do as they please) etc etc. If a kid can scoot along on a manual scooter, surely an e-scooter would be permitted? I am thinking Mooragh Park, promenades and so on as opposed to the Mountain Rd et al.
  12. Its a strange one for me. I made a personal choice. Not a lot of people know that I'm a "survivor" and that I chose to get on with my life quietly whilst valuing every day that I'm still here. However, I went down on Saturday in support of a mate of mine that didn't make it and it gave me a completely different outlook altogether. So much so, I'll be walking next year! #208
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