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  1. Haha brings back memories. Allegedly, during one of his anonymous sex sessions, the mask slipped and revealed his face. Some time afterwards, the "victim" was watching the IOM TT Cops show and apparently recognised him as one of the cops!
  2. I've had some fun on these things zipping around some European cities. Not sure why they would be unlawful, my immediate analogy is a bike and an e-bike. We all know cyclists don't go on pavements (except at traffic lights when they are allowed to do as they please) etc etc. If a kid can scoot along on a manual scooter, surely an e-scooter would be permitted? I am thinking Mooragh Park, promenades and so on as opposed to the Mountain Rd et al.
  3. Its a strange one for me. I made a personal choice. Not a lot of people know that I'm a "survivor" and that I chose to get on with my life quietly whilst valuing every day that I'm still here. However, I went down on Saturday in support of a mate of mine that didn't make it and it gave me a completely different outlook altogether. So much so, I'll be walking next year! #208
  4. I'm genuinely interested to know whether all of the pikeys and caravan dwellers have paid and displayed in the car parks that they have pitched up! I'm inferring from the thread that they haven't bothered. One could have a field day if not!!!
  5. Is this one of those where you rearrange the words, something like, bed, beating, chief minister, sick leave, boyfriend? Or something?
  6. More suspect journalism - now Energy are saying that 666Bet is licensed here! http://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_369721.html
  7. I don't see much wrong with the vid either. However, I do have a small gripe about cyclists in that some don't acknowledge stop signs or red lights and continue to proceed without exercising the mandatory "stop" required. To be fair though, car drivers do it too!
  8. Manx Radio might not be factually correct here... Just saying.
  9. So, Tamey, what's the verdict? (See what I did there?)
  10. Not strictly true I might add. Those IR35 schemes to which I assume you refer are quite within the law. Why would you pay NICs if the law says you don't have to? That said, the facts of this particular case aren't known just yet so to suggest the Govt is partly to blame doesn't carry much weight with me.
  11. He doesn't give a flying **** about the Post Office - he's off to Oz to live... Well and truly owned!
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