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  1. Hi Chinahand - no, I've not left, nor morphed into anyone else, and yes it is interesting. "temporary sovereignty" is a nice phrase. The political question doctorine as I understand it is essentially the 'Act of State' doctorine, which further suggests that this is under prerogative powers. Well at least the judge thought it through that far rather than just ridiculing out of hand as I think you did - and which isn't really the way to get to the bottom of questions about legal relationships. But back to IoM and legal relationship with the UK: there is an unanswered question, I've put
  2. USB adaptor works great, but I'm not so impressed by the WN511B PC Card. If you ever think about getting one of these cards, see if you can try before you buy.
  3. pongo - difference between constitutional arrangements and 'constitutional relationship'. Let me rephrase to clarify - IoM's status in international law. It is not a sovereign state. It is a dependent territory (which sounds a bit like Baltic states under Soviet Union). IoM is a non-self-governing territory, yet does not seem to have right of self-determination. The limits of the UK's power and control over IoM is far from clear. Ultimately can UK impose whatever legislation on IoM it likes or not? To answer that requires establishing the legal source of the UK's power and control ov
  4. homarus - 'technically' Gawne is right about this - sort of. Manx Territorial waters are currently part of the UK Exclusive Fishery Zone (per Fishing Limits Act 1976 - see earlier post). As part of British Fishery Limits, EU vessels cannot be excluded any more than they can be from UK coastal waters. However that's because the EFZ around IoM is claimed by the UK not IoM. IMO this could and should be challenged, and IoM should claim its own EFZ which would give IoM exclusive rights in these waters. My guess is that Phil Gawne is being guided and taking advice in this by Whitehall vi
  5. I'd worry that maximization of commercial value might mean treating some risks of a major disaster as 'acceptable'. i.e. it is not cost-effective to bear possibly enormous cost of mitigating against all possibility of catastrophic disaster. Decision trees and so on might show economic only to take precautions up to a point - then take the gamble on the rest. Maximizing commercial value is about doing the maths. This may mean cost-effective precautions only. Fight Club: ("we are committed to reducing automotive safety hazards cost-effectively, through product recalls, while maximizing
  6. Of course that's assuming there is a Labour Government then.
  7. Note that in the Pre-Budget Report review of the Crown Dependencies as financial centres is one of HMG's three main international priorities. However as noted by Cronky, is is explicity stated that "The review will not consider changes to the UK’s constitutional relationship." As I've been harping on about, IoM might do well to get clarity on the exact nature of this bizarre and obscure constitutional relationship with the UK and to know exactly where it stands in this. Having a clear and solid understanding of one's legal position in a relationship is simply good sense as prepar
  8. Wouldn't DAFF have closed it even if it had been a dedicated public footpath? Were DAFF the landowner? Maybe the court would be all literalistic about it as you are. I'd think the meaning of it is the standard one of 'unchallenged' - in the sense of the public using it as a footpath and the landowner doesn't challenge their right to use it as such. If say an unexploded bomb were found near the path and it were closed until the bomb was disposed of, that might be an 'interruption' as you see it. However it wouldn't be challenging the public's right to use the path as a public footpa
  9. Ross reinstated - this gives a summary of what went wrong: http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol...icle5208843.ece
  10. Does it have the latest firmware?
  11. It means 'enjoyed by the public as a right'. The landowner doesn't have to have given permission. The public must have made use of the footpath as they would as though they had the right to use it. Over time if this use is undisturbed and without interruption, this becomes a right. The landowner is then treated as having dedicated that as a right of way unless there is evidence to prove otherwise.
  12. Maybe DAFF should also think about an eco fisheries protection vessel if the cost of fuelling the Barrule is a problem.
  13. This is a great little add-on for Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2108 If you don't want to write a user style, then there's plenty of ready-made ones out there - like this one to block 'Ads by Google' : http://userstyles.org/styles/6865 There's also plenty of different ready made styles to change the look of You Tube and most major sites.
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