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  1. Hi everyone, We have a few charity auctions on the go ... A Helicopter Ride for 2 in TT Fortnight (donated by Elite Helicopters) Signed Neil Hodgson Print (donated by Extreme AG) Signed Cal Crutchlow Print (donated by Extreme AG) All trying to raise some money for Crossroads Care http://www.manxbay.com/categories.php?category=iom-charities&parent_id=2232 More to come in the next few days and weeks including Guy Martin, Conor Cummins and John McGuiness. Thank you.
  2. Click here to post your bid .... The Empire Wipes Back !!! A Full Valet service worth £30.00 !!!! Includes : Luxury Hand Lather Alloys Treated Wheel Arches Blasted Inner Door and Boot Sills Hoover Seats and Floor Boot Cleaned Internal Glass and Trim Plastics Treated Liquid Wax Tyres Dressed Screenwash Filled Star Wash Freshener Auction starts at just 10 pence .... RRP is £30.00 !!!! All proceeds go to Crossroads Caring for Carers .... current bid is £10.10 Ends 15th April Click here to post your bid .... Thank you
  3. UPDATE ... Current bid is £26.10
  4. UPDATE ... Current bid is £250.10 (All of which goes to local charity)
  5. Every penny raised will be donated to Craigs Heartstrong Foundation The word 'unique' is chucked around an awful lot these days so when something truly unique does turn up, it's worth shouting about !!! An Isle of Man Football shirt signed by the players. The very same players that recently came back from a 0-3 deficit at half time to win 5-3 !!!! People are already talking about the game with gladiatorial splendour and in years to come it will be a thing of legend. *** SIGNED BY THE SQUAD *** *** YOU ARE BIDDING ON A PIECE OF MANX HISTORY *** This auction starts at 10p and has no reserve. All proceeds (that means every single penny) will be donated to Craigs Heartstrong Foundation. Thanks to to Charlie at InterSport for his generosity. SPECIAL THANKS TO THE CREATIVE STUDIO OF STRAND STREET WHO FRAMED THIS ITEM FOR FREE (rrp £100). CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR BID Thank you
  6. "At the End of the Storm" A Charity auction raising money for Craigs Heartstrong Foundation Whether you're a Liverpool fan or not the sheer brilliance of this piece of art will take your breath away. Depicted is a magnificent Liver Bird standing triumphantly on top of some conquered and familiar foes. We genuinely cannot express how breathtaking this picture is. The artist, Kit Nelson, will be familiar to many kopites as his flag has graced the legendary Spion Kop at Anfield (see auction details). He has even had work displayed by NASA onboard the International Space Station (see auction details). The dimensions are 33" x 23.5" (approximately) ... basically a large poster So, how much will this cost? Auction starts at 10 pence and there is no reserve .... CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR BID !!! REMEMBER EVERY PENNY WILL GO TO CRAIGS HEARTSTRONG FOUNSATION !!!! Thank you and good luck if you decide to bid
  7. Some pictures from Ayre vs Rushen today (22.11.08)
  8. A few shots from a few different games ...
  9. Tons more shots at manxphotos.co.uk ...
  10. Pictures of the evening on http://www.manxphotos.co.uk All to raise money for the Bobby Robson Foundation (see here - http://www.sirbobbyrobsonfoundation.org.uk/) Thanks
  11. Manxbay

    Ouchy !

    .... so go hard, or go home :-)
  12. More pictures available at www.manxphotos.co.uk Thanks Ed
  13. Manxbay


    A few pictures from todays powerboats .... loads more at manxphotos.co.uk if interested. Thanks for looking Ed
  14. Some pictures from a few local games yesterday .... Pictures - Click here
  15. Some pictures of this afternoons action from Blackberry Lane. Score was Old Boy's 0 - 1 Ramsey Click here Thanks
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