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  1. Once again thanks everyone, gonna get some from the Manx Blind assoc. they are willing to take debit card over the phone and mail them to me.... now thats what I call service!
  2. I was surprised too about the poor choice of xmas cards on the net. Ta for all your replies.
  3. Hi, I am off island, and would like to purchase some IOM xmas cards with nice snowy type scenes, maybe the Laxey Wheel? I have done a quick google, but nothing there I fancy. Would also like the christmas greeting in manx... can anyone point me in the right direction?
  4. I live in a council property, we get a total of 4 weeks "rent free", 2 weeks at xmas and 2 weeks at the end of March..
  5. I live about 3 miles away from where Bradley Wiggins was knocked off his bike, our street is quite busy with traffic, mainly cars, not a very well lit area either, but parents still will not protect their little darlings, kids as young as 4 are out on their bikes in the hours of darkness, riding in the road, with no lights, or protective headgear or high visability clothing. This is an accident waiting to happen.
  6. Here is another account of the terrible ordeal this blind man from Chorley suffered. I live in Chorley and it is still the topic of conversation now. http://www.chorley-guardian.co.uk/news/local/blind-man-tasered-in-police-blunder-1-5034507
  7. thanks for the link! hmmmm looks like it isn't up and running yet,!
  8. Hi Just wondered if there is a webcam up at the mo, or are they thinking of putting one up. If so, does anyoen have the link please? Cheers!
  9. manxmaid


    I remember using selotape to keep the massive hem up on my trousers cos I have little legs! I believe the people of NW England refer to sweets as toffees or at least that how was explained to me when I asked someone who said it. I believe that Everton are nicknamed as the toffees for the same reason, Everton mints - sweets I now live in Lancashire and it drives me nuts, all sweets including mints & fizzy sweets are called toffees!
  10. Not sure about taxes, will have to enquire as I haven't flown since the discount was issued to me.
  11. I have just seen this on manx radio website, so chuffed with the news, just wondering what the fare will be, as I have family member who works with BA I can get 90% discount woooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  12. Hmmmmmm did yu watch WATCHDOG on BBC1 last week? It was on about Dulux White Gloss Paint, may not apply to you, but here is the link http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/watchdog/2012/03/dulux.html
  13. Saw Bernie Flint many moons ago (1976 ish) at the Villa Marina, he looks nothing like that pic now, back in the day he had a fantastic voice..... not heard of him for years apart from the fact a friend of mine has visited him in Southport where he now lives.
  14. manxmaid


    We have a Greggs shop in our local town and they are shite. We also have a Greenhalghs and that is much better quality. Thank your lucky stars you haven't got one of them Pound Bakery shops that sprung up in our town before christmas, pure and utter shite. Personally I would rather pay a few pence more and get something decent to eat.
  15. On tonights show was a fella called Dom, he has lived on the IOM since he was 4.... the show referred to the IOM quite a lot, and Dom even took the banker some manx knobs. Shame he didn't have a good win, but he still walked away with more then he started with.
  16. Hello, I have a laptop which is on XP (don't laugh!) I have done all the usual disk clean up etc.... it wont let me defrag.... not enough space, have been into my add/remove progs, shifted a load of stuff out.... but still not enough space, I don't have the original disk, so cannot reformat, but wondered if anyone can tell me how to (safely) get into the hard drive and remove progs etc from there It wont let me download or install anything .... just keeps popping up with "not enough space" grrrrrrr thanks in advance
  17. I don't have Office...... I have Microsoft Word....... my lappy is operating XP xx
  18. Hiya, I did highlight and text but they said they couldnt read it.... grrrrr this is all too techy for an old bird like me ta for ur help xx
  19. Are you looking at your statement online? Press PrtScn and just paste into your word doc Yes I am looking at my statement online And I mentioned in my previous message the "Print Screen" doesnt work I am on Windows XP ty ty ty
  20. Hello, I need to copy my bank statement and put it in a document ( I have Word) and then email it. I have tried copy and pasting but the recipient said they can't read it My "print screen" doesnt work I know there is another way cos I have done it before but can't remember Its just getting it onto Word that I need help with..... I am ok with attaching the file Soz for posting this here but I thought it would get noticed quicker on this board Thanks in advance Please Help!
  21. Oh Yes I remember it well, didn't some of it get called off, as people were traipsing round fields scaring the sheep that were lambing?
  22. Hi Woolley, Glad it just wasn't me who had probs, I have been trying to get into the forums for the last 3 days, and keep getting page not available, I thought maybe the site had disappeared. I am in Lancashire and use Wireless........ Anyway its back up and running now !
  23. manxmaid


    I found a great craft shop in Preston last week, I know its no use to you, but if you know of anyone in the area maybe they could get stuff for you I think they have a website Its called Inspirations.......... me and my daughter went to get some Can Can wool to make one of the scarfs that seems to be all the rage, what I liked about this shop was that the assistants are all craft minded people and nothing is too much trouble....... they even demonstrated hints and tips...... Some of the other stores like Hobbycraft employ people who dont have a clue about craft, I will almost certa
  24. It was on the BBC news one morning last week, that one teacher received a holiday to Spain and another got a 1000.00 quids worth of gift voucher, and like someone mentioned earlier they reckoned that some parents spend an average of 50 quid on their childs present to their teacher. My "kids" have left school some years ago now, and their presents to their teachers was a small box of chocs something along the lines of Matchmakers. I think its a nice gesture to give, within reason after all most teachers are not short of a bob or two!
  25. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that on my landline I have had these calls as late as 11.30pm and on my mobile I got woke in the night about 3.00am (no joke when you have to be up for work at 5.30am)it was another cold call, I was not very polite when I answered the phone so didn't get the name of the company or I would have tried to report them to OFtel.
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