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  1. Pongo is right. I live in England and I have always been ex-directory, a couple of years ago I received a phone call from a window company in Bolton, Lancs, I let her prattle on, and then I said where did you get this number I am ex-directory, she replied that it was the computer working its way through numbers in my area. (It was the first ever cold call I had ever had in about 15 years), then I told her my house was rented and I had just had my windows upgraded!! Next day at work (I was cleaning a private house) the phone rang, I answered it, and it was the same company, this household was also ex-directory and their phone number was very similar to mine! So yes the computer works through the area.
  2. Not only is Manx Cheese (Mature and also the Black Peppercorn) sold at Booths Stores across Lancashire/Cheshire and Cumbria, (I know cos I worked for Booths!) Its is also sold at Morrisons across Lancashire too. Seen someone mention Manx Kippers on this thread, was walking through Chorley Market the other week and saw a box of Devereau Manx Kippers on the shelf.
  3. Oh yeah some plonker who lives down my street (and goes across to the Island every TT) has got a little red manx flag stuck on the roof of his car!
  4. Must have been something in the air that night, cos I didn't really get much sleep, there was a women outside my house yelling at some fella and he was just not answering her, it went on for ages, and cos its so hot I had to sleep with my window open, and every now and again there was a loud yelling by youths of "ENGLAND"..... so someone must have been having a party in their back garden too......... wouldn't have minded but I get up at 5am for work, so felt really drained yesterday
  5. Hello, just wondered if anyone spotted the manx flag at Glastonbury during Jackson Browne's performance, as you faced the stage it was to the left and quite near the front.
  6. Hi I know the Anne Frank exhibition is currently still on the island, has anyone been? I missed it when it came to Manchester, and I wondered how people found it, I would think it could be quite emotional?
  7. Well my daughter has been prowling through the cars for sale on ebay and spotted this one, what a classic description http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230451057921#description
  8. Hi everyone,. Well a forum member has kindly offered to send me his spare card....... so I will install it when it arrives and let u all know how I got on, Thanks to the person in question....... and thank you all for your help at least if nothing else I now know what that slot is for on the side of my laptop!
  9. Ok thanks for your replies.......... please excuse my ignorance but what is a PCMCIA slot? I have a smaill slot which looks similar to the old 3 1/2 " floppy slot but smaller i(approx 2") t is on the right hand side of the laptop, if that is not a wireless card slot can someone enlighten me please I have no ideas what I am looking for....... there are 2 USB slots on the right hand side and one on the right hand side of the front
  10. Hi everyone. I am finally Wireless (BT hub thingy) got the pc connected to it....... problem is I have a laptop which is about 4/5 years old, It is an Acer aspire 3500, and it is not currently wireless... I would like to have it wiresless enabled so I can surf in different areas of the house. Can anyone tell me please if a wireless card can be fitted or is it to old etc I have been to Tesco and got a wireless adaptor, Bt managed to get me connected to the hub, by removing the cable which was attached to the pc hard drive tower thingy, so I was online, but thats not what I want. I want to be able to roam around lol, so anyway the fella on the phone told me to take the cable out of the lappy and see what happens and the connection was lost...... he said I need an adaptor that is compatible with my hub BT Home hub 2.0. so he put me through to sales and they have stopped stocking them grrrrrrr so i ahve been told to enquire at a pc shop In the meantime however, can anyone tell me if this model can be fitted with a wireless card? Thanks in advance
  11. Never been on a ghost walk, though always wanted to go. However last October I participated in the studio audience for Most Haunted Live from Morecambes Winter Gardens, didn't see or feel any ghosties but it was interesting as to watch how they did the show.
  12. manxmaid

    No Boat

    Many years ago (approx 1976/7) I was on the Monas Queen. we left Douglas at 9am and headed for Liverpool in thick fog, unable to dock we spent all day and night int he Mersey and finally docked at 8am the next morning, so that was most of our weekend wasted lol. I remember getting off the boat in Liverpool it was a real "pea souper" you couldn't see your hand if you stretched it out infront of you!
  13. manxmaid


    Your message brought back a memory of several Muslim males praying underneath an advertising hoarding at Sandbach services about 10 years ago, cant remember what the advert was though. Anymore strange spottings?
  14. Callers were down here in Lancashire too, had 5 batches of kids at my door, costumes better then ever, the kids were younger and all seemed to have a grown up with them, normally round these parts we gets hoards of teenagers just sporting a mask (and normal clothing lol) but there was none of that, even peeps in other parts of the village said it was quieter.
  15. Hello, I am interested to know if anyone on here or anyone you know does work from home, ie packing, assembly etc, I need to top my wages up etc and looking for part time from home. Years ago I used to knit garments for the big wool companies but that is too time comsuming and need something that will bring the money in quicker. A few weeks ago there was an ad in the tabloids for catalogue deliverers, mailin, assembly, jewellry etc, leaflet posting, typing etc, but when I got the info through they requested £25 and there is no telephone number, email addy, company number etc on the app form so i gave it a miss, but there must be genuine companies out there who don't request money and I wondered if anyone knew of which ones to use and which ones to stay away from. Cheers
  16. Never mind being in their fan club if I was 20/30 years younger I would wanna be part of their team..... Loved it, great to see these young uns amusing themselves without having to pay extortionate prices. Keep it up lads and ignore the whingin Victor Meldrews!
  17. I would have thought that the best place to re-house an offender and give them a fresh idendity would be a large city where people pay less attention to one another I too agree, and thought that maybe they would end up living in a high rise where no-one no anyone, rumours were flying around my local area a while back saying one of the Bulger brats (cant remember which one) was living in Preston) I personally think that when these animals were released into society that they should have been housed in a posh area with all the doo gooders that said "aw they were only kids", how would they like them living in their environment alongside their children?
  18. manxmaid


    Nearly forgot lol, there is also a sweetie shop at Botany Bay (next to J8 M61 Chorley) its an old factory type building with lots of fancy units, unfortunately they charge a few quid to get in but every now and again the local freebie carries a free admission ticket for a year I think...... not much use I know but I can always save them and post them across to anyone thinking of visiting. The sweet shop there also carries the old bens n poor bens and spanish tobacco and lots of other olde worlde sweets. If you ever want me to save you a free admission ticket pm please.
  19. manxmaid


    Yes actually bought some of the sweet tobacco when I was at the shop. apparently there is another similar shop at Oswaldtwistle mill near Blackburn, havent as yet been but one of the fellas at work lives near and has told me about it. It is called Stockleys Sweets I have googled it but the link is broken. Here you can also watch sweets being made, does anyone remember when Cannells Rock shop had a bit inside the shop where you could watch them make the rock?
  20. manxmaid


    chocolate bananas were amongst my favs so were Galaxy buttons, didn't see either of these at the above mentioned shop. Oh yeah anyone remember Mint Cracknell. yummy And Banjo?
  21. manxmaid


    Heres one for you to try next time you are in North Yorkshire, I went here a few months back and its great, does anyone remember Winter mixtures from our childhood of the 70's..... they disappeared and were later replaced by a similar version called Yorkshire Mixture, well they had both in stock so i bought some of each lol http://www.oldestsweetshop.co.uk/ Also they have the space dust that Albert was on about, Parma Violets, Squirrel Horn, loads and loads of stuff. Though if you are thinking of a visit, you will probably need your own transport as it is a quaint little village out in the sticks, as you drive over the Yorkshire moors the sat nav will be telling you 4 mins to your destination and you think that can't be right cos you are still up in the moors then all of a sudden you drop down and there it is. All the sweets are the same taste as the original none of these cheap copies, and they do several versions of liquorice like Poor bens and Old Bens (just like the balck sports mixtures. Didn't see any spangles though, mind you if you go it gets packed at weekends and the shop is not very roomy so you can't get a proper gander! Also a Workhouse museum just round the corner if you have time to wander.
  22. I have to agree that the meat at Tescos is shit....... its goes off the day after its been bought, and Morrisons seems to be going the same way. I prefer Liverpool indoor market, there are loads of butchers stalls all with various prices, but its good stuff.
  23. I do, think it was North West coachlines, just to pull into a stand on Preston bus station, was great when we had our Saturdays on Heysham side, cos we got dropped off and picked up to get back in time for the midnite sailing, there were a few dodgy drivers though!!!!
  24. manxmaid


    I have two profiles, one in my real name for friends, family and old schoolmates etc, the other is in a different name and thats where all my work colleagues are, I believe in keeping the two seperate even though I do not post work matters on facebook.
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