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  1. The peeps I'd most like to meet from here are Declan cos I agree with Gilly about him possibly being quite sexy Stavros Gladys Ans
  2. manxmaid


    Here in Lancs loads of peeps rave about Hollands Meat Pies........ have tried them a few times , not sure if you get them over there, but they don't really do it for me, nothing can ever beat a Cannells meat pie.
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    Hi I live in the North West and Blackpool is one hell of a shit tip......... If you are looking for a good night in the North West Mathew St Liverpool is brilliant, also Manchester has a good rating and so does Preston.
  4. manxmaid


    Hi I live in the North West and Blackpool is one hell of a shit tip......... If you are looking for a good night in the North West Mathew St Liverpool is brilliant, also Manchester has a good rating and so does Preston.
  5. Hi I don't know what coverage the island gets of Granada reports, but every Tues they have a Where's Fred competition, purely just for fun, and Fred travels to different locations in the NW in his little red bubble car and you have to guess where he is Last nights location quiz came from Ramsey. Fred's bubble car was on his right and there was a car with a manx reg, and the clues were the swing bridge and Albert tower.
  6. Manx enough to get a grant !!!! My daughters grant & funding had nothing at all to do with the Isle of Man........... we live across
  7. I thought that too Jehova......... I wondered what his point was....... I don't see anything that says you have to be manx to post on here. And even though it is none of his business YES I AM MANX! My daughter isn't but she carries on a manx surname and is very proud of her mothers roots. The reason for starting this thread is during the actual graduation there were several prominent manx surnames being read out and it made me think that it would be nice just to put a WELL DONE greeting on here for all graduates who read these boards whether manx or not!
  8. I remember when I first moved here (1989) if there was a bereavement in the street the neighbours would close their curtains, which I never remember happening in Laxey or maybe I was too young........ Several years back we had a young lad aged 13 die from cancer, he lived further down the street, his parents were Irish, and on the day of the funeral his family carried the coffin to church..... apparently that happened quite often in Ireland. I still close my curtains if it is an immediate neighbour who has died, if I am out n about and a funeral procession passes, I stop til it has passed.
  9. Today I attended the Guild Hall in Preston for my daughters graduation from UCLAN, a very proud moment for all involved, as the names were being read out whilst the grads went up on the stage to collect certificates, I heard a few prominant manx surnames being read out and would just like to wish everyone who has graduated whether manx or not . WELL DONE! My daughter has my surname which is still quite a common name over there on the island and they pronounced it wrong lol. It didnt matter though. such a proud moment!
  10. Earlier in this thread someone mentioned camper vans parkign at Tesco....... well our local Tesco has a 3 hour parking limit, considering our Tesco is 24 hours and also has an upstairs and sells everything from food to books, clothes, jewellery, car accessories, pc stuff, mobile phones, tv's dvd players,cds dvds paint bedding, kitchenware, washing machines etc and it also has a cafe some peeps feels 3 hours isnt long enough by the time u have tried clothes on, browsed through the books and then done your shopping and maybe popped intot he cafe to get something to eat it has been reported in our local paper about people receiving their fine in the post via the DVLA. Also our trolleys cannot be taken out of the carpark as there is that magnetic paint strip surrounding the car park border.
  11. I have done quite a bit of retail work in my time and I had a full section to look after, ie, checking stock, filling shelves and rotating,I also has stock to order and I had to date check on a daily basis, spot checks were done to ensure that stock rotation was correct and also that all products were within sell by dates. I agree with the person above it is just sheer laziness, the store could get into lots of bother if this happened on a regular basis. We were under the impression that if Trading Standards made a visit etc and stuff was out of date it was a £2,000 fine per item. In one shop I worked in there were tinned beers on the shelf that were 4 months out of date, whenever the person who looked after that section stocked the shelves they didnt rotate and stuff just got pushed and left at the back, it was actually one of our big bosses on a unscheduled visit to the store found it, my god did the person concerned get bollocked! I have even been in local shops that reduce stuff that is out of date, I was also led to believe this is illegal.
  12. Hi just wonderd if anyone managed to get any pics of the Artemis which was docked in Douglas Bay today pleaseeeeeeeee can i have a peep if you have????????? Thanks
  13. Remember when Whispers used to shut at 5am... u could also always get a drink in the many hotels on the seafront if they knew you, and also the lock ins that went on! There were also the Razzles wine bar n Indian across the road that used to serve til very late. Those were the good old days!
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    Ou old Woolies store is presently being prepared ready to open in the next few weeks as B & M Bargains (Chorley Lancs)
  15. When I travel over i prefer to use the sail/rail facility via Heysham if you travel midweek to midweek it is about £45 return if a weekend journey is involved it bumps it up to another £30 plus.
  16. Just tried to log into manx radio I have it as my home page and I get a little message box up saying Internet explorer cannot open it Anyone else experiencing probs?
  17. Thanks for your replies, I am sure there are many many more people who have never been off island, Quite sad for the old fella from Andreas, but i suppose thats the way things were back then....
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    Tv Repeat

    I loved "Watching" with Emma Wray n Paul Bown, what a shame they have both disappeared from our screens, Watching was a great comedy and I can watch it over and over again.
  19. Hi I just wondered if there are many people using this forum that have never ever stepped foot off the island, what brought this to mind was years ago, my parents had friends who had never been anyway other then the Isle of Man,they lived on the Island all their lives, for holidays they used to go from . say....... Ramsey to port Erin etc. When I was growing up most of my friends had visited England, Ireland etc even if only on day trips. I couldn't wait for my independence, I loved visiting England etc.
  20. After work the other morning my mate and I popped along to our local Maccy D's drive through for brekkie (5am), ours is a 24 hour store. I requested a milk and was given one with only one days date on it, handed it back and asked for a fresher one and was told it was allt hey had in stock. Told them I didnt want it....... She said they get fresh delivery every day, they is no way they can ber delivering milk on a daily basis with just one days date? I think someone has cocked up on stock rotation more like???
  21. Hi narnaman, my speakers have the green plug on the end which goes into the back of my tower thingy. I have tried 2 seperate sets of speakers today and neither work, but my pc inidcates that they are lol I ahve been into my device manager clicked on sound video and game controllers and it opens up a new thingy called Hign definition audio device Am i in the right place? If so how do i move it to desktop I have right clicked and gone through the tool, file edit menus etc but I am stuck It looks like I have accidently muted my system but I cant find where! Even if I click on volume on the right hand start bar it shows the speakers working lol Thanks in advance for your help..... anymore suggestions?
  22. Yes MADAM did put them in the green socket, I have also gone into my sound settings and it states that the speakers are working and u can see the little monitor typew thingy moving as though there is sound playing (which there should be as I put a CD in) but alas still no sound coming through GRRRRRRR
  23. Nope that aint them, mine r Tesco own brand cost about a fiver........like I say the blue light comes on and nothing happens lol maybe I should just buy another pair lol
  24. Hi I have got some pc speakers from Tesco, its actually my second set the first set i knocked down the back of the pc and the wire came out lol. Anyway went and bought another set, the little blue light comes on as instructed but no sound grrrrrrrrrr I have tried going into my settings but nowt is happening. I am on Windows vista. please help and thanks in advance.
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