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  1. pretty happy they spent my £114 clearing them up, they'd be getting mighty ripe by now if they hadn't
  2. haha, that made me laugh!
  3. Here's a fantastic picture of the Bowling Green Hotel from the Manx Nostalgia group on Facebook
  4. Bettridges are usually pretty good, nice little polo auto for £10k http://www.bettridges.com/motordetail.php?motorid=110150 eta, their photos are crap, it's not difficult to take a half decent picture of the car so I don't understand why business's put ones like that on their websites.
  5. They have, but now the actual shop is open all night on Fridays and Saturdays too
  6. This does not apply to the Isle of Man. I refer you to a previous post That is UK legislation, it just happens to reference the Isle of Man, it does not apply to us since it was not introduced as IOM legislation. No records of TV sales on the island are recorded for the TVLA, and although they did in the UK as of today they are no longer required to. The Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1967 (as amended) has been repealed, meaning that from 25 June 2013 onwards you no longer need to send us customer name and address details when you sell or rent out TV equipment. This also means your business no longer has to keep sales records to comply with the law on TV Licensing. If you don’t need these records for anything else you can destroy them from 25 June.
  7. This does not apply to the Isle of Man.
  8. Good for you John, you must be very excited.
  9. I ain't clicking on that link, don't want no Gaystarnews.com on my internet history.
  10. Really Twitch? how many people have been killed,or even injured as a result of some one else's speed related incident? Yes, People have died by crashing their bike whilst travelling at excessive speeds for the road/their skill, but i can't remember any where another innocent road user has been killed.
  11. It's a real shame, the price of Lamb is going to be sky high this year and I like Manx spring lamb on a Sunday or in a nice curry.
  12. They don't care. You'd be better off asking MT to take it up with Google - after all, if Sure customers don't have a problem then it's more potential revenue lost to Sure. I'm with Sure and i can't access paid for apps either, never been a problem until yesterday.
  13. I can't access paid apps on Sure 3g either, never been a problem before. I called Sure but they are not interested, was advised to call Google about it.
  14. Just popped up on FB, stuck up by Ballakermeen apparently
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