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  1. no worries very good though i said the same thing myself a couple of pound of sausage and bacon should do the trick...
  2. Have you tried your local butcher? Sorry
  3. thankyou all for your replies
  4. hi my daughter recently saw a poster advertising a competition called isle of mans got talent unfortunatley the contact details had been cut off the bottom of the poster was wondering if anyone knows anything about it thanks
  5. hi thanks for the replies the painting is by john h nicholson i haved added a picture for you to see kathy
  6. hi can anyone point me in the right direction please i have a painting that i am interseted in selling but dont know where to go to sell it it is a painting by the manx born artist nicholson it is a picture of somewhere near the calf of man i recently had it reframed and mounted any help would be appreciated thanks
  7. hi minnie they told me to see if i could get a letter from the doctor about being changed to flybe i asked what would happen if i arranged to go on the boat and was told i would have to pay myself i didnt ask as to why to be honest kathy
  8. hi thanks for being so honest i spoke to patient transfers and they said if i went on the boat i would have to pay for my own transport i have a brain problem and i dont cope well with noise so am also worrying about that too
  9. hi all thanks for your replies the alcohol sound like a good idea but unfortunatley im not allowed a drink so that rules that out apart from the fact that i am terrified of flying i have a brain condition and my head dosent cope well with noise so am wondering is it very noisy on these little planes? thanks
  10. thanks for your help the flight i am refering to is the one to chester with fly 2.com i was told they are no longer using flybe
  11. hi all i have an appointment at a hospital in the uk in the next few weeks i have heard mixed reports about the flight that now goes to chester i am not a good traveller and am seriously considering making my own arrangements to go on the boat it takes me all my time to go on a normal flight but believe this is only a small plane i would appreciate hearing about anyone elses experiences on this flight before making my desicion thanks
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