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  1. Whinging is what us women do best.
  2. I didn't say you couldn't have an opinion and nor did I spit out my dummy, I merely responded to your comments.....freedom of speech and all that, eh? Your overuse of !!!!!! suggests you are rather more exciteable and angered than anyone else over the posts made. I think that you're maybe reading more into certain comments than is intended.
  3. Unless, of course, you are a very intelligent, pc literate cat cunningly disguised as a disgruntled human. I could see then why you'd take offence to my comments.
  4. To be perfectly honest I really don't see why you have such a problem with my comments, Lowzera.
  5. I was in there for the first time ever on Saturday. Not through any choice of my own, I may add, and it's highly unlikely that I'd ever step foot inside the place again. A few pervy old blokes did buy us drinks in there though.
  6. Ha ha, what a ridiculous comment. I couldn't give a toss if people don't share my opinion.....that's the whole point about opinions, we're all entitled to them and it doesn't make you wrong just because you have a differing one. I don't like cats, end of story, get over it.
  7. I severely doubt it. Just because you don't like a certain band doesn't mean they're crap. The fuss has mostly been caused because people feel like the whole ticket charade has been badly handled. You stick to your music and let others stick to theirs. Go and start a Noddy Holder Appreciation thread or something.
  8. Comments like that really get up my nose. If we had to think about it causing upset/grief every time we posted a comment or started a topic people would be able to say absolutely nothing and the forums would be a very quiet, lonely place. I'm not suggesting that people should purposely cause grief to others but sometimes do-gooder niceness can be taken a bit too far. I hate cats and that sanctuary place stinks to high heaven.
  9. Why the ?, roo? That's a shame, manx-minx. Hope you complained about the food. We're going again in a couple of weeks for Sunday lunch so will see what it's like then.
  10. Do you deliberately make your posts look like poems because some people called you Pam Ayres when you did your big reveal?
  11. I'm not being pedantic or criticising but that post made me chuckle.
  12. Dragging up an old one here but didn't see the point in starting a whole new thread and having some views/opinions repeated in a new one. I was just wondering if anyone has had recent experience/problems with Patient Transfer since they've started the service to Chester Airport? My son travels to Alder Hey every 12 weeks and we're having no end of problems with PT at the minute (won't go into any great detail unless it becomes totally relevant in the thread). Would be interested to hear if anyone else has.
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