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  1. i did that (just renamed the file extension) and it worked!!! cant beleive it!!! thanks pal
  2. i have an acer and i had the overheating problem too practically ground to a halt got a cooler fan thingie and it is flying again!!!
  3. i tried this and it saved the files as a bizarre .str format how do i view those?
  4. i have sky plus i am struggling to get it to record stuff i want to back up (and the internal H is saying it is at 20%) anybody got any clever ideas as to how i can get stuff off the sky plus box and onto my laptop?
  5. currently playing as the mighty wigan bought in ivan alonso and dmitry sychev as a strike force upper mid table obscurity is looking safe whatever is going on in real life?
  6. late 2004 model panther black ford focus edge for sale 16" alloy wheels 6 CD multichanger Aircon Electric Windows Sports seats Sports suspension Quick clear windscreen 20K miles genuine reason for sale £6,500 call Darren on 402679
  7. which one works best for oz?
  8. i will be needing some help moving off the island over christmas....... probably need the contents of a van/maybe half a luton etc anbody got numbers for reasonable people to help out?
  9. we played robinson in net - been awful for tottenham so far beckham on the wing - not been playing in usa as he is injured owen was awful up front - not played competitive football in 12 months smith - been played as a midfielder by united and now he is a striker for england carrick - just poor crouch - just a big tall lanky streak of ..... clown wright phillips - been brilliant so far this season but not played from the start there are so many english strikers out there and what does he choose? the press choices for gods sakes get rid of him before he does any more damage he is hopeless
  10. i dont beleive that neil warnock has friends!!!!! i suspect my conspiracy theory is correct!! he could be coming over to interview to be the new head of boys PE at ballakermeen........
  11. i wondered if he was coming to see gartside about a role at bolton....... lets be honest they are having a shocking start to the season..... getting tonked by portsmouth as we speak.......
  12. just watched soccer am they accidentally dropped that neil warnock had to leave the show early to go to the isle of man....... anybody got any ideas as to why he is coming over????
  13. hows about letting one of the english energy providers in to the island? you would soon see the prices drop like a stone! or hows about getting e-on involved in the island (they make wind farm generated electricity) i am another member of the general public who has not seen his wages rise in line with inflation, how can a 6.9% rise in energy bills be sustainable for me?
  14. nautilus is good for the free weights stuff, but lacks the aerobics classes that you can get at other places eg mount murray..... but if you are a bloke looking for use of the weights/some cardio i would pick nautilus (fewer beefcakes using up all the gear so you do get to use the bench etc) plus they have parking (unlike carre for)
  15. how do you find out which bits you are allergic too? i didnt realise the pollen release was so staggered between different plants.....
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