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  1. He isn't stupid either although the faux superior liberals fervently believe he is. Capital punishment referendum you day? I do hope so. Murderers and rapists are not very nice.
  2. I don't think trade deals don't matter but I am not as defeatist as you and they are not the only matter in play here. Having been involved in national and international business as a proprietor, employer and active investor for decades, I know for a fact that the wider world is very interested in doing business with Britain as we have a huge amount to offer across multiple sectors, as well as a massive consumer market. We will not come out of this in a bad place- if it ever happens. Your posts give every impression of being laced with a hope for failure to teach the country a lesson for having the temerity to leave the paradise that in your opinion is the EU.
  3. Come on, own up. Who has the email with the list of names and how much we are paying them all? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/email-sent-to-wrong-address-to-blame-for-late-benefits-payments/ All seems a bit Heath Robinson for a government payment system doesn't it?
  4. Well he will not be limited to a few cleared pronouncements then and of course, he won't be doing any detailed negotiating. Above his pay grade.
  5. Have you ever been in business? It doesn't work in such a simplistic way. We all have attributes and needs that we bring to a negotiation and everyone gets some of what they want but nobody gets everything, not even your wonderful EU or the USA. Prices will not vary much. Life will go on. All the guff about trade deals is pushed forward to obscure the more important issues of self-determination. They just can't stomach any country saying "no tthanks" to "the project".
  6. It was odd. I think it demonstrated further what I was saying about a very limited set of cleared soundbites and when something unexpected comes up it leaves him stumped. Also, to me, his actions displayed traits of autism. It was a curious way to react. Almost like a toddler covering his eyes so that you can't see him. He's at the end of his tether.
  7. Perhaps we just notice it more now with the solid wall of relentless coverage. However, I can't imagine Wilson, Thatcher or even Major going on about something being 'oven ready' for 'popping in'. The standard seems to fall ever lower.
  8. woolley

    Polly Lolly

    That's why they treat it. So they can pump the clean treated effluent into the sea.
  9. Well, without getting into the politics across the pond, I do agree that this "style over substance" approach is to be deplored. In the UK it actually started back with Blair and the spin doctors. The leaders today hardly even scratch the surface of their policies when they speak publicly. They just keep repeating the same narrow mantra over and over again, and it's mind numbing. Johnson is by no means an idiot, but he is liable to come out with the occasional howler to frighten the horses. Obviously, they are afraid that he will have a Ratner moment in the run up to polling day, so they play safe and don't let him say anything beyond a sort of ten commandments in the style of Miliband. Crass.
  10. Right. I haven't heard that one. Still, no doubt he will say it frequently before Thursday. I think he has a compendium of benign, attractive sounding phrases that his "minders" (as he calls them, making himself sound like an unsafe gorilla liable to stray into bother at any moment) have approved, and he never strays very far from those messages. Sometimes when he is speaking, he will go a bit off the approved line and you can see the realisation go across his face as he thinks "oh shit", and he quickly wheels around to one of those stock soundbites again.
  11. I can cope with that because it is a straightforward enough message. I will admit that the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time I hear him say that he has "an oven ready deal" that we can "just pop in the oven". Such a crass, simplistic metaphor. I must have heard him say those very words multiple times, and I certainly don't go out of my way to listen to his blatherings. Corbyn is the same with his "NHS for sale to Trump" scare stuff. Christ, they think everyone is thick.
  12. No. Whilst reading any of them you can actually feel the massage being applied. Same with broadcast media.
  13. Try not to ramble. They might mistake you for Bazza.
  14. They'll be a bit freakin' chilly in Iceland. Trust me on that. SURELY we have enough bloody accountants. Place is crawling with them. We'll know exactly how we went bust.
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