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  1. woolley

    merry xmas

    Merry Christmas to you all.
  2. This is woolley’s final contribution on Manxforums which will come as a blessed relief to some, no doubt, and so, ladies and gentlemen, I crave your indulgence one last time. Considering that I’ve written so much here, I can’t even recall what it was that moved me sufficiently to sign up to MF in the first place. It’s all lost in the mists of time, but it was clearly the start of something that endured and became a part of my routine. All things, both nice and nasty, eventually come to an end. When I’d idly pondered in the past how I might conclude my MF tenure other than by fa
  3. Well, John, it's your show and I respect your position as a moderator which I am sure must be a thankless task. It's your call who posts on here and what is beyond the pale. However, nobody appointed you as the infallible authority on current affairs, so strip away your position as moderator and I reckon with your second paragraph you are at least close to committing the same misdemeanor that you accuse PK and I of. It would have been a better look with just the 1st and 3rd paragraph. Threats of official sanction and insults do not sit well in the same post. I watch with astonishment some of
  4. Maybe memories of the Free Enterprise III are still too raw. There have been 6 Mona's Isles. Only 2 Manx Maids, which I think I'd plump for. Or perhaps "Howard Quayle" in honour of the Island's crisis leader.
  5. I see "Other" is in the lead in the naming poll at the moment. Bloody awful name for a boat.
  6. I wonder if there will be another fastcraft. It is nice to have the shorter crossing. That's the problem though. It's a "nice to have".
  7. That's no lifeboat. That's the passenger accommodation. Rest of it devoted to freight. Follow the money.
  8. Sounds like one of those old medium women that ran seances in the parlour.
  9. To be fair, you couldn't ask for higher levels of reliability than they've had out of the Ben for over 20 years. Major constraint has been the scant passenger facilities.
  10. I wouldn't bet against it being too big for Douglas.
  11. Yes, it is, but look who's using it. I think it's his family having a bit of sport with the old duffer. No they don't. You use it and that's about it.
  12. Perhaps she could do it in her spare time. She's only running a couple of large rocks in the South Pacific with a few people and a lot of sheep. Passenger arrivals in 2019: New Zealand: 3.9 million UK: 143.9 million (that we know about).
  13. Obviously don't understand the word "mainly" which, believe it or not, makes provision for exceptions. Look at the areas of highest infection. The figures don't lie. Within those areas, for instance, Oldham is hard hit, but the areas outside of the highly concentrated Muslim areas within the borough are not.
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