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  1. All surveys are a bit of a joke. You only have to look at the experience of polls on the last few UK elections and the referendum. Then there are those surreal adverts that regale you with "89% of UK women would change to Supergloop anti-age cream.", while the small print at the foot of the screen informs us that this is based upon 89% of 81 women. Very scientific.
  2. And not just the Island. I frequently see examples of poor construction in so-called serious newspapers.
  3. I'll tell you the bits where you CAN'T easily do so. A few metres past the Liverpool Arms to access Barroose Rd from Groudle Road. Packhorse Lane, Baldrine to Church Rd, Lonan. Final section from the Maughold road junction across boundary into Ramsey. Done it numerous times over the years. This MER path idea is just a gimmick.
  4. More than a few hours. But in any case there is probably less than a mile of the whole route that you cannot cycle close to the MER on quiet minor roads.
  5. No shortage of minor roads to cycle on parallel with MER. Bonkers idea.
  6. But the subjects of the images you are posting are not guesswork. They are based on physics. Financial projections years into the future are guesswork. Hence the analogy does not work.
  7. The analogy you are trying to draw does not exist.
  8. A lot of money to be made by investing contrary to "experts". And government "experts" will have an indoctrinated EU bias that they have been fed for their entire careers. They tell civil servants and politicians what they expect to hear. Economy will be fine.
  9. Yep. Same ones who never saw the financial crisis coming and then later predicted the annihilation of the economy and hellfire damnation the day after the referendum.
  10. Calm down. The court can instruct you to do something, but it cannot compel you to change your mind on the matter at hand or pretend to agree with its ruling.
  11. Subtext. If someone is already screwing you to get there and we can screw you slightly less, we'll carry on.
  12. Just trying to get the denial in first.
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