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  1. "Crash out" is the hyperbole here and co-operation does not extend to being ruled from continental Europe or any future prospect of it. Best idea is to get out while we still have the option.
  2. Be my luck to die as she just got started.
  3. As well as an absolute certainty for all of us. Sometimes people do take a line as though the riders are risking imminent death against an alternative of immortality, when all they are doing is chancing bringing the inevitable forward. I've even heard it said that they'd prefer to go at 150mph at their peak than dribbling into their soup 40 or 50 years later. It's a view, but one that says little for their regard for loved ones and particularly so where dependants are involved.
  4. But would 40,000 come over on the boat to watch you?
  5. I hope not. If you forbid comment than it strengthens the theory that there is something to hide on any subject. The "died doing what he loved" cliche has become very much overused in recent years. It is repeated ad nauseam almost as a throwaway "me too" comment on social media in a similar manner to "sorry for your loss". Worse, it is now not infrequently uttered almost in parody, accompanied by an upward rolling of the eyes and a shaking of the head, by those who are completely anti-racing, on learning of another death. There is little respect involved in such use. It would be better if it was not said at all, or said a lot less.
  6. From the times reported for the incident in Ramsey, and the time practice was due to start in Douglas, at least it would appear that there was no likelihood of a collision or injury to the driver, a rider or anyone else as a result. Something to be thankful for.
  7. Yep, I had the same idea, but then I thought nobody loves a smart arse. If I had, it would have been the original them near the top of this:
  8. woolley

    IOMSPCo Delay

    I agree totally. Particularly with the assertion that something being old doesn't mean it's ineffective. It is still surprising to me that the idea hasn't been usurped, though. Lots of perfectly sound technology has been 'superseded' and needlessly 'modernised' often to build in obsolescence. I'm thinking motor cars as a glaring example. All of those gadgets to go wrong. And of course Boeing seem to have 'improved' the 737 to the point where it's been grounded worldwide. Perhaps the nautical fraternity are just not so credulous as the average landlubber.
  9. Pretty much exactly my take on the Stones. Love Angie. Wonderful song. I can take stuff like Honky Tonk Women in small doses but wouldn't go out of my way to see them.
  10. I have a strong hunch. Folk like to do business, you know. Then again, of course, I'm forgetting that you have a crystal ball. Silly of me.
  11. woolley

    IOMSPCo Delay

    Very true. In fact, very likely.
  12. woolley

    IOMSPCo Delay

    I know you've come to expect the answers to all of the world's problems from me, PK. Most of the time I can oblige, but this is a sticky one. I must admit that I have thought along the lines of what WTF said. Some form of magnetism, maybe a development of maglev technology perhaps aided by global positioning which is becoming more and more accurate. It seems strange that the method of making ships fast to the pier is not so far removed from what was used when our fastest means of land transport was horseback. If Sir Francis Drake saw the SeaCat he'd wonder what the hell he was looking at and no clue what made her move, but he'd have a pretty good idea how to tie her up.
  13. You see, the whole terminology around this is loaded to give a certain impression. What does "crash out" convey? It's almost as though some cataclysmic disaster will befall. I appreciate that to those writing the copy, Brexit appears like the end of the world, but it won't be. I'll take your word for Farage being involved in promoting and then ridiculing the planes won't fly nonsense, but it was widely publicised as part of Project Fear around the referendum too. Certainly in the Grauniad and on BBC.Evidence is still there online. Unsurprisingly, there have been lies and exaggeration by both sides. The latest being a list of manufactured stuff that could be in short supply. Perhaps this is a wake up call that we should not have allowed our manufacturing infrastructure to become so debased. It is about time that we reversed the process and started making stuff for ourselves once more, preferably in areas that have been sacrificed on the altar of globalisation at the behest of unregulated capitalism. As for the EU being co-operative with the CAA, well, it is entirely in their interest to be so, in this and all other respects. Everyone benefits from co-operation, nobody benefits if they try to punish the UK for having the temerity to leave. When something is the right thing to do, the perceived difficulty of doing it is no justification for shying away from getting on with it.
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