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  1. They don't open till tomorrow over there.
  2. Sorry, Gladys. I thought you were. You seem crazy enough to be sometimes in a good way. I've slapped my wrist hard in repentance.
  3. Ridiculous analogy. What percentage of those who died in the trenches had slaves, or even had ancestors who had slaves? Those who owned slaves and their descendants would be back at HQ "directing operations" rather than dying among the shit and bullets.
  4. Isn't everyone on both sides of any argument judgmental? Always seems such a pointless barb.
  5. That isn't what virtue signalling is. It isn't about people doing good for others. It's about those who attempt to associate themselves with what they perceive to be the latest progressive fad, and to make sure that everyone knows about it. They aren't actually doing anything.
  6. The problem with "do-gooders" is that what they perceive as doing good is anything but.
  7. What would you expect to happen? More which hunts, claims for "reparations" and general strife, presumably. Everyone in the country today, black or white, benefits from its history of exploiting the world and plundering riches which have paid for the infrastructure and the easy life we live now.
  8. Maybe it did to a liberal in the West. I don't think it did anywhere else.
  9. You don't expect an accountant to be able to count to two.
  10. Came across some later stuff on this saga. Word from the farmer himself: https://pacnetservices.com/f/rip-the-family-farm https://pacnetservices.com/f/nedbank-private-wealth-iom-acts-with-consideration-and-care "No Connection to Illegal Activity As a knock-on effect of the OFAC sanctions and inaccurate press reports, freezing orders were placed on company assets in three jurisdictions: Ireland, the Isle of Man and the United States. The American orders were lifted with the removal of OFAC sanctions. On 3 September 2018, the IOM Court lifted its freezing order, ruling that there was no demonstrated connection with any illegal activity whatsoever. Click here to read the full judgment in the Isle of Man. (If you read this judgment, stick with it to the end. It's unbelievable - "I don't suspect he'll be having a pink one.") https://www.irishtimes.com/business/retail-and-services/dpp-facing-500k-legal-bill-from-litigation-with-payments-processor-1.3863868
  11. Wasn't he the chap who had the dog with the dodgy name? Oh no, that was the other fellow in the other RAF film. Always get those two mixed up.
  12. Relax, Stu. The carnival has moved on: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-53262668
  13. In other words, exactly what we were saying in that nature makes no allowances for our plans and schemes. It has its own way, and that way is the survival of the fittest. It applies to us as to every other species. The strong and gifted - and cunning and evil if you like - will never yield to the meek and limited because they will never understand why they should.
  14. Nooooooo. I would go with public ownership of utilities, but even then with a tight rein on efficiency because we've all seen where it leads. As for the wider economy, think British Leyland, Red Robbo et al. This is the old debate about who actually creates value. If nobody invests and takes risk, there are no jobs. Governments are very bad at business. But hey, thanks for the discussion. You can be a thoughtful poster when you aren't persecuting Stu Peters. Spot on!!
  15. This is what I was saying really. It is an exquisite system. A thing of beauty. Nature does not care for sentimentality of the individual. If we were in any doubt about that, we have the coronavirus to disabuse us.
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