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  1. So you're the one that does it.
  2. This is correct. It isn't about superior and inferior, just that there are differences. It isn't racist to recognise this. It is folly not to. It isn't racist to question the wisdom of a conscious decision to socially engineer a multicultural society that, in the course of a few decades, changed forever the character of areas that have had homogeneous populations for centuries. It would be racist to actually hate others merely because they are different, but that isn't what is happening. The term racism has travelled a very long way from its true meaning, and was used for 50 years to shut down debate on immigration policy.
  3. Beat me to it. This is why this is absolutely not an issue. Ireland stayed out of Schengen because it could have Schengen or CTA but not both. When push comes to shove the Irish, like the Scots, know which side their bread is buttered. I appreciate that having shown documents to reach Ireland anyone can then proceed via the CTA, but unless they are self-funding they are soon going to show up in the system without physical border checks. There is no automatic right to remain and work or claim benefits by entering in this way.
  4. Agree about Stinky. One of the absolute best and smartest posters here ever.
  5. No. Because it wasn't a national vote. And as I said, no other EU state allows foreigners to vote in national elections. It's completely illogical.
  6. No other EU state allows EU citizens to participate in national votes. The referendum in Scotland was not a national vote.
  7. It was the fading on distant medium wave stations that was the killer. Certainly on Luxembourg even with 500kw power. After Caroline North closed down at 8.30pm each evening, they recommended retuning to Caroline South which broadcast 24 hours a day, but the fading made that a challenge too.
  8. Light moment in the supplementary vote debate today. The minister stated that expenditure on certain drugs was expected to fall due to the expiry of patients. Pause. "Er, patents."
  9. I'm convinced you are right, otherwise it would be difficult to go through with the act. Of course, some might argue that clarity of purpose in such an enterprise is mental derangement, although depending on the circumstances I wouldn't necessarily agree.
  10. I knew one who was always a little strange. He used to say things like he was going to poison his wife and kids, but always with an unfunny laugh at the end of it and a disturbing look in his eye. One day I passed him on the street heading for his car. He was carrying a vacuum cleaner and said he was going to clean out a lock up garage to rent it out. He smiled and seemed to be in his usual humour which was never full of the joys of spring. Next day he was found dead in the garage in his car having attached the vacuum hose to the exhaust. Was quite chilling to think I had chatted to him just beforehand while he was carrying the means to kill himself in his hands.
  11. Factually incorrect. Metropolitan areas tended to vote remain on the whole and, yes, there is EU immigration to those cities, but there is also a lot of EU immigration to towns and rural areas up and down the country that voted leave. I guess there are red faced old people virtually everywhere.
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