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  1. Common sense! Then perhaps people who actually have a real need for the service might actually be seen within a reasonable time.
  2. "Public service is its own reward already." I'll have you know. No need for applause.
  3. Are you in the Isle of Man or Camden? ETA: OK. I'll take it on. It's a free country, I guess, but: - The complete absence of "fresh" air; Our air is among the best in Europe. Don't run on main roads! - Pollution; Our air is among the best in Europe. Don't run on main roads! - Human beings; Some would consider this a plus, but there are plenty of places where you can run/walk and hardly see a soul if this is your choice. - In a group, you'd have to speak to the other people; Yes. It's what people do. But fair dos. Just go alone. - Dogs; Ignore them. - Dog poo; There isn't as much as you might believe, but keep your eyes open. - Human poo if you're in Castletown; Really? Avoid Castletown then. - Bad weather; Once you're wet you don't get any wetter. If you're cold, run faster. The bath at the end makes it all worthwhile. - Paranoid of looking like a twat if jogging in front of other people; Trust me. Nobody cares. Plenty of people look like twats, running or not. - Limited by time of day, I don't like to be outdoors after sunset; Start in the summer. By winter you'll be hooked and you won't care if it's dark. Or go at lunchtime. - Diminishing number of places you can go for peace and quiet due to overpopulation; What?! Behave!! - Poorly maintained pavements and walkways; Pick your feet up. Good for the thighs and calves. - Noise and inability to hear your music. Well you can wear earphones as many do, but much better to hear the sea and the birdsong. Far more uplifting to the spirit.
  4. I don't think that extended longevity is going to continue as we have been led to believe for a very long time. At least not in the Western world of excess, comfort, sedentary lifestyles and obesity. All the talk of 100 plus becoming commonplace is fantasy and we may well be at the peak. It's difficult to imagine some of the extremely fat middle aged of today living longer than their parents, and I see average lifespan starting to regress in the coming decades. Also if, as we know, the power vested in AI is concentrated in the hands of a few powerful people, there is no incentive for them to promote longer life for the plebs or a higher number of working plebs if AI can do the work instead. The planet would be far more agreeable for the elite if it had less strain on limited resources. That means a lower population.
  5. Call me old fashioned but, seriously, what is wrong with running outside in the fresh air? Surely far more agreeable and sociable. Lots of running groups out there who are always happy to welcome new recruits.
  6. But why would they do that when they can tell us to do exactly what they want under the current arrangements? If we and the other British jurisdictions were part of the UK, what would the rich do for tax havens? It is hilarious that people keep harking back to this "rolling over" notion. There is no argument. They set the agenda and plot the course. As I've said before, if you think otherwise study what happened when we got too big for our boots over Radio Caroline North in 1967.
  7. What do you think he can do? Thump the table and say no?
  8. Pavements are cheap.
  9. No. She started hitting me back.
  10. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as is ugliness.
  11. These things tend to draw out over many years. As a case in point, look at the long process that has ensued from the EU declaring the IOM resident/non-resident company regime harmful in the late 90s. IOM announced zero/10 then took years to implement. Then implemented with DPC which was also found harmful. Then brought in ARI which was also declared harmful. Promised to abolish ARI and finally did so in 2012 with unspecified anti-avoidance measures to combat abuse. So we are almost 20 years on in this wrangle but we still have zero tax for non-resident companies and their members. It's an ongoing game.
  12. Only as good as the information coming from other jurisdictions though, in the case of foreign registered corporate entities.
  13. Similar to the good old "if you think multiculturalism is a bad idea, you must be a racist" thing then.
  14. How would we know? How could we be sure of the authenticity if we thought we knew?
  15. Whatever it is will be agreed with HMG in advance before it sees the light of day as with everything else important. It isn't us saying to them: "We're doing this." or even asking: "Is this OK?" It's more them "helpfully advising": "Perhaps this would be beneficial for you." It's a very well understood relationship. If HMG thought that our ambiguous constitutional position did not benefit the UK, we would not be in it for sure.
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