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  1. Not to mention the fact that most who die with it are stricken with serious underlying health conditions and the majority would have died in the next year in any case. We have about 900 deaths a year in the Isle of Man, so it isn't anything unusual that people die. The big thing with this is that it wipes out so many at once and consequently the health infrastructure cannot cope with the bulge. They had to scale up maternity capacity rapidly when the boomers were being born. This is the start of the logical other end of the cycle.
  2. woolley

    easy jet

    I admire your optimism. Yes it will come back eventually but I think recouping the losses of the past couple of months is taking years. Some sickly looking pension pots right now
  3. I'm surprised they're only dealing with 10 a day.
  4. FFS give it a rest. They are commercial companies. Nothing to do with the EU. There long before the EU trading internationally and will be there trading internationally after the EU is consigned to the dustbin of history. I appreciate that it is standard EU practice to claim credit for anything positive that happens in the world. So for once, could we just applaud a brilliant collaborative innovation by engineers wherever they are from in the struggle against disease without the snarky derailment agenda?
  5. There will still be humour. It will become darker with the mood, but it will be there. It has to be. It's a coping mechanism.
  6. By that nice young lady from IOM Newspapers?
  7. Smart work. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/health-52087002
  8. I can recommended the latest New Scientist. Lots of fascinating insightful stuff about the virus, its structure, its behaviour and the work going on around the world to understand it and combat it.
  9. woolley

    easy jet

    Have you seen the stock market? I think most corporates will be happy to survive this year, let alone profit. Winners very thin on the ground.
  10. woolley

    easy jet

    Insurance. Always there when you don't need it. Medical insurance is a good wheeze too. Pay it all your working life. Never need it. Get old when you will need it and they jack the cost up so you can't afford it. Mugs wanted.
  11. They'd enjoy moaning about it for ever, I suppose.
  12. Indeed. I know of someone who normally runs miles each morning with the dog. On a recent morning since the lock down she didn't and stayed home. Finished up in A & E after falling over the dog in the kitchen. Suspected broken hip. Luckily not. Most accidents are in the home.
  13. woolley

    easy jet

    I'd be worried that if I left a flight booking on the system that ultimately became a booking in the past, as it were, the system would mark me up as a no show giving me all kinds of headaches.
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