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  1. To be fair though, it's an easy observation to make sometimes.
  2. Rescued this that I posted in the Brexit thread last week: Never seen such a team of lazy bastards as those currently on display for United. Lingard, £100k a week. What exactly is his job? Occasional blockbuster goal from outside the area. Rest of the time, absolutely nothing, just ambles up and down the pitch putting in less effort than the linesman. Pogba, £350k a week. Good when he wants to be but that isn't often enough. The rest? Not enough effort and skill levels way short of what is good enough. Passing too often wayward, first touch like a trampoline, no control. What on Earth do they do in training? Yet they all think they are effing wonderful. Ole? Won't make any difference. Way too nice but he suits the purpose. Pochettino, Zidane would want £10-15m a year salary and half a billion at least for a much needed team shake up. Ole will probably work for £2-3m and carry on smiling while playing Lingard, Young, Jones et al. So long as you have a stadium full of punters who will turn up come rain or shine to watch any old shite, why bother spending good money? The only time they will look at it is if the rights fees and shirt sales start diminishing or if out of CL football revenue for any length of time. I think they looked at the old Arsenal model. I'm United since birth, but I won't watch this shite. Prefer to watch City to be honest. They play lovely stuff.
  3. That's almost entirely bizarre. I play to the best of my ability. Can I play for Liverpool? Lingard is not a fine player!!
  4. Indeed. I remember when there was some nutter looking to break a record for remaining motionless in a box and the scouse humour at the time was that he'd given up in realisation that there was no chance of breaking Heskey's record. For a modern day tragedy, what about Benteke? Christ, he's bad. Can't buy a goal. Give him the ball in a promising position and he falls over it. On the odd occasion he gets into a good position with the ball he fires it wide, usually spurning an open goal. If Palace are on the attack and Zaha has the ball, you will sometimes see him look up for options. Occasionally Benteke will be there with his hand up "give it to me", and you can see on Zaha's face, "no fucking chance you'll only waste it."
  5. He's not. He jogs around the pitch like he wonders why he's there.
  6. He has a very long tongue. Shit at football though.
  7. There is some logic in this. We would get over being beaten by the berties (we are now quite used to it, after all) much more quickly than we would get over the dippers winning the title.
  8. If you were his client would you trust his judgment?
  9. PR is one of those ancillary functions that appears to have morphed into a full time job in today's post industrial and post doing anything useful economy. No wonder everything costs a fortune. For each productive person we have half a dozen hangers on with a clipboard or a lap top all adding expense and contributing nothing.
  10. I think Bazza has a need to be loved. He's harmless.
  11. One way or another this should not stand. Either he is not of sound mind in which case he should be taken off the streets, or he is of sound mind in which case the sentence should be appealed and he should be, er, taken off the streets. He certainly should not be at liberty. I wonder what the child's family think about it.
  12. Best shot would be to bore the feckers to death and get the case thrown out.
  13. Fair comment. It just seems to me that you would have to be out of your mind a) to want to do it, b) to actually do it, c) to think you could get away with it, and in getting away with it, I am not alluding to the sentence but to the wider opprobrium and disgust from the public at large. He isn't in a good place now is he? Everywhere he goes, everyone he sees is going to know and have it in for him. For a former pillar of the community that is some fall from grace.
  14. A Bobby's Job indeed! https://afterwork101.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/bobbys-job/
  15. I agree with everyone that this is not good. But has anyone wondered whether he is merely going batty and losing the plot? Very clever or not, he is 75.
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