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  1. For one so belligerent you have an extraordinarily thin skin.
  2. Why on Earth would you not? Is it not legitimate for a government to know who is in its territory? Or don't we care anymore in the brave new world?
  3. PK would have been great to have around in 1940. "Don't shoot at those Luftwaffe. We might kill them." We seem to have bred a large proportion of the population who will support anything anti-British. Goodness me. (As PK himself would say.)
  4. You know you love it really.
  5. Hmmmm. Not so sure about that, considering the Tories were in power from 1951 to 1964 which covered a good proportion of the boomer period. This included "Supermac" telling everyone they'd never had it so good and exhortations of the time to "have your babies now".
  6. Sounds like the medication is worse than the disease. (Tongue in cheek, of course. I appreciate that it probably isn't. )
  7. Seems sensible to know the makeup of the population. I appreciate fully that it wouldn't appear that way to liberals, but liberal and sensible don't belong in the same sentence anyway.
  8. What were they planning to do with them in Northern Italy?
  9. Yes. I could go on, as this has been a hobby horse of mine. Free university education with grants and living allowance for the academically able, and easily available (and real) apprenticeships. If not, many good occupations were accessible to learn on the job. If you got fed up with what you were doing, you could change direction and take up another position the same afternoon. As they grew older, the boomer generation pulled up the ladder. Increasing regulation and bureaucracy led to requirements for degree level education for jobs that never applied in their own younger days. Force feeding of unsuitable candidates into higher education, resulting in a debt encumbered younger population who haven't a hope of buying property on sale at extortionate prices - largely by overoptimistic boomer vendors. Then the wonders of globalisation whereby deregulated capital - owned largely by affluent boomers in the developed world - has flown out of mature industrial economies to have everything made where it is most efficient (i.e using cheap labour), denying the young the industries and jobs that had provided a good living to previous generations. Welcome to the graduate barista and burger flipper. Even some of the more exalted positions have pretty dire salaries for learned post graduate appointments. I know of plenty that pay experienced people around £30k p.a. A pittance for the study involved and the responsibility taken. It also seems that jobs don't have a graded salary anymore - even in the public sector. Adverts will ask for "expectations" from the candidates which gives the impression they are looking for the person who will work for the cheapest rate rather than the best person. How demotivating even before you start. Yes. The only thing the boomers didn't have sorted was mortality. The luckier among the young will inherit - eventually. Provided mum and dad boomer don't hang on on the care home until they are a hundred and use up all the booty for themselves again.
  10. Since when did Manx residents objecting ever change anything one iota?
  11. Presumably you mean air competition as the UA precludes other maritime operations.
  12. The boomer generation don't NOW feel entitlement. They always have. It comes from post-war indulgence as children, solid home loans as young adults repaid with confetti due to rampant inflation enabling them to build substantial equity and easy pensions drawn for far longer than projected. Totally unfair on the young.
  13. I go for £65m. Shall we have a sweep? Should have written off Liverpool altogether. Unless of course Peel want to provide the facilities and collect harbour dues in the traditional way. Perhaps they'd like us to redevelop Heysham Harbour terminal too. It could certainly do with it.
  14. Yeah. As I said, I wish them all the luck in the world. It does seem that there is expertise, track record and some buying power there. It's a massive struggle nowadays though. Even if you are keen on price and your service is second to none, you face prejudice from the majority who will not give you a chance because they are convinced online is best.
  15. Good luck. Hope it works out for them. There are much easier ways to make money than bricks and mortar retailing to a largely ungrateful public.
  16. You can be anything you want to be. To assert otherwise would be ageist and that would never do.
  17. I never tire of winning but I do become a little bored of repeatedly debunking the same myths. The counter arguments all seem to be predicated around barriers to trade. It is no secret that if the EU were primarily concerned about the economic prospects of its members then it would have been keen to conclude the most comprehensive trading arrangement with the UK concurrently with drafting the withdrawal agreement. The fact that it was not prepared to do so tells us that the EU is first and foremost a political project concealed behind a trading bloc. This information alone should serve as a wake up call to the populations of every member state.
  18. Just tired of rebuffing the same craven speculation and narrow arguments from liberal outlets time and again while waiting for something actually to happen. Leaving you to massage each other's bruised beliefs.
  19. Not at all. Entirely relevant. Had you mentioned a life of privilege contrasted to the privations of others, then fine. There is an angle that those so fortunate should not invoke the suffering of others living in subjection. But you could not help also castigating her for being white, as though this has been a passport to a land of milk and honey throughout history, which obviously is not the case.
  20. That's where you went wrong. Well, in this context at least.
  21. So nobody who is white has been oppressed, ever. It must also be a terrible burden for you to be offended on behalf of everyone in the world. Had you not included the word white, I might have more sympathy with your criticism.
  22. This. And if you have online banking, which surely every one today does, you can pull up a list of payments to a payee at the touch of a key. Having said that, nobody comes out of this with credit. The family for outrageous stupidity for throwing the business away over an internecine dispute. The administrators for moving at glacial pace and apparently some customers who have willfully withheld payment for work done in the hope of getting away with it due to the situation. Having said that, if someone started chasing me for a ten year old debt that I knew I had paid I simply wouldn't engage with them. Learn to keep your house in order before hassling me.
  23. But there isn't even a surplus. Everyone appears to be missing that magic little word "revenue". There is a REVENUE surplus, but this doesn't mean there is £30m to spend. Within the revenue accounts there is a draw down of £35m from the public sector pension reserve, so even though the results are better than budget, they are still in deficit. Worse still, there is only about 3 more years of life in that particular reserve (it stands at about £110m), so when that is gone, this £4m deficit will turn into something like £40m.
  24. You speak too much sense. If we hear no more from you we should assume that you have been sent for re-education Soviet style, to the Arctic wastes beyond Jurby until you recognise the error of your ways and repent. I take issue with just one remark. The Island in general certainly does not look and feel horribly run down. Central Douglas has its grot spots through bad management and planning going back decades, but elsewhere I think we compare favourably with many places elsewhere.
  25. To be fair, some of the youngsters do try but I think the training is woefully lacking. Ask a technical question and you will be faced with a blank look as they walk to the nearest workstation to Google it for you. Well, cheers. I did that myself, and that's why I'm back. There is a flavour in this thread that the Currys PC World model is all-conquering but this is not really the case. They are just the biggest fish in a pond where there isn't much nourishment. The parent, Dixons Carphone, is having a torrid time and I have it down as in an existential struggle, like most retailers. It's a very bad sector to be invested in IMO. https://www.dixonscarphone.com/investors/share-price-centre https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46535702 The tie up with Carphone Warehouse was extraordinarily ill-judged.
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