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  1. Ask Bazza. He'll know for sure. Probably witnessed the demise.
  2. I'm sure plenty of men change partner in their head (and think if only!).
  3. Sadly, that is one of the drawbacks you have to take into the balance when contemplating going into public life. Once you do then it is open season.
  4. I don't think that anyone could fail to have sympathy with the residents, and that surely includes Rees-Mogg. The firefighters were clearly devastated when they arrived. I remember seeing a fire service video from within a fire engine as a crew arrived with the tower well alight. There were audible gasps from them at what they were seeing, and comments such as "How can that be happening?" and "What the **** are we supposed to do with that?" I think Rees-Mogg is big and ugly enough to fight his own battles so I am not doing that for him, but I remain disgusted at the crass and ridiculous way his admittedly ill-judged comment has been stretched out of all recognition to pander to the political narrative that he believes the victims were authors of their own misfortune and is therefore a despicable oaf. As a thinking person you must surely recognise that this is the truth of what has happened. It is obvious. As for the change in the fire regulations that abolished the fire certificate issued by the fire brigade, it appears to have emerged from the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005. https://www.firesafe.org.uk/regulatory-reform-fire-safety-order-2005/ I am not sure what the exact thinking was, but I would hazard a guess that it was to create an ongoing responsibility for fire safety through a "responsible person" rather than have a certificate issued by a fire officer which would merely be a snapshot in time, like an MOT test. It sounds good, but like much that emerged from the Blair years it has proved to be a triumph of style over substance.
  5. Exactly. That's what I said. Anyone doubting this should study what happened when Tynwald got bolshie over Radio Caroline North in 1967. We haven't volunteered for a repeat since. So long as we behave, work in the UK's interest and don't wander off at a tangent we are free to run our own affairs. It's a pragmatic solution for both sides.
  6. Well as Quilpy says, we fervently hope that the tragedy was a one off so we'll likely never see the performance of a Labour or Lib-Dem council in caring for stricken, homeless residents. Wait a moment, though. Perhaps we can gain some insight by checking how Labour controlled Doncaster Council is responding to those poor souls flooded out of their homes in its area this weekend. Where can we turn for some "balanced" reporting? Well there's always PK's trusty Grauniad. Oh dear. Looks like Labour don't care either: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/nov/10/uk-weather-severe-flood-warnings-remain-in-place-in-yorkshire The Hare and Hounds was sending hot meals to people trapped in their homes and firefighters were in the village to provide rescue if necessary, Holling said. Pam Webb, who lives in Fishlake and runs a spa hotel there, told the BBC her home and business had been flooded and that the situation in her community was “absolutely devastating”. She said it would be impossible to estimate the cost of the damage. Webb said Doncaster council had not dispatched representatives to the evacuation sites, nor was it communicating with affected people and rescue crews were hampered in their efforts because they did not know the local area. “Why has Doncaster council not been in attendance to at least help with the evacuation of elderly and vulnerable people?” she said. “We’ve been failed on a level of significant magnitude by Doncaster council … I don’t know how they can possibly say that they’ve given us any support.” The council was contacted for comment. But never mind. At least they have a lot of folk getting a lot of money from the ratepayers. So that's OK: https://dmbcwebstolive01.blob.core.windows.net/media/Default/Workforce/Organisational Chart 2018-19.pdf
  7. They can, but by convention they don't. It's all sorted out behind closed doors and couched in diplomatic language. Take for example the recent HMRC enquiry into IOM C&E VAT office. IOM Govt "requested" the UK to carry out a "review" and the UK "agreed to the request". At the end of the "review" the UK "made recommendations" and "gave advice". The IOM "thanks" the UK and announces that the "advice" has already been implemented. It happens all the time. There's no point in anyone rocking the boat.
  8. Those two scenarios are not mutually exclusive. Expenditure on the revenue account exceeds income on the revenue account by a few million pounds, therefore there has to be a balancing amount drawn down from reserves. However, because investments of the reserves have performed well, the investment income to the reserves exceeds the draw down from them. You cannot, of course, guarantee that this state of affairs will endure, especially after the Public Sector Pension Reserve is exhausted, because a further approx £40m per annum liability will then fall on the revenue budget.
  9. What taxes do we pay to the UK? If anyone has liabilities in the UK, there is the double tax treaty so that there is not double taxation. But that only applies to UK derived income and so would be the same from other countries too. I am unaware of any taxes direct or indirect that are levied in the Isle of Man by the UK government.
  10. The whole idea is nonsense based on a flawed understanding of the constitutional position. In short it cannot happen unless we were to become an integral part of the UK. See Bazza above.
  11. Right about the huge black hole of government pensions, but wrong about diminishing reserves. At the moment they continue to rise. This may change when the Public Sector Pension Reserve is exhausted in the early 2020s. It all depends on the economy at the time and on the future performance of the invested reserve funds.
  12. It would certainly have helped not to have covered the buildings in tinder. Why was this ever thought appropriate?
  13. @ Freggy: I replied as above to the point re fire service finance. They should have more resources. There. I said it again. I'm not some sort of right wing monetarist nutjob who doesn't believe in public services. I abhor waste and bureaucracy in providing them but that is a different matter. Your desultory comment "horse shit" was not exactly informative about what point you were making. As an aside to this, you went on to condemn the Tory controlled council for passing the hazardous cladding but this is disingenuous. Councils of all colours up and down the UK have done precisely the same thing and it could easily have been one of those others in a Labour area that went up.
  14. When losing the argument and having no point to make, post waffle or resort to offensive social media fodder.
  15. He will have been told to do so and would no doubt have seen the need to in the face of the media storm that had been whipped up on a false premise. Nobody did that, no matter how much Momentum and the liberal media wish it were so.
  16. Well, I see that Woody was certainly owning this thread yesterday on the subject of Grenfell, and all that his liberal protagonists could offer in return was more hysterical ranting culled from the leftist media. The above is the most sober and truthful assessment of the disgraceful hijacking of the suffering of those involved in the disaster for political purposes by the left. Of course Rees-Mogg was not blaming the victims for their fate and only a fool would think otherwise. As for cuts to the fire service, actually I agree that they need more funding and protection from lawless thugs who regularly attack them, but the situation that night was caused purely and simply by cladding a building with flammable material for cosmetic purposes. The blame lies with those who saw fit to allow this to be done around the country on an industrial scale. Had there been treble the resources, firemen and appliances available that night it would have made no difference to the outcome because the building had been turned into a towering inferno and the major problem was one of access.
  17. But the Crown Dependencies are not in the UK. We cannot have a representative in the Parliament of a jurisdiction of which we are not a part. If you want an MP you sign up to UK membership and all that it entails. You can't run an independent economy and you pay the taxes. You aren't allowed to pick the bits you like and leave the bits you don't. The reciprocal health thing was always a nonsense of our own making. Our government saw an opportunity to save some cash and have us all buy insurance instead.
  18. Don't worry. You'll soon get used to it. You might enquire whether you are due an increment in pay.
  19. UK won't survive much longer: Not sure. Very complex. Over a million Scots voted for Brexit. More than voted SNP. Are they ready to split the union? Your analysis of post election Remain majority is completely illogical. All of those parties want a second EU referendum so if Corbyn formed a minority Labour government he would not need to do deals on the subject. They would vote for it anyhow. By the way, no EU member state allows other EU nationals to vote in their national elections.
  20. Probably all have! Even the moderators ain't always so moderate.
  21. It was quite a witty retort. There has been a thing here where if you post something and your counterpart puts it down with a humorous comment then you take it on the chin. I think that's all that happened this morning and I note that PK rated it a laugh as did I. I certainly would have done the same had it been aimed at me and have done so on countless occasions. Asides like this add to the craic, always supposing you know when to stop which is generally after one barb, one retort and, at a stretch, one comeback.. Nothing wrong with a bit of knockabout. It's when it carries on post after post, page after page, descending into foul language and gratuitous name calling that it becomes tedious.
  22. That's rather dark for those merely advocating genuinely held opinions on the best way forward for the interests, perhaps even the survival of the UK as a state. I exclude Johnson, of course. What comeuppance would be appropriate?
  23. Well after 2008 nothing surprises me about those buggers.
  24. I like Ellan Vannin. I think their version is a cacophony of noise.
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