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  1. Excellent and thought provoking contribution. I wonder how much consideration today's squealing mollycoddled hordes give to the plight of the exploited and dispossessed indigenous across these Islands down the centuries as they apologise for the sins of their ancestors. It's all too easy to take single aspects out of context and man the barricades.
  2. woolley

    easy jet

    Ah right. One company sector then.
  3. woolley

    easy jet

    Which sector then? That's not privileged information.
  4. Thanks. Doesn't seem fair. They must assume that if you are an employee you are too thick or too poor to conduct your own affairs. Probably insurance industry lobbying.
  5. Hope he does. The 10pm till 1am slot isn't the same without him.
  6. Always suspected you'd been turned. I've PMd JW to withdraw your top level access to the forum secrets.
  7. As typified by the "no platforming" of speakers who do not conform to the narrow view of acceptability laid down by the so-called liberals who seem to hold sway on and around campuses and censor what can and cannot be heard. No open minds there.
  8. You're right. Still my favourite, years on: https://www.amazon.com/review/R3KBG0X1DUB2JP ETA: Just noticed that this is a rip off of the original that was posted by Andrew on the Amazon UK site. It was obviously considered so good that some damned yank decided to plagiarise it.
  9. That's you in the ring then, stinky.
  10. I know it's an old man's expression, but the world's gone mad.
  11. There's a lot of it about, and it ain't all yoof by any means. You're right about the left too, if that's not a chiral paradox.
  12. It's becoming beyond sickening. Not the concept of the protest so much as the "me too" sucking up from all quarters. It's not a good look.
  13. Do they avoid the ones where riders got killed? That would just be too weird.
  14. woolley


    I don't think you can deduce that. It's way too early.
  15. Yes. That's the spelling I remember. She must have been very young when she was there before. Seems eons ago. (Just looked at the link - 15 years ago.)
  16. You've used Izal too, have you?
  17. It's nice when a professor comes along and gives you the scientific angle. Cheers, Manxberry. The old guy just thought the English girls were dirty bitches. (Not in that way. The French girls certainly had the edge there. In more ways than one.)
  18. I thought that requirement had been outlawed years ago. No?
  19. I remember a conversation I had many years ago with a dear friend, old French guy, and he was decrying the hygiene of English girls and the state he often found their anal clefts to be in compared to their French counterparts. Just thought I'd throw that in to embellish the conversation.
  20. From what you've posted here you're a canny careful guy. You must have a couple of million stashed away, conservatively. If it's not a personal question, wtf are you planning to do with it? I mean are you going to blow it all on women and high living or are you going to waste it? Or is it just the comfort and security of seeing that big number when you open your spreadsheet? I've always been interested in what motivates people every morning.
  21. Any relation to Bamber? Actually, I think that in her MR days she was spelt with a Y, but that's only from memory.
  22. Of what? Galloping pyroclastic diarrhea?
  23. An interesting point from a thought provoking post. I wonder where and when the next power will emerge that really bosses things across the world. The woke snowflakes think it won't happen because in their fantasies everyone gonna love each other. And as we all know, all you need is love. They're wrong though. Empires rise and fall. Get soft and cuddly and somone hard, lean and mean will inevitably usurp you.
  24. How anal can you get?
  25. Very good point. They'd have to grapple with words of more than 3 syllables.
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